Pronunciation of Loser
/lˈuːzə/, /lˈuːzə/, /l_ˈuː_z_ə/

Antonyms for loser

humdinger, endorser, title holder, finder, de-feater, Expounder, vanquishers, winner, lucky, medalist, fortunate, conqueror, success, whizbang, police, merit, something elses, vindicator, conquering heroes, gunsight, subjugator, de fender, demigoddesses, de feater, hot stuff, whiz-bangs, subjugators, artistes, defeaters, smash hits, discoverer, doyennes, numero uno, prizewinners, up holders, bombsights, sonars, doyens, old pro, gold medalists, numero unos, homing devices, dis coverer, pros, subduer, medalwinners, dis coverers, gunsights, adepts, shark, titleholders, viewfinder, pip, search parties, expounders, sub duer, number-one, Demigoddess, sub-duer, real pro, conquering hero, gain, proficients, de-fenders, ex-pounders, subduers, search party, acquirer, vanquisher, top dogs, title-holders, titleholder, master, fortuitous, the greatests, bee's knees, heroine, conquering heros, ex pounder, Sharks, lulus, doyen, hot stuffs, endorsers, up-holder, title holders, attainment, whizbangs, smash hit, achievement, medalwinner, appropriators, de fenders, phenomenon, sonar, something else, finders, periscope, dis-coverers, ex-pounder, prizewinner, up holder, jim-dandy, achiever, defeater, bombsight, win, champion, ex pounders, earnings, vindicators, top dog, victor, viewfinders, the greatest, discoverers, spotters, lulu, victim, appropriator, well-off, up-holders, greatests, old pros, acquirers, number one, accomplishment, title-holder, artiste, whiz bang, FIRSTS, dandy, crackerjack, conquistador, doyenne, dis-coverer, gold medalist, upholder, medalists, upholders, de-fender.