Pronunciation of Lost
/l_ˈɒ_s_t/, /lˈɒst/, /lˈɒst/

Antonyms for lost:

ex posed, brought mind, more gained, more contracted, more commemorated, more granted, loved, more unveiled, ransomed, in formed, evoked, granted, found, most memorialized, most treasured, orientated, in alignment, most rehabilitated, most accrued, most captured, more secured, attentive, more memorized, seen, with-held, more maintained, more healed, in vented, most detected, aware, saved, more earned, most obtained, more disclosed, more contained, most disinterred, most revealed, most bequeathed, more rediscovered, rediscovered, more reawakened, most explored, Accomplishing, most granted, most purchased, most regained, re-habilitated, in touch, be side, re ached, un-earthed, more explored, de fended, re discovered, shoulder shoulder, most detained, wellknown, repaired, more attained, dis interred, most reclaimed, most rediscovered, re served, un locked, thoughtless, more believed, re claimed, living, most evoked, most recuperated, more bequeathed, more triumphed, owned, oriented, searched out, more accrued, current, most disclosed, most attained, cherished, recovered, most reawakened, most triumphed, well known, most believed, more retrieved, re-collected, more transmitted, most commemorated, dis-interred, re placed, existing, existent, acquired, re-born, more had, most unearthed, more captured, more ascertained, ex-posed, un earthed, most gripped, reborn, most had, most reached, more regained, re-strained, comprehensible, most enjoyed, de-fended, re-cognized, discovered, more reborn, most espied, re born, winning, valued, more purchased, most contracted, most healed, unveiled, more gripped, dis closed, re-membered, be-side, most memorized, in-formed, un-locked, dis-covered, most recollected, most transmitted, reclaimed, most contained, re-gained, most unveiled, more memorialized, re-discovered, most found, re-turned, end owed, dis covered, re collected, re-served, alive, retained, Prized, protected, most maintained, in line, re turned, re-covered, re cognized, happened up on, observed, rescued, passed on, more unearthed, most clutched, recoverable, re-claimed, successful, most ascertained, re deemed, more disinterred, in-vented, more identified, with held, unoccupied, most reborn, more enjoyed, re covered, more reached, most retrieved, re-placed, re strained, most secured, redeemed, more espied, more detained, most gained, cognizant, disinterested, re-ached, possessed, hopeful, re-called, remembered, more obtained, un-veiled, present, held, more treasured, more conquered, dis-closed, re awakened, more revealed, brought to mind, most earned, more found, re gained, treasured, won, more detected, more clutched, unperplexed, end-owed, re habilitated, more rehabilitated, comprehendible, more evoked, un veiled, happened upon, most identified, more reclaimed, re membered, more recuperated.

Usage examples for lost:

  • But I reckon you lost. - "Sundown Slim", Henry Hubert Knibbs.
  • So there is no time to be lost. - "The Flying Legion", George Allan England.
  • I'd that lost heart I could never have done it myself. - "T. Tembarom", Frances Hodgson Burnett.

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