Pronunciation of Lot
/lˈɒt/, /lˈɒt/, /l_ˈɒ_t/

Antonyms for lot

re-fuse, bitters, unit, setto, leanness, re-mains, most sprinkling, residuum, molecule, individual, underdevelopments, footmark, touchings, tactility, pettings, morsel, aestheticisms, granule, smithereens, Dainties, dishrag, piece, carryovers, sprinkling, archaisms, draught, ex cess, bits piece, hairbreath, dis crimination, palatableness, de crease, Remembrancer, dis-coloration, handfuls, chromas, cantlets, palatablenesses, jives, pre-requisite, under currents, footmarks, loner, driblet, hairs breaths, pro-viso, vestige, strain, grists, de-privations, de notation, coloration, dis coloration, shortnesses, woof, in formations, under-tones, over-tones, FEWS, scantiness, carry overs, shrinkings, grain, tinge, antipasti, diddly squat, in-halations, gout, tactions, shopliftings, after-taste, skimpiness, overplus, hair'sbreath, breath, dis card, pre possessions, streak, hint, adumbrations, dis-tresses, re main, drop bucket, ace, anti pastos, pauperism, sense, fly specks, dustcloths, swipings, savoriness, sapidity, tissue, diddly squats, pre dispositions, tightness, peanuts, whit, under tone, pittance, one, telltales, gustation, flyspecks, samplings, chroma, in halation, little bit, bite, pat, canape, in adequacies, archaism, undertone, Insufficience, pro visions, doodly-squat, hair-breath, de-sires, de creases, dewdrop, delicacy, spot, hair's breath, dis-criminations, tincts, tiny bit, slightnesses, ex-actions, in adequacy, dab, inadequacy, mouthful, scrap, re-minder, odds ends, de-privation, thievings, pauperisms, scintilla, pre conditions, flea ear, de-tail, remembrancers, graspings, pre occupation, jot, doodly-squats, small quantities, re gale, under tones, de-grees, de fault, de-tails, few, virtuosity, Leannesses, single, re minder, dis-tress, aperitifs, pre-requisites, vein, de tails, aperitif, kinesthesia, naughts, low tones, intermixture, scarceness, powderings, penuriousness, swindlings, re-minders, pre-conditions, pre-occupations, settos, retrenchments, few drops, ex-cesses, re fuse, under development, bottom barrel, vital part, meagerness, dis-cards, in-halation, Tissues, small amounts, in formation, anti-pasto, dewdrops, bit, inhalations, re mains, nip, modicum, mote, re-cords, lowests, in-sinuation, savorinesses, snifter, picayunes, de-sire, most spattering, ex actions, over tones, teardrops, over tone, eyelash, anti pasto, eyelashes, breakin, specials, small bits, mis appropriations, undersupply, rubbings, after tastes, nadas, trace, de tail, little bits, tight spots, scarcity, dash, no big deal, after taste, pre-condition, dole, inter mixture, shortness, pennilessness, poverty, mis appropriation, pre requisites, re gales, atom, drutherses, antipasto, under-standing, minimum, objet dart, dis tress, diddlysquat, diddlysquats, set tos, dis-card, aftertaste, tiny bits, doodlysquats, de-lights, hairsbreath, insufficiences, tittle, draughts, ripoff, abjections, castoff, pro-visos, peculation, jive, dis-agreements, de-gree, deficiency, inhalation, portion, dis agreement, virtuosities, purloinings, dis-positions, de-notation, doodlysquat, narrowests, pigmentation, de lights, artistry, exiguities, aftertastes, more smattering, in sufficiencies, dustcloth, under-standings, druthers, de privations, after-tastes, defalcation, overpluses, sur-face, section, re fuses, pre occupations, little, grist, diddly-squats, hair's-breaths, ex-action, smidge, titbit, de-creases, smidgen, cuddlings, over-tone, point, de faults, dis agreements, hair-breaths, brunches, defraudings, entity, pre disposition, wipers, de-notations, pre condition, residua, hair breath, nuance, cuttings, dishrags, slave wages, TADS, re-main, re cords, deficit, bits pieces, palpation, whatnot, re-gale, tint, no big deals, under-tone, more sprinkling, set-to, under-current, sur face, pro viso, hors doeuvre, hairs-breaths, peculations, de grees, slave wage, muggings, hair's-breath, light meal, ex action, defalcations, Taction, in halations, in-adequacy, pro-visions, Artifacts, dis position, carry over, Bonnes bouches, Palpations, doodly squats, re-cord, re-gales, tad, theft, re-lief, doodly squat, insufficiency, re lief, handful, dot, hair'sbreaths, adumbration, intermixtures, trifle, wee bit, shadow, pro-vision, iota, in-solvencies, smithereen, mis-appropriations, in-sufficiencies, dis colorations, carry-over, canapes, whatnots, under current, artifact, in sufficiency, spoonful, retrenchment, gustations, underdevelopment, abjection, shot, small bit, hairs breath, set-tos, Spoonfuls, bits and piece, pilferings, imperatives, munchy, Desiderata, dis-colorations, sur faces, Flyspeck, brush, inter-mixture, dis-agreement, individualist, Neediness, corn, nibble, shavings, dis tresses, Toothful, pro vision, smallests, exiguity, vital parts, drop the bucket, good taste, rag, tip off, pilferage, titbits, lack, de light, totality, under standing, tatters, craftship, de sire, Mouthfuls, bits and pieces, fleck, crumb, speck, dis-position, under-developments, sapidities, shred, de-faults, hairsbreaths, de gree, small quantity, under-currents, pinch, most smattering, shortage, craftships, tipoff, under-development, texture, munchies, hairs-breath, Aestheticism, Corns, de sires, teardrop, drop, tatter, strokings, nib, few drop, fragment, whisker, diddly, slightness, in-adequacies, Necessitousness, nippings, hairbreaths, item, Palates, tinct, savories, re cord, Flatuses, diddly-squat, in-formation, Scatterings, Cantlet, infinitesimals, pre-occupation, light meals, tidbit, minim, paucity, shrinking, flatus, impoverishment, carryover, pre-possessions, castoffs, colorations, touch, set to, dis cards, dis criminations, lick, whole, de privation, de notations, small things, relic, more spattering, tight squeezes, bottom of barrel, in-formations, de-light, drop in bucket, particle, low tone, dis positions, desideratum, dis-crimination, famine, antipastos, necessitousnesses, hair breaths, hairsbreadth, under standings, fly speck, tightnesses, ex-cess, carry-overs, robbings, impecuniousness, in-solvency, leasts, under developments, granules, pre-disposition, flea in ear, nubbin, glimmerings, in solvency, in-sinuations, scantness, brunch, taste, in-sufficiency, Bonne bouche, slightests, severals, runin, de-fault, inter-mixtures, small number, cup tea, tight spot, smidges, toothfuls, misfortune, de-crease, anti-pastos.