Pronunciation of Loving
/lˈʌvɪŋ/, /lˈʌvɪŋ/, /l_ˈʌ_v_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for loving

be numbed, malignance, frost-bound, ill-natured, dis-graces, re coil, most frostbound, beastlier, indifferent, morose, dogged, despisements, mindless, lax, mis-judgment, dis-liking, dispprobations, dis inclination, malevolent, most contemning, un cordialities, greedy, dis-crimination, militance, mean, one sidedness, more cussed, dis-trust, inconsiderate, sensationless, dislike, up-pity, unsentimental, spite, greeneyed, unlovely, disaffection, un cordial, slovenly, pernicious, sloppy, un caring, prejudgments, unloving, dis-mays, dis-gust, Despisement, rancor, most icebox, un-willingnesses, in-consonant, most ironhearted, more refrigerated, lack desire, dis taste, repulsion, dis-gusts, hesitance, anti pathetic, disdainful, more badnatured, unadapted, top-lofty, dis agreeing, in-justice, dis agreement, most unadapted, unsafe, murderous, dis mays, more repudiating, frosty, no use for, forbidding, un-cordial, mis judgment, more feelingless, hangup, despites, ill disposed, most spleenful, in-consistent, most illdisposed, dis-tastes, hyperboreal, anti-thetical, cold-eyed, dis criminations, de spitefulnesses, regurgitation, in-sensitive, frost bound, nausea, more inconsonant, nasty looks, reckless, high-and-mighty, most maleficent, dis-regards, in-disposition, dis-content, most uncool, toplofty, most ill-disposed, in-different, dis satisfaction, most splenetic, unenthusiastic, enmity, un-adapted, spleen, ironhearted, dispprobation, more uneager, revulsion, un-friendlier, ruthlessnesses, in human, inattentive, ill feeling, milts, no love lost, dis relishes, reserved, eschewals, most iron-hearted, three dog night, ill-tempered, bad feeling, prejudgment, allergy to, dis regards, illiberality, imprecise, illdisposednesses, dis trusts, uncool, in sinuating, dis credits, hatred; hard feelings, in-tenser, most disliking, no use fors, Nauseation, bitchy, evil minded, xenophobias, illiberalities, more deadened, bad opinions, dis-favor, dis favors, dis tastes, grudgings, dis-pleasures, disloyal, dis-affection, in-dispositions, dis grace, un-compassionate, de-spitefulnesses, in-appropriate, Oppugnancy, bad feelings, hoity toity, Unamiable, heedless, most repudiating, more bad natured, un cool, un-sympathetic, malevolence, uneager, inconstant, dis-approbation, un-fairness, lustings, cold-shoulder, in-solent, personality conflicts, most clashing, hyper boreal, lazy, un-cool, re buffs, more iron hearted, de-fiance, gruff, un emotional, regardless, more cold-shoulder, more cold shoulder, frostbound, more unadapted, more spleenful, in-tense, more ironhearted, re gurgitation, in-congruous, un-suitable, malignances, cold blooded, poles apart, green eyed monster, impotent, Oppugnation, most miasmatic, thickskinned, narrowmindedness, undemanding, dis-pleasure, in-human, vicious, pre conceptions, more sensationless, male diction, oppugnations, in-tensest, Hating, dis approbation, pitiless, dis-reputes, malediction, un-feeling, narrow-mindednesses, un willingness, dis loyalties, de-testing, lack of desire, dis esteem, disinclination, undiscriminating, Unpassionate, male-dictions, aloof, antarctic, un kinder, in admissible, most badnatured, most refrigerated, abhorrence, un congenial, top lofty, unguarded, nauseousness, hatefulnesses, un-amiable, no love losts, more ill-disposed, un favorable, more antarctic, most deadened, in-jury, most killing, lack of enthusiasm, pre-possessions, biliousnesses, dis-likings, more gelid, un sympathetic, in juries, uncharitablenesses, unthoughtful, un friendliness, dis accords, despisal, most antarctic, un compassionate, un-kind, more despising, surly, Downs, dis-accord, un-kinder, dis trust, nastiness, in-dignities, badnatured, unfeeling, unwillingness, uncharitableness, unfriendliness, un-congenial, maliciousness, in jury, re volt, envy, dis likings, snide, icebox, beastliest, more clashing, de-spite, whale of difference, biliousness, most anesthetized, over bearing, hostility, greeneyed monster, hatred, bad-blood, re volts, dis-credits, more frost-bound, dis-inclination, un-charitablenesses, un loving, in solent, un willing, de-fiances, dis graces, uncaring, re-volts, dis repute, ill-humored, re-buffs, in compatibility, bile, more mismatched, hate, bad chemistry, dis liking, thoughtless, hardness heart, in compatibilities, more frost bound, more frostbound, chillers, having no use fors, un amiable, dis-agreements, re gurgitations, most despising, three-dog night, re coils, narrow mindednesses, milt, dis esteems, in tense, re-coil, snarky, bad-natured, churlish, in consonant, bad vibes, re-venges, un bending, ill feelings, repugnance, in-sinuating, having no use for, ex acting, Inconformable, unbending, ruthlessness, in tenser, un suitable, ill will, invidiousness, dis-loyalties, most mismatched, in justices, dis-repute, ill-disposedness, dis-satisfactions, more miasmic, iron hearted, mismatched, in-admissible, more high and mighty, bad chemistries, more high-and-mighty, pre-judicial, de spiteful, ill disposednesses, un-loving, more disliking, un kind, in-compatibilities, aversion, more inconformable, Retching, dis affection, de spites, dis-approbations, disaffected, prejudice, un-friendliest, un-eager, more contemning, re-vengefulnesses, dis-regard, incompatible, jaundiced eyen, in sensible, unwary, jaundiced eyes, un friendly, re venge, pre judicial, hardness of heart, crusty, un charitableness, contempt, dis accord, more uncool, re probations, careless, xenophobia, most toplofty, most cussed, Grudgingness, unkind, cool, harsh feeling, neglectful, cussings, personality conflict, incautious, Inconsonant, dis favor, de fiances, more uncordial, in-compatible, inimicalities, most murder, un fairnesses, marching to a different drummer, in sensate, de-spiteful, de fiance, in sensitive, most ill disposed, in animate, anti-pathetic, dis reputes, distant, more miasmatic, disgust, un feeling, narrowmindednesses, more scouting, marching to different drummer, dislikings, malice, dis credit, most inconformable, evilminded, ill disposedness, allergy tos, lack enthusiasm, antagonistic, Disliking, illdisposed, dis-approval, cold, in-disposed, halfhearted, most coldshoulder, un friendliest, most bad natured, execration, de spite, malicious, be-numbed, male dictions, most sensationless, bad natured, bad will, mis matched, animosity, black beast, hatred; hard feeling, in dispositions, un-cordiality, uncritical, dis-accords, most miasmic, ex-acting, detestings, spiteful, most gelid, in dignities, viciousness, ill-will, oppugnancies, anesthetized, more ill disposed, grudge, dis-agreement, thing abouts, pre conception, dis-credit, dis-inclinations, nauseations, dis loyalty, contemptuousnesses, dis-relishes, dis approbations, dis gust, feelingless, in congruous, most unloving, re-coils, marching a different drummer, covetings, lackadaisical, queasiness, most cold shoulder, most frost-bound, bad blood, more maleficent, dis-favors, most hyperboreal, dis-criminations, de-spites, more anesthetized, un-willing, dis-esteem, standoffish, most high and mighty, re-venge, nauseousnesses, dis satisfactions, re venges, black beasts, malignity, thick skinned, dis-may, dis approval, more unloving, most inconsonant, narrow-mindedness, un cordiality, mis-matched, mutual hostilities, dis gusts, in-animate, un-suited, dis-taste, uninvolved, more rejecting, uncordial, most siberian, squeamishnesses, dis-loyalty, ranklings, un kindest, ice cold, ill-disposed, un-willingness, unfaithful, up pity, dis affections, marching different drummer, Revengefulness, ill-disposednesses, most bad-natured, most unamiable, dry, in appropriate, re-vengefulness, in-constant, dis content, hard feelings, dis-contents, unconcerned, dis agreements, in consistent, ill natured, un friendlier, averse, more bad-natured, re-gurgitation, most scouting, more siberian, regurgitations, most rejecting, inaccurate, un approachable, negligent, un adapted, dis-inclined, dyspathy, pre possessions, dis pleasures, jaundiced eyne, uncordiality, in different, truculency, coldhearted, un-friendlinesses, bad opinion, frigid, un-favorable, Inimicality, pre-judgment, icecold, un-friendly, in-coherent, dis-esteems, bold, narrow mindedness, coldblooded, more coldshoulder, Spleenful, unfriendly, antipathy, dis-grace, anti thetical, dis contents, crabbed, harsh feelings, impetuous, dis-affections, dis relish, dis-agreeing, hatefulness, antisocial, queasinesses, more illdisposed, dis-approvals, un-approachable, bad wills, hoitytoity, hyper-boreal, bone to pick, Contemptuousness, most uneager, un eager, horror, re probation, dis approvals, in-sensible, venom, most cold-shoulder, loathing, revengefulnesses, cursory, cursings, in-conformable, in conformable, more murder, remote, un-bending, sullen, dis regard, retchings, in disposition, dyspathies, biles, un charitablenesses, slipshod, un-caring, mutual hostility, un-emotional, miasmic, unimportant, selfish, de-spitefulness, invidiousnesses, threedog night, phobia, excoriation, dis-satisfaction, de spitefulness, apathetic, hang up, offish, most uncordial, distaste, in-compatibility, squeamishness, dis pleasure, dis inclinations, most iron hearted, nasty look, pre-judgments, pre judgments, night day, odium, re buff, Miasmatic, thing about, whale difference, illdisposedness, pre-conception, unmindful, excoriations, un suited, re-volt, unapproachable, in compatible, more killing, illnatured, maleficent, in disposed, coldshoulder, dis may, sour, Hates, mis judgments, in-sensate, dis crimination, uncordialities, disagreeable, unsociable, bone pick, un-kindest, rash, more iron-hearted, Over-bearing, un friendlinesses, un willingnesses, more toplofty, male-diction, more unamiable, un-fairnesses, detestation, Iron-hearted, bad vibe, dis-relish, cold hearted, dis-trusts, dis inclined, de testing, hateful, eschewal, most feelingless, acrimonious, most backbiting.