Made Grade

Pronunciation of Made Grade
/mˌe͡ɪd ɡɹˈe͡ɪd/, /mˌe‍ɪd ɡɹˈe‍ɪd/, /m_ˌeɪ_d ɡ_ɹ_ˈeɪ_d/

Synonyms for made grade:

arrive (verb)

accomplish, flourish, make good, make it, prosper, score, succeed, thrive, become famous, reach the top, make the grade.

can (verb)

commit, could, make out, manage, may, be equal to, take care of, be capable of, be up to, be within one's area, be within one's control, can do, cut the mustard, have it made, lie in one's power.

cope (verb)

buffet, carry on, confront, deal, dispatch, encounter, endure, face, get by, grapple, hack, handle, hold one's own, live with, struggle, suffer, survive, tangle, tussle, weather, wrestle, battle with, get a handle on, make go of it, pit oneself against, rise to occasion, struggle through, hack it.

fulfill (verb)

achieve, answer, carry out, conclude, conform, discharge, effect, effectuate, execute, fill, finish, implement, keep, meet, obey, observe, perfect, perform, please, realize, render, satisfy, suffice, suit, fill the bill, DO, comply with, be just the ticket, hit the bull's-eye.

hack it (verb)

avail, carry off, come through, prevail, win, bring home the bacon, deliver the goods, hit the mark, be successful, come out on top, cut it, get to the top, make a go of it, pull it off, make the cut.

handle (verb)

administer, advise, apply, bestow, command, conduct, control, cope with, direct, discuss, dispense, dominate, employ, exercise, exploit, govern, guide, maneuver, manipulate, operate, play, ply, serve, steer, supervise, swing, take, treat, use, utilize, wield, work, deal with, run things, behave toward, call the signals.

pass muster (verb)

stand up, meet with approval, come through with flying colors, come up to scratch, do credit to, find favor with, pass inspection, prove acceptable, recommend itself, satisfy requirements, stand the test.

please (verb)

amuse, charm, cheer, content, enchant, entertain, gladden, grab, gratify, humor, indulge, tickle, titillate, wow, Overjoy, turn on, kill, tickle pink, go over big, sweep off feet, hit the spot.

qualify (verb)

authorize, capacitate, certify, check out, commission, condition, empower, enable, endow, entitle, equip, fit, ground, measure up, pass, permit, ready, sanction, train, pass muster, come up to snuff, earn one's wings.

satisfy (verb)

animate, appease, assuage, assure, befriend, captivate, capture, cloy, come up to, comfort, complete, conciliate, conform to, convince, delight, elate, enliven, enthrall, exhilarate, fascinate, flatter, fulfill, furnish, glut, gorge, induce, inveigle, make merry, mollify, pacify, placate, propitiate, provide, qualify, quench, quiet, reassure, rejoice, sate, satiate, sell, slake, surfeit, tide over, win over, brighten up, sell on, serve the purpose, be adequate, be enough, be sufficient, dispel doubt, do the trick, keep promise, put mind at ease.

score (verb)

amass, arrive, attain, chalk up, connect, gain, get, impress, luck out, notch, procure, put over, rack up, reach, secure, take the cake, triumph, pull off, make an impression, make a killing, gain advantage, hit pay dirt.

suffice (verb)

make a hit, be good enough, be the ticket, meet requirement.

suit (verb)

accord, agree, become, befit, benefit, beseem, check, correspond, enhance, fit in, go, go with, harmonize, match, square, tally, go together, answer a need, be proper for, be seemly.

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