Make ready

Pronunciation of Make Ready
/mˌe͡ɪk ɹˈɛdi/, /mˌe‍ɪk ɹˈɛdi/, /m_ˌeɪ_k ɹ_ˈɛ_d_i/

Synonyms for make ready

arm (verb)

accouter, appoint, array, deck, equalize, fortify, furnish, gear, gird, guard, heel, issue, load, load up, mobilize, outfit, pack, prepare, prime, protect, provide, rig, strengthen, supply, tote, heel up, lug iron, pack a rod, rod up.

arrange (verb)

adapt, adjust, blueprint, chart, compromise, concert, construct, contrive, decide, design, determine, devise, direct, draft, establish, frame, harmonize, iron out, lay out, manage, map out, negotiate, organize, project, promote, quarterback, resolve, schedule, scheme, settle, tailor, work out, shape up, line up, agree to, get ready, come to terms, make a connection, get act together, hammer out a deal, pull a wire, pull things together, set stage, work out a deal.

condition (verb)

accustom, brainwash, build up, educate, equip, habituate, inure, loosen up, modify, practice, program, ready, sharpen, tone up, train, work over, warm up, whip into shape, toughen up.

do (verb)

accomplish, achieve, act, arrange, bring about, cause, close, complete, conclude, cook, create, discharge, effect, execute, fix, fulfill, look after, make, operate, perform, produce, succeed, take on, transact, undertake, work, wrap up, wind up, pull off, engage in, see to, go for it, be responsible for, do one's thing, get with it, take care of business.

dress (verb)

align, comb, decorate, dispose, do up, fit, ornament, set, straighten, trim.

embattle (verb)

arm, militarize, prepare for combat.

gird (verb)

band, belt, bind, block, blockade, bolster, brace, buttress, cincture, circle, enclose, encompass, enfold, environ, fasten, girdle, hem in, pen, reinforce, ring, round, secure, steel, support, surround.

inure (verb)

acclimate, harden, season, toughen, Familiarize.

mobilize (verb)

activate, actuate, animate, assemble, call up, catalyze, circulate, drive, impel, marshal, muster, propel, rally, set in motion, set off, call to arms, put in motion.

prepare (verb)

suit up.

prime (verb)

brief, clue, coach, cram, excite, galvanize, groom, inform, innervate, motivate, notify, prep, provoke, rehearse, stimulate, tell, break in, fill in.

process (verb)

alter, concoct, convert, dispose of, handle, refine, transform, treat, deal with, take care of.

ready (verb)

fit out, gear up, get, order, post, psych up, wise up, make up, get set, let in on, put on to, keep posted, pave the way, clear the decks.

set (verb)

affix, aim, anchor, apply, bestow, cast, embed, ensconce, head, insert, install, lay, level, locate, lock, lodge, mount, park, plank, plant, plop, plunk, point, put, rest, seat, situate, spread, station, stick, turn, wedge, zero in, deposit, make fast.

train (verb)

care for, cultivate, develop, discipline, drill, dry run, enlighten, exercise, ground, guide, hone, improve, instruct, mold, qualify, rear, school, shape, study, tame, teach, tutor, update, drum into, get a workout, get in shape, grow strong, run through, show the ropes.

Sense 1

provide fororagainst.

Sense 2


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