Make vulnerable

Pronunciation of Make Vulnerable
/mˌe͡ɪk vˈʌlnəɹəbə͡l/, /mˌe‍ɪk vˈʌlnəɹəbə‍l/, /m_ˌeɪ_k v_ˈʌ_l_n_ə_ɹ_ə_b_əl/

Antonyms for make vulnerable

keeping at bay, re-pulses, keep at bay, pre-vented, re buff, keeping bay, re-buffed, de fended, sets free, are frugal, fore-stalls, give break, de-posit, taking care of, comes to rescue, re-trenching, laid away, art thrifty, turn aside, saves ones neck, de-fend, re-serve, re-covered, got out of hock, re-serving, de positing, pre-serves, pre vents, un chained, getting the hook, were thrifty, wert thrifty, is thrifty, keeps arm length, come to rescue, be thrifty, gave break, un-chain, unchained, re butting, re covering, gets off hook, gotten off the hook, get out hock, kept at bay, pre-vents, pinches pennies, tightened belt, saved one neck, keeps arm's length, re trenches, de-livers, pre vent, ward off, got hook, stows away, re-pulsing, saves one's neck, re deem, pre-serving, unshackles, gat off hook, saved ones neck, de-posited, took care of, kept arm's length, getting out hock, kept arms length, being thrifty, unshackled, re served, de livers, saves for rainy day, stow away, pulling out fire, setting free, set free, kept at arm length, made ends meet, kept arm length, kept bay, re pulsing, keeps off, un-shackling, keep at arms length, gave a break, re-buffs, re-trenched, de-liver, re trenched, get hook, re pulsed, keeping safe, getting hook, de posit, tightens belt, guard, de liver, re covered, keeping at arm's length, lay away, laid aside, come rescue, pinching pennies, kept off, get out of hock, unchains, looking after, hide away, keeps at arm's length, were frugal, keeping at arms length, gives a break, turning aside, re buffing, saves neck, kept at arm's length, keeping at arm length, saved one's neck, cutting corners, de-fended, de-livering, be frugal, came rescue, de-fends, shield, feather nest, keep off, stowing away, pre venting, de-fending, saving one's neck, piles up, re-covering, de posits, re butted, gotten out hock, get off the hook, beating off, kept at arms length, saving one neck, keeps at arms length, gets out of hock, fore-stalling, keeps at arm length, turning away, re-trenches, protect, wast frugal, being frugal, re trenching, pre-vent, keeps at bay, re-butted, de-livered, keep arms length, keep arm's length, de livered, coming to rescue, re-cover, pre serves, save ones neck, look after, re-deeming, pulled out fire, comes rescue, hided away, re trench, gat the hook, de posited, pinch pennies, put by, re deeming, pulled out of fire, got off the hook, keep bay, keeping arm length, re-served, feathers nest, art frugal, save neck, turns aside, fore stall, pre served, keeps arms length, gat out hock, hiding away, re-covers, tightening belt, pre serve, getting out of hock, re-pulsed, de livering, save one neck, hid away, un shackle, tighten belt, re-trench, saved for rainy day, turned away, hide, conceal, looked after, fore stalls, got off hook, coming rescue, saving for rainy day, re buffs, un shackling, gets off the hook, giving break, de fending, re deemed, lay aside, un chaining, lays away, gotten off hook, gets out hock, beats off, rolls back, re serve, un-chains, feathered nest, cuts corners, save for rainy day, gets hook, pulls out fire, fore-stall, re-serves, re-buffing, giving a break, keeps safe, re cover, pulling out of fire, getting off hook, save, getting off the hook, hides away, keeps bay, keep at arm's length, looks after, pre serving, keep arm length, cover, wast thrifty, get the hook, unchain, pile up, de-positing, rolling back, re pulses, gat off the hook, keeping arms length, re serving, un chain, came to rescue, roll back, save one's neck, keeping arm's length, keep at arm length, gotten out of hock, got the hook, fore stalling, got out hock, fore-stalled, keep safe, pre-served, turned aside, de fend, give a break, de fends, re buffed, Unshackle, takes care of, un-chaining, making ends meet, re-deem, pre-venting, de-posits, pulls out of fire, turn away, un shackles, fend, saved neck, pinched pennies, makes ends meet, are thrifty, un shackled, laying away, take care of, saving ones neck, cut corners, re-deems, rolled back, turns away, wert frugal, gotten hook, beat off, piled up, gotten the hook, feathering nest, kept safe, saves one neck, re-butting, make ends meet, laying aside.