Making it

Pronunciation of Making It
/mˈe͡ɪkɪŋ ɪt/, /mˈe‍ɪkɪŋ ɪt/, /m_ˈeɪ_k_ɪ_ŋ ɪ_t/

Synonyms for making it

accomplish (verb)

achieve, arrive, attain, bring about, bring off, carry out, conclude, consummate, do justice, effect, finish, fulfill, gain, make it, manage, perform, produce, rack up, reach, realize, score, win, make hay, pull off, DO, HIT, sew up, take care of, do a bang-up job, do one proud, do the trick, get someplace, get there, nail it, put it over.

arrive (verb)

access, accomplish, alight, appear, barge in, bob up, buzz, clock in, disembark, dismount, drop anchor, drop in, enter, fall in, flourish, get to, land, make good, pop in, pop up, prosper, report, show, show up, sign in, succeed, take place, thrive, turn up, visit, roll in, pull in, blow in, hit town, become famous, breeze in, bust in, fall by, make the scene, punch the clock, reach the top, sky in, wind up at, check in, make the grade.

attain (verb)

accede to, acquire, arrive at, come through, complete, cop, earn, get, grasp, obtain, procure, promote, reap, secure, snag, unzip, latch onto, glom onto, get fat, get hands on.

attend (verb)

catch, come to light, frequent, go to, haunt, punch in, ring in, sit in on, be present, be there, be a guest, be at, time in, make an appearance.

benefit (verb)

advance, advantage, aid, ameliorate, assist, avail, better, build, favor, further, improve, pay, pay off, profit, relieve, serve, succor, fill the bill, contribute to, make a killing, be good for, do for one, work for.

can (verb)

commit, could, make out, may, be equal to, be capable of, be up to, be within one's area, be within one's control, can do, cut the mustard, have it made, lie in one's power.

come (verb)

become, burst, close in, draw near, flare, get in, happen, materialize, move, near, occur, originate, turn out, move toward, be ready, be accessible, be at disposal, be convenient, be handy, be obtainable, spring in.

cope (verb)

buffet, carry on, confront, deal, dispatch, encounter, endure, face, get by, grapple, hack, handle, hold one's own, live with, struggle, suffer, survive, tangle, tussle, weather, wrestle, battle with, get a handle on, make go of it, pit oneself against, rise to occasion, struggle through, hack it.

copulate (verb)

bed, breed, cohabit, conjugate, couple, do it, fool around, go to bed, have sex, lay, lie with, make love, mate, sleep with, unite, go all the way, sleep together, be carnal, have coition, have relations, fornicate.

deal/deal with (verb)

act, approach, attend to, behave, clear, concern, consider, control, cope with, direct, discuss, oversee, play, review, rid, take, treat, unburden, use, see to, conduct oneself, have to do with, behave toward, get a handle on something, make a go of it.

effect (verb)

actualize, actuate, begin, bring on, buy, carry through, cause, conceive, create, effectuate, enact, enforce, execute, generate, get across, implement, induce, initiate, invoke, make, put across, render, sell, yield, give rise to, draw on, do a number, do one's thing, do the job, make waves, pull it off, turn the trick, do to a t.

excel (verb)

beat, best, cap, eclipse, exceed, outdo, outrival, outshine, outstrip, pass, predominate, shine, surmount, top, transcend, wax, go beyond, improve upon, be good, be master of, be proficient, be skillful, be talented, go to town, show talent, take precedence.

execute (verb)

administer, administrate, discharge, govern, meet, percolate, polish off, prosecute, put over, put through, sail through, transact, deal with, put into effect, bring to fruition, earn wings, take care of business.

exist (verb)

consist, dwell, go on, inhere, kick, lie, live, reside, subsist, stay alive, eke out a living.

fulfill (verb)

answer, conform, fill, keep, obey, observe, perfect, please, satisfy, suffice, suit, comply with, be just the ticket, hit the bull's-eye.

get (verb)

come, come to, converge.

hack it (verb)

carry off, prevail, bring home the bacon, deliver the goods, hit the mark, be successful, come out on top, cut it, get to the top, make the cut.

live (verb)

abide, be, breathe, continue, fare, feed, get along, last, lead, maintain, persist, remain, support, make ends meet, acquire a livelihood, earn a living, remain alive, be alive, draw breath, earn money, have life.

pass muster (verb)

stand up, meet with approval, come through with flying colors, come up to scratch, do credit to, find favor with, pass inspection, prove acceptable, recommend itself, satisfy requirements, stand the test.

prevail (verb)

abound, carry, command, conquer, domineer, luck out, master, move out, overcome, overrule, preponderate, prove, reign, triumph, take off, go great guns, be common, be current, be prevalent, be usual, be victorious, be widespread, exist generally, go places, hit pay dirt.

prosper (verb)

augment, batten, bear, benefit, bloom, blossom, catch on, do well, fatten, flower, get on, increase, multiply, progress, rise, hit the jackpot, strike it rich, be enriched, bear fruit, become wealthy, do wonders, fare well, make money, turn out well, become rich, feather nest, grow rich, hit it big, make mark.

qualify (verb)

authorize, capacitate, certify, check out, commission, condition, empower, enable, endow, entitle, equip, fit, ground, measure up, permit, ready, sanction, train, pass muster, come up to snuff, earn one's wings.

reach (verb)

overtake, gain on, catch up to, get as far as.

subsist (verb)

exist, hang in, hang on, ride out, scrape by, sustain, stick it out, barely exist, eke out an existence, just make it, stick with it, hang tough.

succeed (verb)

come off, distance, outdistance, outwit, possess, receive, recover, retrieve, vanquish, work, worst, make a fortune, do all right, grow famous.

weather (verb)

acclimate, brave, expose, get through, harden, resist, season, stand, toughen, withstand, pull through, rise above, bear the brunt of, bear up against, become toughened, grow hardened, grow strong.