Pronunciation of Manacling
/mˈanɐklˌɪŋ/, /mˈanɐklˌɪŋ/, /m_ˈa_n_ɐ_k_l_ˌɪ_ŋ/

Synonyms for Manacling:

bind (verb)

adhere, attach, bandage, border, chain, cinch, clamp, connect, constrict, cover, dress, edge, encase, enchain, fetter, finish, fix, fold, furl, glue, hamper, handcuff, hem, hitch, hobble, hook on, hook up, lace, lap, lash, leash, manacle, moor, muzzle, paste, peg down, pin, pin down, pinion, put together, restrain, restrict, rope, shackle, stick, strap, swathe, tack on, tether, tie, trammel, trim, truss, unite, wrap, yoke, Enfetter, tie up, hitch on.

curb (verb)

abstain, bit, bottle up, box in, bridle, check, clog, constrain, contain, control, cook, cool down, cool off, deny, hinder, hog-tie, hold back, hold in, ice, impede, inhibit, moderate, refrain, rein in, scrub, subdue, suppress, tame, withhold, Entrammel, send up, retard, bring to screeching halt, hold down, keep lid on, keep tight rein on.

fetter (verb)

bind, confine, cuff, curb, encumber, hamstring, repress, hang up, hold captive, drag feet, put straitjacket on, throw monkey wrench in.

imprisoning (verb)

condemning, confining, fencing, impounding, Bridling, Caging, Handcuffing, Harnessing, Imprisoning, Incarcerating, Sentencing, Shackling, Tethering, Collaring, fettering, jailing, locking up, straight jacketing.

restrain (verb)

arrest, box up, choke back, circumscribe, cool, cork, crack down, curtail, debar, delimit, detain, deter, direct, gag, govern, guide, handicap, harness, hem in, hold, impound, imprison, jail, keep, keep down, keep in line, limit, lock up, prevent, proscribe, pull back, stay, tie down, hogtie, sit on, kill.

shackle (verb)

secure, put a straitjacket on.

tether (verb)

batten, picket.

trammel (verb)

cramp, disrupt, frustrate, obstruct, thwart.

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