Pronunciation of Manager
/mˈanɪd͡ʒə/, /mˈanɪd‍ʒə/, /m_ˈa_n_ɪ_dʒ_ə/

Antonyms for manager

Subsidiaries, blue collar, well-wishers, out-of-towner, hatchet man-women, attendant, de-legates, menials, second-in-command, paraprofessionals, right-hand manwomen, window shoppers, vendees, hatchet man women, employee, re presentative, sub ordinate, ephemerae, poor relation, doormats, in-mate, righthand manwoman, Wellwisher, Orderlies, co-adjutants, sharers, appellants, patron, right-hand person, financers, client, de-legate, window shopper, shopper, in-mates, bird dog, servant, cooperators, re-placements, help, sharer, re placements, freeholder, cooperator, gruntwork, ancilla, regular shoppers, right hand people, working people, doormat, de legate, flunkeys, Co-operator, reliever, co-adjutant, ancillas, paraprofessional, prentices, para sites, yes person, encouragers, apprentice, ephemera, financer, walk in, protegees, walk-ins, windowshopper, subject, Transients, Temps, co-operators, de legates, right hand man woman, underling, bedfellows, giving births, sub-altern, hatchet man woman, pro spect, working peoples, window-shoppers, vendee, second-in-commands, de-fenders, temporary workers, de pendent, dogcatchers, co adjutant, fellow workers, fairy godparents, operatives, councilors, fairy godparent, under studies, right hand persons, partakers, representants, third string, emptors, right hand manwomen, de fenders, de fender, righthand manwomen, third strings, bedfellow, replacement, out of towners, right-hand man-woman, customer, right-hand people, second in command, regular shopper, hatchet manwoman, out of towner, right-hand persons, subordinate, bootlickers, follower, guest, hanger on, window-shopper, lieutenant, para-professional, co adjutants, right hand person, well wishers, dogcatcher, sub altern, blue collars, hatchet manwomen, de-fender, bootlicker, lieges, yeoman, postulants, second in commands, in mate, sub ordinates, labor, walk ins, right-hand manwoman, well wisher, hopefuls, worker, para-sites, re-placement, flunkey, partaker, hatchet man-woman, under-studies, appellant, succorer, helper, roomer, righthand persons, pro-spects, inferior, under-study, assistant, sub-ordinate, walk-in, de pendents, emptor, vacationers, de-pendent, de livery, para site, co operator, assembly member, Encourager, de-livery, postulant, rank file, de liveries, sub-ordinates, yesperson, walkins, buyer, Representant, de-liveries, poor relations, Councilor, baby sitter, right hand manwoman, lackey, windowshoppers, temporary worker, assembly members, ephemeras, re placement, pro spects, righthand people, para professionals, para-site, vacationer, birth pangs, dependents, sojourners, easy makes, prentice, roomers, co operators, domestics, protegee, de-pendents, fellow worker, juniors, deputy, wellwishers, under study, henchman, in mates, re-presentative, birth pang, walkin.