Pronunciation of Material
/mətˈi͡əɹɪə͡l/, /mətˈi‍əɹɪə‍l/, /m_ə_t_ˈiə_ɹ_ɪ__əl/

Antonyms for material

unreality, jesuitic, most uncool, nonessential, most daydreamy, supernal, un-earthliest, inadmissible, more supramundane, unembodied, inessential, false, more codified, Gossamery, un-worldly, meta physical, most ivory tower, concept, in-considerable, high flown, aery, no never mind, worthless, utopian, trivial, deepseated, in-corporate, unnoticeable, transcendental, super natural, in-tangible, more idealized, more wide eyed, most supersensory, uncelebrated, in corporate, mental agilities, out-of-reach, secondary, whole, most inapposite, more ivory tower, meaningless, more corn fed, viscerous, most postulated, babe in woods, mental, most spiritlike, more viscerous, extra-terrestrial, supersensory, insignificant, obscure, form, unworldly, hypo-thetical, thin, Non-essential, inanimate, more jesuitic, in definite, shape, cast, purposeless, most nonmaterial, in sight, un-worldliest, un-reality, in-nocent, super-sensory, most wraithlike, figure, in consequential, uni versal, have-it-all, Unartificial, of no importance, super mundane, in-dependent, more discarnate, dis-embodied, ivorytower, extra terrestrial, inner, empyrean, Disbodied, superhuman, unimportant, un-important, insensible, more pie in the sky, in essential, in substantial, Discarnate, un cool, intellectual, intangible, un-substantiated, un-connected, pointless, unrealities, in significant, mental agility, un-embodied, highflown, imperceptible, non material, in appropriate, matter indifference, visualizations, un-physical, cornfed, more ivorytower, re-signed, more nonmaterial, in abstract, most wideeyed, more postulated, diaphanous, useless, in dependent, most discarnate, dis bodied, most suprahuman, in-substantial, non-concrete, in-voluntary, super human, tenuous, most corn fed, wraithlike, insights, more wideeyed, more presumed, non-materialistic, in-defectible, super-mundane, deep seated, dis-connected, heavenly, un embodied, most formularized, super-natural, non concrete, more apparitional, more disbodied, un-fleshliest, in-apposite, irrelevant, transcendent, psychological, un related, creative thought, no big deal, in sights, in-sensible, as a premise, un-attainable, more out of reach, more cornfed, meta-physical, hypo thetical, un-real, more supersensory, more wraithlike, more corn-fed, suprahuman, pro found, un-necessary, impalpable, most asomatous, un studied, un-thinking, unfleshlier, more out-of-reach, empyreal, un earthliest, pro founder, auxiliary, pie-in-the-sky, ideality, most disbodied, most wide eyed, little, in-sight, over subtle, oversubtle, most presumed, more ideological, most shangri la, un-related, non physical, more daydreaming, more instanced, matter of indifference, of no consequence, most daydreaming, minor, metaphysical, un real, in theory, ideological, more unphysical, most viscerous, incorporeal, as premise, invisible, extraneous, more asomatous, supernatural, most codified, more suprahuman, celestial, most incorporate, nonmaterial, more shangri la, un essential, in corporeal, nameless, formalistic, dis connected, un affected, Irrelative, un schooled, sacred, imagination, most out of reach, most unphysical, un-worldlier, most irrelative, more transcendent, un substantial, more ivory-tower, non-physical, more inapposite, un-earthlier, more ideational, supra-mundane, more wide-eyed, unsubstantial, most ivorytower, most pie in the sky, Indefectible, more supranatural, most jesuitic, non-material, in considerate, super sensory, unfleshliest, un worldlier, re signed, hypothetical, most out-of-reach, in-appropriate, in-consequential, most wide-eyed, pro-found, unphysical, most supermundane, Idealities, un-attached, invalid, un fleshlier, in applicable, fashion, spiritlike, most supramundane, supra-natural, more supermundane, more extraterrestrial, in considerable, devotional, moral, in voluntary, un-fleshlier, in-significant, un fleshly, theoretical, un-proved, re-sourcefulness, non materialistic, more incorporate, supra human, ideal, wittiness, un connected, apparitional, un artificial, religious, most corn-fed, un thinking, babe woods, supra natural, inapposite, Hyperphysical, nonmaterialistic, most nonmaterialistic, abstract, vaporous, un-earthly, supra mundane, in-admissible, philosophical, dishonest, in-applicable, more oversubtle, most ideal, re sourcefulness, unconnected, un fleshliest, un important, wide-eyed, most supranatural, un earthlier, most extraterrestrial, un-substantial, more uncool, uncool, more have-it-all, in sensible, more transcendental, Supermundane, un earthly, out of reach, un-studied, more have it all, re presentative, spiritual, more nonmaterialistic, gut, un-fleshly, non essential, in-corporeal, in tangible, supra-human, supranatural, in-sights, re-presentative, anonymous, in nocent, un substantiated, geometry, more unartificial, more shangri-la, bodiless, more nonconcrete, re sourcefulnesses, un necessary, unknown, nonconcrete, un-schooled, senseless, un reality, over-subtle, most ivory-tower, un physical, more unembodied, of no account, creative thoughts, more indefectible, most nonconcrete, visualization, have it all, psychic, corn-fed, pro-founder, most pie-in-the-sky, beside point, extraterrestrial, ideational, most shangrila, un-realities, cerebral, un proved, more daydreamy, in-essential, un-essential, in-definite, in-considerate, most oversubtle, dis-bodied, more shangrila, super-human, unearthly, uni-versal, elysian, un-cool, un worldliest, small, Asomatous, dis embodied, in apposite, ethereal, un attainable, more irrelative, in clouds, divine, un realities, most indefectible, most have-it-all, in the abstract, more spiritlike, un worldly, more pie-in-the-sky, most shangri-la, immaterial, Supramundane, configuration, most have it all, ivory-tower, wittinesses, corn fed, un sophisticated, Unfleshly, wide eyed, daydreamy, un-artificial, conformation, more formularized, shangri la, most unembodied.