Matter of fact

Pronunciation of Matter Of Fact
/mˈatəɹ ɒv fˈakt/, /mˈatəɹ ɒv fˈakt/, /m_ˈa_t_ə_ɹ ɒ_v f_ˈa_k_t/

Antonyms for matter of fact

indefinite, trivial, upset, animated, unsound, unwise, rose-colored, imaginary, soggy, equivocal, unknowledgeable, aware, fabulous, new, responsive, inaccurate, sensitive, made-up, flippant, unimportant, unsuspicious, strange, misleading, eager, fresh, fictitious, theoretical, creative, uncommon, unclear, exaggerated, improper, reserved, uncareful, visionary, ignorant, trusting, idealistic, half-baked, expansive, shy, legendary, undetailed, doubtful, general, Deviating, humid, different, sentimental, business, lying, incorrect, sympathetic, embroidered, unserious, gentle, wrong, cool, warm-blooded, agitated, extraordinary, merciful, mythical, imprecise, untruthful, deliberate, unintelligent, mistaken, artful, caring, unprofessional, concerned, unknown, stressed, chimerical, changing, inexact, tactful, unreliable, Unsensible, irrational, uncertain, intermittent, timid, unlikely, illogical, enthusiastic, invented, tricky, obscure, erroneous, undocumented, communicative, unfamiliar, intelligent, long, unserviceable, unsuitable, polite, blue sky, passionate, deceitful, speculative, leisurely, aloof, fictional, ambiguous, alien, inefficient, hot, fantastic, feeling, lengthy, untrained, original, hypothetical, unauthentic, worthless, insincere, unusual, warm, exciting, vague, secretive, private, excited, foolish, distant, at ease, imbecile, wet, demonstrative, easy-going, zealous, wily, lenient, clear, foreign, cheerful, friendly, soaked, fanciful, depressed, pretend, indirect, nice, unreasonable, unskilled, trustful, ardent, dripping, manual, lively, unapproachable, conscious, fervid, imaginative, incapable, meek, impractical, unseasoned, fictionalized, excitable, useless, rhetorical, unrealistic, pointed, lax, untrustworthy, insupportable, undistinguished, susceptible, amateur, unacquainted, inexperienced, gradual, Unbusinesslike, interesting, cold, sharp, thoughtless, emotional, calm, dreamy, false, unworkable, unfeasible, decorated, varying, disorganized, hidden, unattainable, insane, damp, unproficient, romantic, dishonest, abnormal, industrial, counterfeit, giving, thinking, secret, impossible, juicy, needled, biased, utopian, questionable, moist, imagined, apocryphal, devious, nervous, optimistic, anxious, by hand, unfriendly, watery, careless, interested, nonfactual, unremarkable, interrupted, clothed, faulty, evasive, stupid, unreal, subtle, kind, unsupportable, idiotic, unnecessary, senseless, compassionate, indiscreet, untiring.