Pronunciation of Mean
/mˈiːn/, /mˈiːn/, /m_ˈiː_n/

Antonyms for mean

well-spoken, enough, fit to eat, fine dandy, more ungrudging, to ones liking, most candycoated, mild, marshmallow, friendly, Profusive, palsy walsy, more unenslaved, most handout, latitudinarian, more syrupy, most sweet sounding, extreme, un-regulated, righteous, more candy coated, most marshmallow, sweet-sounding, tanked, lily white, goodmannered, more arousing, most off-the-wall, amical, broadminded, ex-cited, most aiding, most buddy buddy, more confiding, most sympathizing, nonbelligerent, most easy-going, more sympathizing, most pleasureful, in accord, most up, most fortifying, respectful, out world, well-planned, deny, more free-and-easy, dove like, selfgoverning, fair, peachest, more venerating, most upraised, wellfounded, selfeffacing, pussycat, welldisposed, idiosyncratic, softie, right neighborly, most soft-touch, to one's liking, nectarous, loving, candy coated, more simpatico, more sky scraping, most sugar-coated, more warm-hearted, more splendiferous, clubby, in public interest, more super-eminent, un recompensed, be-loved, delish, most nectarious, thoughtful, most sugared, Supereminent, most super excellent, most uncontaminated, in dependent, most relishable, most appreciating, more concurring, more cherished, eyecatching, more condoling, sweet tempered, like minded, more observative, un-confined, promiseful, unhampered, selfruling, stately, more self-directing, softspoken, Open-handed, all heart, silver tongued, ex cited, non belligerent, awe inspiring, more unbigoted, more pleasureful, more tip-top, in-tact, individual, like candy, more free and easy, most sweet natured, most consoling, de liberate, more sweetsounding, lavish, be-fitting, co-operative, more buddy buddy, more liberated, mesmeric, un-paid, most sky-scraping, in-formal, nonviolent, white hat, silvertongued, ex tensive, unsparing, un obstructed, Observative, re liablest, unique, unregimented, self governing, COMP, excessive, more hovering, superior, un restricted, more high-reaching, high pitched, in-spiriting, bullier, De Luxe, goodtempered, overflowing, high minded, easy going, conscience stricken, most festal, over flowing, benevolent, lots of laughs, most titillating, good humored, more white hat, most self directing, eager please, most goodmannered, most tip top, most perfumy, un contaminated, bonhomous, more time-saving, good-mannered, Superexcellent, special, personable, most unengaged, in-nocent, more sugar-coated, free-spirited, going easy on, eventempered, more unhampered, sugar-coated, re-liable, Undecayed, dis engaged, aplenty, most sweet-tempered, more peaceloving, up-beat, comper, aweinspiring, un damaged, more well disposed, costless, soft spoken, clubbier, easy-going, ducky, softshelled, lots laughs, more understanding, elevated, over-permissive, un-damaged, mild mannered, most caring, more perfumy, tip-top, be-coming, un stinging, more off-the-wall, more uplifted, border, amiable, more recognizing, more pardoning, liberal, most easy going, more lovey-dovey, abnormal, indulgent, de-cent, hunky-dory, fine and dandy, more soft-shelled, more tip top, doting, more chargeless, on deck, at leisure, to one taste, easy with, more whitehat, rad, pleasant, sky high, most latitudinarian, most mild mannered, most bonhomous, up-raised, wellbehaved, most sweetnatured, more recherche, in-spiring, most arousing, un paid, be loved, most undecayed, selfdenying, most infatuating, free of cost, more bleeding-heart, skyhigh, palsywalsy, contrite, most mildmannered, firstrate, most softtouch, most well suited, most confiding, more thriftless, rare, duckier, buddy buddy, un sparing, mouth watering, un-restrained, more justified, most concurring, lovable, most costless, avantgarde, nice, most mild-mannered, un-usual, more larking, de lightful, bleedingheart, more well spoken, up to snuff, de-lightful, most high reaching, likable, simpatico, more sweettempered, Conversable, helpful, more comradely, living with, free spirited, un employed, most tip-top, open minded, re-liabler, well mannered, more feeling, greathearted, more relishable, most aplenty, most recherche, un constrained, more jollying, un tainted, re gular, more highfaluting, Soft-shelled, self denying, well-mannered, like honey, longsuffering, in-ordinate, un-tainted, freest, more upholstered, on one own, most admiring, more mild-mannered, most restoring, most well-planned, convenient, private, fit eat, exceptional, pre-possessing, more costless, sweetest, self sacrificing, highpitched, most candied, luscious, more freewheeling, most good-mannered, one liking, sweet, most attritional, most free spirited, most liberated, more soft touch, kindhearted, user friendly, ex citing, heart right place, un-spoiled, most inspiriting, most likeable, most promiseful, sweetnatured, highminded, jollying, chirpiest, more good-mannered, more intensified, most soft-shelled, open handed, honest, most candy coated, pro-vocative, highpriced, obliging, most disciplined, perfumy, more commiserating, tolerant, white-hat, most delish, most soprano, most cherished, more pacifist, re-storing, jovial, more approving, be fitting, more denying, more captivating, re-gular, most wellsuited, more well-suited, able live with, more self ruling, out-goingest, bound up, more libertarian, more unpresumptuous, all-owing, on ones own, chirpy, Pacificatory, for love, to liking, most syrupy, strange, most peace-loving, munificent, more upraised, most good-hearted, up lifting, most aromal, most good mannered, most pussycat, outside, in formal, most sugarcoated, more hunky-dory, affable, more welldisposed, free-and-easy, most free-wheeling, goodhumored, most uplifted, most freespirited, more likeable, good mannered, FAIRER, home cooking, un-objectionable, big hearted, permissive, most welldisposed, most sweettempered, more nectarious, good, more incorrupt, without violence, bighearted, more sweetsmelling, most soft touch, most sweet tempered, most toward, enamored, Chargeless, mouthwatering, most winning, un bigoted, more latitudinarian, peace-loving, all owing, more mildmannered, most free wheeling, more magnetizing, hunky dory, more emancipated, more self-ruling, most autonomic, most self ruling, more attritional, selfless, well-suited, highfaluting, attritional, peaceable, more open handed, charming, unskilled, generous, more chastened, most super-eminent, more candy-coated, jokey, lovey dovey, time saving, more free wheeling, more softie, up-lifted, more dovelike, more silvery, kind, un committed, more humanistic, more easy-going, un stinting, sumptuous, engaging, more elating, safe, raddest, most approving, most nonbelligerent, most allowing, good-humored, pre-eminent, wellbred, more hunkydory, kindly, wellspoken, rich, more selfdirecting, in spiring, uncommon, chirpier, more well-planned, most whitehat, not tied down, radder, compassionate, more appreciating, in-dependent, more mild mannered, laid back, un engaged, super excellent, un-reasonable, most comprehending, most sweet-sounding, most well-spoken, most bleeding heart, Larking, compest, on trip, good natured, peace loving, more pussycat, un-trammeled, most sky scraping, Unpresumptuous, self forgetting, more sky-scraping, neglect, co operative, most warm-hearted, most justified, clement, most wellplanned, most liking, most pacificatory, more uncontaminated, most rejuvenating, downright neighborly, most comradely, most pacifist, most simpatico, genial, sky scraping, more soft shelled, self-directing, high, most open handed, noble, out this world, most conversable, userfriendly, wellplanned, incorrupt, most free and easy, more hunky dory, sky-scraping, most open-handed, candied, un-grudging, most commending, fancyfree, more free-spirited, up holding, more unregimented, buddybuddy, un hurt, most solacing, more time saving, syrupy, more open-handed, consciencestricken, most upholding, congenial, handsome, more wellspoken, estimable, fancy free, firstclass, most venerating, avant garde, non-belligerent, most consenting, most well-suited, more enfranchised, highreaching, in corrupt, lilywhite, more sweetheart, most softie, Infatuating, more dove like, un regimented, super-eminent, lovey-dovey, more pacificatory, un hampered, soft shelled, most candy-coated, more treasured, sweet-natured, most peace loving, de cent, well-disposed, extraordinary, more off the wall, most freewheeling, free wheeling, freespirited, one's taste, off-the-wall, sunny side up, under-standing, more conversable, most sweet-natured, re eking, un-stinging, wellmannered, over permissive, most splendiferous, most soft shelled, regular fellow, most buddy-buddy, un conventional, more luxurious, upright, easy on, under standing, like sport, more sweet smelling, most super-excellent, free easy, duckiest, most ungrudging, more rejuvenating, most soft-hearted, most unhampered, more unengaged, most sugar coated, most treasured, sweetsounding, cheerful, pleasing, more highreaching, well spoken, more allowing, most reassuring, un-sparing, grateful, no end, disciplined, at large, sweet-smelling, re-assuring, most denying, more candied, self ruling, most unbigoted, un-restricted, most reeking, well thought-out, over-flowing, sweet-tempered, un-hurt, super eminent, more excusing, most jollying, more reassuring, most enamoring, most timesaving, un spoiled, more smiling, more warm hearted, unselfish, more high reaching, more chaffing, un-contaminated, dime dozen, more altitudinous, soft-touch, most selfruling, more up, more good-hearted, good hearted, most lovey-dovey, more supereminent, most highreaching, un-recompensed, sui juris, Peacher, like a sport, more sweet-natured, jokiest, more allowed, de-luxe, sugar coated, un-conventional, re-cognizing, on a trip, good-hearted, more buddy-buddy, having heart in right place, more soft-hearted, soft shell, most self-directing, being big, on own, recherche, re cognizing, most sweet smelling, most unstinging, most wellspoken, even tempered, most dove like, ones liking, most off the wall, more attached, more sweet-tempered, unengaged, un-blemished, on loose, more sweetnatured, most sweetened, well thought out, most sweet-smelling, untrammeled, peculiar, candycoated, dis-engaged, one's liking, more fortifying, more aiding, most well planned, most attached, re storing, freewheeling, most well spoken, most electrifying, most unregimented, well planned, more nectarous, up beat, lovesome, Warm-hearted, welltimed, more lovesome, out-goinger, one taste, moral, most grateful, mild-mannered, be witching, agreeable, most unpresumptuous, most buddybuddy, copacetic, pro-fuse, timesaving, most silvery, un-committed, de-voted, sub lime, most overpermissive, in spiriting, nectarious, sub missive, on good terms, co pious, ignore, more wellsuited, more sugarcoated, most unenslaved, more dove-like, likeable, more valuing, most well-disposed, co-pious, loveydovey, more timesaving, more sugar coated, ones taste, more paying, most bleeding-heart, most profusive, more titillating, sweettempered, in-corrupt, great hearted, sweet natured, old softie, most incorrupt, more peace loving, at liberty, pre eminent, most freebie, queenlier, likeminded, splendiferous, extra ordinary, first class, most free-spirited, most super eminent, out goingest, be-holden, up-lifting, most sweetsounding, more upholding, sweetsmelling, most allowed, more bleedingheart, selfforgetful, well thoughtout, to one liking, fine, on cuff, more sweet-sounding, most tanked, more marshmallow, merciful, most time saving, ex-pensive, more acceptable, more overpermissive, sugared, more nonbelligerent, has heart right place, up raised, more commending, non-violent, more sweet sounding, un-prejudiced, more super excellent, free, appreciative, heart in right place, more sugared, most good hearted, un-used, most thriftless, on one's own, most white-hat, more tanked, more disciplined, most time-saving, be coming, up holstered, ungrudging, un impaired, more undecayed, more euphoric, refuse, aromal, to taste, most warm hearted, most dove-like, sub-lime, humanistic, soft hearted, more bonhomous, more soft hearted, un prejudiced, comradely, most chastened, gracious, in corruptible, unstinging, good tempered, most free-and-easy, un-bigoted, more restoring, un-hampered, un fettered, happy, out going, more inspiriting, un inhabited, peach, be-witching, de-liberate, more candycoated, un reasonable, more easy going, more reformist, more loveydovey, sensitive, eager to please, un impeded, first rate, Valuing, autonomic, more wellplanned, most selfdirecting, all-owed, most intensified, exalted, most bleedingheart, considerate, self forgetful, to one's taste, more sacchariferous, wellsuited, peaceloving, most amical, out of world, in tact, euphoric, re liabler, warm hearted, un-obstructed, un-presumptuous, to ones taste, out-going, more selfruling, more sweet tempered, un-fettered, high priced, most paying, off the hook, more admiring, most magnetizing, more infatuating, most libertarian, in culpable, Soft-hearted, buddy-buddy, more consoling, stinking with, all owed, most recognizing, most lovey dovey, re fined, selfforgetting, well timed, more electrifying, bulliest, most observative, up-holding, openminded, altitudinous, understanding, skyscraping, most nectarous, un-attached, un-impaired, High-reaching, unrestricted, most euphoric, more sweet natured, more aromal, most upholstered, more bantering, courteous, able to live with, in temperate, charitable, broad minded, tip top, most smiling, swell, most white hat, super-excellent, un-decayed, clean, no end in sight, well bred, un decayed, clubbiest, pre possessing, pro fuse, most self-ruling, more softtouch, candy-coated, good-natured, most valuing, most altitudinous, polite, more favoring, selfdirecting, un-selfish, un grudging, in-corruptible, hunkydory, ex pensive, more promiseful, sympathetic, un confined, most humanistic, most copacetic, un usual, unusual, unnatural, more consenting, most chargeless, Relishable, attentive, most captivating, most well disposed, margin, de voted, more super eminent, more softshelled, un-enslaved, in-temperate, extra-ordinary, most sweetsmelling, more solacing, most untrammeled, more copacetic, most complying, pro vocative, self effacing, dove-like, thriftless, more darling, more unstinging, bleeding-heart, most seducing, neighborly, Unenslaved, more good hearted, un-inhabited, libertarian, most mesmeric, more freespirited, gentle, more buddybuddy, more amical, un selfish, most high-reaching, kind hearted, aristocratic, goodnatured, more well suited, non violent, most highfaluting, willing to please, most larking, more liking, in-culpable, more well-disposed, most beloved, decent, uncontaminated, humane, most hunky-dory, has heart in right place, more reeking, sweet sounding, softtouch, un-impeded, up lifted, self-ruling, pleasureful, time-saving, most sacchariferous, more untrammeled, more comprehending, most siren, more caring, most sweetheart, sweet smelling, more seducing, most soft hearted, sweeter, on house, well disposed, whitehat, more peace-loving, silvery, more aplenty, re-eking, queenliest, most loveydovey, hopeful, more handout, more lovey dovey, more bleeding heart, un regulated, well suited, more soft-touch, most supereminent, distinctive, most hovering, most hunky dory, more delish, re-liablest, un enslaved, magnanimous, most darling, be holden, more enamoring, most hunkydory, unbigoted, overpermissive, willing please, expressive, more free-wheeling, in nocent, warm, eye catching, most joshing, Dovelike, more freebie, tender.