Pronunciation of Measure
/m_ˈɛ_ʒ_ə/, /mˈɛʒə/, /mˈɛʒə/

Antonyms for measure:

de-pends, makes off top of ones head, made up top one head, size up, made off top one's head, makes book, pressurize, de duces, inactivity, in stalled, arrived time, de-legates, calculates roughly, art the opinion, foreknow, sizes up, in-vest, phantoming, making top ones head, crystalball divine, dare says, hazarding a guess, make off top of one head, de-duct, forefeels, pro creating, hadst the impression, whips out, making up off top of one head, dare said, de-creed, takes a stab at, dare-says, inertia, Shotguns, under-standing, estimate, made book, pre-mises, fore-boded, carries through, are inclined think, fore-tell, dash off, broke for, break for, Umpired, made up top of one's head, saw in the cards, de clare, wert inclined think, pre-suppose, engage in, de-duces, crystalball divined, out lines, engaging in, went out on limb, looks upon, making top of ones head, pre pared, re quiring, seeing handwriting wall, makes top of one head, de-duce, shotgunning, out lined, fore-sees, fore-told, makes up off top ones head, de pended, made up top head, goes out on limb, taking shot, making up top of head, were of opinion, happened upon, whipt out, figure out, are inclined to think, in venting, daresaying, cleaned up, in-vents, jumps to conclusion, arrived at, re-solve, having a hunch, presume, am convinced, pre sages, be inclined think, forespake, pre paring, going out limb, de duce, makes top ones head, goes out limb, whole, hadst sneaking suspicion, making top of one's head, dashes off, leading to, carry through, being of opinion, heads trip, making up top one's head, fore spoke, has hunch, took a shot at, makes up top one head, fore-casting, made top of one's head, fore-knows, re-presents, fore-speak, see handwriting on wall, de-clare, take a shot, separate, de cree, trumps up, de pending, making up off top head, is convinced, take for granted, makes up top one's head, having sneaking suspicion, tele-graphed, tele-graphing, be the opinion, giving hearing, took the measure of, make up top one head, breaking for, re solves, make top of one's head, giving rise to, took stab, pre-sages, risked assuming, takes stab at, makes up top of head, de pends, taking as gospel truth, arrive at, had a hunch, end angers, sur-mises, fore-spake, parented, guesstimating, ran over, skating on thin ice, fore boded, shotgun, make up top of one head, gat to, thought through, making up off top of one's head, taking a stab at, Valuing, de-rive, pro-duces, stoppage, pro pounds, re-solves, makes up off top of ones head, took for granted, trumping up, Dooming, be-gotten, making up top of one head, is opinion, making top head, fore-bode, takes a shot at, dope out, previses, Summed, pro pose, takes stock in, hazarded a guess, de riving, go out limb, crystal ball divine, inter-feres, de-clares, led to, takes for granted, Forespoken, carrying through, dare say, had impression, made up off top head, hazard guess, daresays, makes top of ones head, takes a shot, de-rives, Accounted, saw handwriting on wall, making off top head, dare-said, took shot, made up off top of head, de-legate, take measure of, fancy, pro-creating, suppose, went out a limb, going out on a limb, pro create, de pend, conjecture, setting figure, abnormality, arriving time, making up top of ones head, forms opinion, fore-know, haddest a hunch, is afraid, psych out, forespoke, have a hunch, soothsaid, throwing together, make top head, took shot at, in stalling, fore-saw, tore off, gets ready, see cards, am of opinion, fore bode, de clares, headed trip, arriving in time, Summing, gets to, in-venting, be getting, under-stood, de ducting, wast inclined think, had sneaking suspicion, are the opinion, re-quire, come to, pronouncing sentence, unimportance, pre-vised, be-getting, getting ready, expressing opinion, de crees, fore-speaking, pro posed, re-aping, concuss, gave a hearing, fore seeing, take stab, haddest impression, pre-dict, end-anger, calculate, were afraid, psychs out, making off top one's head, skated on thin ice, feel, crystal-ball divine, take the measure of, dragoon, has impression, jumped a conclusion, gat ready, think up, happens upon, have sneaking suspicion, de legate, taking shot at, sees handwriting wall, under stood, being inclined think, tears off, takes shot at, art convinced, tenders, Foreknew, re present, making up off top one's head, fore boding, judge, fore-feel, making up top one head, pre-pare, re presented, concussing, pro-pounding, skates on thin ice, Visioning, fore told, in vested, jumped to conclusion, has the impression, pre tends, wast opinion, make up off top of head, formed opinion, make up off top of ones head, fore saw, out line, hast hunch, saw coming, co-oking, make up top head, pre-tending, under-stands, re quire, pro duces, fore sees, made up off top one's head, bring home bacon, went out on a limb, breaks for, in vest, hazarded guess, made off top of one head, expressed opinion, going out on limb, set a figure, jumping to a conclusion, hast sneaking suspicion, fore spoken, ignore, gotten ready, form opinion, repute, concusses, making up off top one head, is inclined to think, take a stab at, make top of ones head, end-angering, made up top of one head, de-pend, whipping out, pro created, jumps a conclusion, throw together, making book, imagine, pro posing, skates thin ice, idleness, de rive, sets out, got to, sur mise, in vent, calculated roughly, were inclined to think, being inclined to think, re-views, takes as gospel truth, make book, de ducted, made off top of head, is inclined think, structuring, taking a shot at, in-vested, pre-pared, opine, in-stalled, pressurizing, taking a shot, guesstimate, is of opinion, fore-known, took a plunge, making top of one head, thinks likely, pass sentence, Texturing, out lining, expresses opinion, crystalball divines, pro pounding, made top of one head, am the opinion, am afraid, make up top ones head, deviation, risks assuming, make off top head, passed sentence, fore-feels, crystal ball divining, guess, extreme, fore-spoken, making top one head, seeing handwriting on wall, taking measure of, de-rived, was of the opinion, looked upon, in-vests, make off top one's head, arrive time, go for broke, hath impression, make top ones head, puts forward, were the opinion, look upon, torn off, Re-present, taking plunge, make off top ones head, goes for broke, end anger, de rives, take a shot at, make top one's head, happening up on, heading trip, throws together, in-vent, runs over, fore casting, re aching, aberration, pre suppose, hazarding guess, makes off top head, pro-create, disorganize, re-aching, made top one's head, had the impression, wast of the opinion, daresaid, re-solving, hadst impression, threw together, hath the impression, co oked, re-presenting, seeing coming, making up top of one's head, fore-see, fore bodes, fore-casts, fore-knowing, making up off top ones head, Adventured, theorize, takes stab, fore tell, venture guess, put, pre supposed, arriving at, having impression, art of opinion, pronounced sentence, run over, pre-sage, jumping to conclusion, make up top of ones head, fore cast, psyched out, leads to, getting to, was opinion, sets figure, made up off top of one head, re presenting, jump a conclusion, pressurized, parenting, supposes, prevail up on, taking for granted, jump gun, sees coming, wildness, call it, takes a stab, taking stab, tele graphing, pro-pounded, clean up, be of the opinion, were opinion, wert opinion, pro creates, end angering, made top one head, putting forward, makes top head, was inclined think, be lieve, pronounces sentence, made up top one's head, crystal ball divined, making top one's head, telegraphs, made top ones head, dragoons, pre dict, re lying, be gotten, pro-created, repose, arrived in time, thinks up, carried through, re quired, predict, hazards guess, have impression, forespeaks, co oking, pro pounded, Telegraphing, de duct, fore-seen, am opinion, setting out, fore feels, was the opinion, tele graphed, fore felt, makes up top ones head, pre-tended, fore feel, making off top one head, ventures a guess, taking a stab, makes off top of one's head, go out a limb, re-quires, de rived, lump it, rest, dare saying, went for broke, re-gard, de-ducting, lead to, inter-fere, neglect, jump to conclusion, make up top of head, see in the cards, pre supposes, pre-supposed, jump conclusion, be inclined to think, hath a hunch, thinking up, setting a figure, out-lines, set out, fore casts, making off top of ones head, took plunge, jumped to a conclusion, trump up, happen upon, pre vising, re-view, guesstimated, thought likely, de-ducts, sur mises, re solve, look up on, re-quired, fore know, looks up on, makes top of head, taking the measure of, sur-mise, seeing in cards, take a stab, pre-mise, in-vented, gauge, takes shot, pre pare, in vents, jumped conclusion, set figure, get to, think through, gives hearing, fore feeling, wast inclined to think, pro-pounds, de ducts, in-vesting, saw cards, is the opinion, tear off, Omened, were inclined think, Forefeel, fore-spoke, Visioned, re quires, art afraid, out-lined, running over, calling it, arrives time, re presents, re-ached, fore speaks, hast impression, take stab at, crystalball divining, hadst hunch, dare-saying, happens up on, prevising, crystal ball divines, hazard a guess, in vests, goes out on a limb, pre mise, made off top of ones head, pre-vising, expressed an opinion, looking upon, freedom, jump to a conclusion, crystal-ball divining, making off top ones head, make off top of head, venture a guess, pro duce, made up off top one head, take shot, re gards, figured out, re-aped, dare-say, pre sage, made top head, under stand, de legates, end-angers, fathom, pre-paring, wert convinced, calls it, made top of head, makes up top of one's head, going out a limb, in-stalling, makes up top of ones head, art inclined think, pre-supposes, fathoms, out-line, be opinion, be-lieve, looked up on, be of opinion, inaction, art inclined to think, Dragooning, fore-boding, pre mises, shotgunned, had hunch, co-oked, re ached, fore knew, fore-knew, de-ducted, took a stab at, wast convinced, dashed off, Adventuring, made off top of one's head, make off top one head, made up top of ones head, sets a figure, making off top of head, makes off top of one head, makes off top one head, make top of head, jumping conclusion, divide, pre supposing, makes up top of one head, fore speak, engaged in, structured, arrives at, arrives in time, re-viewed, gives a hearing, sees the cards, cleaning up, wert of opinion, art opinion, calculate roughly, having the impression, saw in cards, makes up off top one's head, ventured guess, being afraid, re-lied, seeing cards, takes measure of, pro-pose, makes up off top of head, pre-supposing, skate on thin ice, goes out a limb, think likely, took as gospel truth, crystal-ball divined, pro-posing, Umpiring, permanent, out-lining, spitball, re-presented, make up off top one's head, sees cards, happening upon, sees in cards, skate thin ice, jumps to a conclusion, fore spake, pre vise, dopes out, being of the opinion, inter fere, take plunge, textured, makes off top one's head, re viewed, make top one head, am of the opinion, make up top of one's head, concussed, Omening, took stab at, go out on a limb, give a hearing, sees handwriting on wall, fore-felt, passes sentence, lumps it, gives rise to, fore speaking, whip out, took a shot, postulate, sees in the cards, make up off top ones head, cessation, lumping it, make, skated thin ice, divine, pro-creates, in-stall, are opinion, de-riving, fore tells, daresay, make off top of one's head, de-pended, haddest hunch, made off top ones head, Tendering, crystal-ball divines, thinking likely, re-quiring, gotten to, fore-cast, being the opinion, was of opinion, skating thin ice, spitballing, wert afraid, tearing off, under standing, got ready, fore-bodes, disorder, dashing off, has a hunch, re-solved, ventures guess, take stock in, went out limb, Forespeaking, makes off top of head, end angered, took stock in, pro-pound, going for broke, forming opinion, inter feres, see the cards, de-pending, hast the impression, fore known, get ready, brake for, see coming, hath hunch, ignorance, haddest sneaking suspicion, psyching out, Dragooned, fore-tells, be afraid, dis-cern, pre tend, fore-feeling, fore-telling, giving a hearing, make up off top one head, pre-tends, doping out, taking a plunge, take shot at, Imaged, are afraid, be convinced, re aped, was inclined to think, made off top one head, pre pares, surmise, give hearing, under stands, being opinion, fore telling, re-lying, happened up on, give rise to, previse, make off top of ones head, made up off top of one's head, making off top of one head, wast the opinion, jumping a conclusion, having hunch, pre vised, hazards a guess, pre tending, arrive in time, fore knows, wert the opinion, making up top head, jumps conclusion, being convinced, de creed, figures out, see in cards, took measure of, happen up on, de-crees, make up off top of one head, hath sneaking suspicion, called it, gave hearing, passing sentence, are convinced, makes up off top of one's head, was convinced, made up top ones head, lumped it, calculating roughly, making up off top of head, de-cree, telegraph, doped out, thinking through, pronounce sentence, in vented, were of the opinion, re view, makes off top ones head, re views, cleans up, taking stock in, fore seen, guesstimates, re viewing, saw handwriting wall, looking up on, Forespeak, pre-vise, phantomed, takes plunge, put forward, thinks through, make top of one head, hadst a hunch, sized up, Tendered, made off top head, dis cern, makes top one's head, taking stab at.

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