Melds with

Pronunciation of Melds With
/mˈɛldz wɪð/, /mˈɛldz wɪð/, /m_ˈɛ_l_d_z w_ɪ_ð/

Synonyms for melds with

connect (verb)

affix, ally, associate, attach, bridge, cohere, conjoin, consociate, correlate, couple, equate, fasten, get into, hook on, hook up, interface, join, marry, relate, slap on, span, tack on, tag, tag on, unite, wed, yoke, tie in, plug into, tie in with, come aboard, hitch on, join up with, meld with, network with.

integrate (verb)

accommodate, amalgamate, arrange, articulate, assimilate, attune, blend, coalesce, combine, come together, compact, concatenate, concentrate, conform, consolidate, coordinate, desegregate, embody, fuse, get together, harmonize, incorporate, intermix, knit, link, mesh, orchestrate, organize, proportion, reconcile, symphonize, synthesize, systematize, tune, unify, reconciliate, throw in together.

link (verb)

bind, bracket, conjugate, group, identify, network, tag along, tie, team up with, throw in with.