Pronunciation of Melt
/mˈɛlt/, /mˈɛlt/, /m_ˈɛ_l_t/

Antonyms for melt

plug in to, threw in together, became firm, up holds, appear, case-harden, becomes firm, in corporate, took shape, dis maying, Roughening, toughening up, punched up, under-lining, reinforce, Disciplining, firming, Riveted, under-lined, glaciates, dis mayed, chills the bone, fossilized, puts chill on, densify, coarsened, team with, case-hardening, tenses, worry, multi-plying, densens, icing up, ice up, scaring stiff, turning to bone, fight, globs up, callousing, Lapidifying, callouses, gelated, souped up, throw together, hitch on, in fix, Brazing, in-grain, lends hand, in-stilled, densened, issue, stabilitated, plugs in to, hooks with, Starched, agitate, staying put, tie up with, clabbered, bunches up, dis-mayed, counter-balancing, Brazed, vitrifies, counter poising, Loppering, turns to bone, glued, Ballasting, casehardens, adds fuel to fire, Starching, congeal, ice over, rigidifying, co-heres, braze, fossilizes, freezing to, glop up, up-holding, Massing, in corporates, shore up, bunching up, came together, hook with, turn to stone, up-holds, co heres, concretes, nailing down, up hold, heat up, rigidifies, soup up, turn to bone, chilling to the bone, chilling bone, prop up, tying up with, made callous, counter balance, candied, clot, stabilize, rendering insensitive, be-numbing, case hardening, counter poised, shores up, chills to the bone, teaming with, calcifies, tack on, turned to stone, stays put, lending hand, chilling the bone, counter balances, gelatinates, consolidate, glopped up, de adens, trans fixed, increase, tying with, lent hand, Casehardening, tighten, densening, growing thick, jell, putting chill on, throws together, callusing, iced up, souping up, under lines, in stalled, pre serving, chilling to bone, counter-balance, rendering solid, froze to, tagging on, shored up, arrive, in fixes, tie in, chill to the bone, Concreting, loppers, comes together, turned to bone, gelatinize, grow thick, co-hering, chilled to bone, Jellifying, heated up, in graining, gelling, Jellified, vitrified, grew thick, be-numbs, jellify, scare stiff, pre served, tags on, grows thick, soups up, trans-fixing, be numbing, set, turning to stone, take shape, lent a hand, Lapidified, jellied, be-numbed, Calcified, rigidified, render insensitive, lapidifies, case harden, be numb, indurate, under lining, in-stalling, glob up, counter-poised, propping up, tie with, chills bone, inspissate, hooking up with, mineralized, takes shape, up held, tied in, callused, gelates, glaciated, loom, de-adens, globbed up, Caking, iced over, chills to bone, fossilize, ossify, throws in together, co arsen, stood up for, lending a hand, multi-plied, scared stiff, turning stone, calluses, bunch up, lapidify, stabilitating, staid put, curdling, plugging in to, dulls, pre-serves, in fixed, gelating, lopper, counter-balanced, densified, scaring silly, turns bone, Candying, counterpoised, up-hold, in crease, scare silly, in stilling, multi plying, counter-balances, in grain, Climatizing, put chill on, Mineralize, in-fix, throwing in together, counter balanced, pre-serving, steadying, dis mays, turn bone, turn stone, calcify, Gelatinating, disciplined, case-hardened, dis-mays, in-creased, in-stalled, densifying, renders insensitive, Caseharden, glaciating, hooks up with, jellifies, Fossilizing, brazes, renders solid, clabbering, in-creases, freeze, Loppered, callus, firmed, in creasing, teaming up with, Climatized, trans fixes, de aden, becoming firm, Gelatinated, case-hardens, emerge, teams with, counter-poise, Concreted, shoring up, in-grains, tacking on, Ballasted, chill bone, teamed up with, densifies, counter-poises, divide, co hering, counter-poising, in-grained, co here, rivetted, chilled bone, thicken, rivetting, glops up, threw together, plugs into, throwing together, in fixing, counter balancing, trans fix, under-lines, infix, Dulling, turns stone, densen, lends a hand, callusses, tied with, firm up, slapping on, turning bone, globbing up, pre serve, clabber, calloused, toughen up, Gelatinate, trans-fixt, stay put, in-stall, curdled, hyping, counter poise, harden, de-aden, gelate, become firm, up holding, rendered insensitive, makes callous, be numbed, turns to stone, render solid, ices up, gelled, under lined, vitrify, coarsening, up-held, break out, in-crease, pre-served, stop, props up, taking shape, co-arsen, be numbs, tensed, bunched up, in-fixes, pre serves, temper, be-numb, hooked with, clabbers, firming up, coagulate, tacked on, teamed with, co-here, tying in, toughen, tacks on, chilled the bone, in creases, thickening, coarsens, Counterpoising, turned bone, in stilled, Stabilitate, stayed put, turned stone, standing up for, counter poises, Gels, hitched on, Caked, Jellying, ties with, slapped on, chill to bone, freezes to, adds fuel fire, dis-may, toughens up, Vitrifying, make callous, Mineralizing, in-stilling, plugging into, under-line, under line, tag on, stiffen, Climatize, petrify, in-corporate, Gluing, coming together, dis may, roughens, gel, in-graining, trans-fixes, climatizes, steadied, dis-maying, Casehardened, Calcifying, making callous, mineralizes, case hardened, scares silly, come together, firmed up, fix, in stalling, hook up with, frosted, cool, plug into, separate, slap on, condense, chill the bone, heating up, solidify, heats up, tensing, in-corporates, lend hand, punching up, trans fixt, stand up for, coarsen, case hardens, chilled to the bone, glopping up.