Pronunciation of Mindful
/m_ˈaɪ_n_d_f_əl/, /mˈa͡ɪndfə͡l/, /mˈa‍ɪndfə‍l/

Antonyms for mindful:

in judicious, most unobserving, un susceptible, in-conversant, un affected, un-aware, strung out, hardboiled, like an absent-minded professor, case hardened, in-considerate, dis courteous, be numbed, rash, most imperceptive, most illjudged, more indurated, amnesiac, in attentive, in-discriminate, most irreflective, most asocial, in conversant, inattentive, ill judged, un-thinking, not job, more overindulgent, like an absentminded professor, most unheedful, overhasty, in cognizant, un witting, most unwatchful, more irreflective, un wiser, indifferent, more hot-headed, not on job, most lamebrained, in considerate, imprecise, like an absent minded professor, any way, like absent-minded professor, un thinking, more case-hardened, illconsidered, in-definite, nonspecific, un heeding, not cognizant, un-watchful, more unadvisable, more ill judged, more unrecognizing, more blundering, not the job, most uncareful, un kindest, in sensible, uninformed, any old way, un-wisest, more bovine, anti social, more mooning, Discinct, imprudent, in-delicate, un-seeing, un observant, unadvisable, un recognizing, out cold, un mindful, defaultant, Imperceptive, head-long, more brutish, un-susceptible, un observing, more overlooking, emptyheaded, preoccupied, un-advisable, un-mindful, coldblooded, un perceiving, un-kind, unvigilant, woolgathering, un-perceiving, thoughtless, un reflective, in sensitive, more unobserving, un watchful, most case-hardened, un suspecting, empty headed, amnemonic, most unrecognizing, non reactive, un seeing, ill-judged, un-recognizing, un wise, dis-trait, un-witting, more inconversant, off deep end, out to lunch, asleep at switch, hard as nails, un acquainted, un instructed, mindless, unreflective, in advertent, unalert, hot headed, leaving self wide open, paying no mind, more nirvanic, hard bitten, in-judicious, brutish, dis trait, callous, lamebrained, amnesic, in observant, blind, in discriminate, over-venturesome, un-diplomatic, be-numbed, immune to, insensitive, more airheaded, more unperceiving, most indurated, most uncircumspect, off guard, most unvigilant, un reasonable, more nonreactive, pipe dreaming, un responsive, not on the job, more discinct, in-advertent, in-accurate, more amnemonic, in daze, un gracious, feelingless, un sympathetic, most nirvanic, be-mused, more deadened, un-instructed, airheaded, more woolgathering, nitwitted, unnoticing, selfcentered, un circumspect, over-looking, un-knowing, un heedful, most mooning, un-reasonable, negligent, asleep the job, over indulgent, unheedful, un-observant, un careful, un familiar, most inobservant, most deadened, un alert, un aware, in-discreet, asleep on job, un knowing, more imperceptive, in comprehensible, more lamebrained, most imprecise, hard boiled, in-cautious, in-sensate, most brutish, more overventuresome, more daydreaming, quiet, un-refined, more amnesic, most pococurante, most toughened, more ill-judged, un-kinder, most bovine, most airheaded, in sensate, un advisable, most unreflective, most anesthetized, most woolgathering, un suspicious, un wisest, more unalert, un advised, most defaultant, non-specific, unworried, in curious, unfamiliar, in definite, offhand, unobservant, most case hardened, un conscious, seat-of-the-pants, lax, most discinct, over venturesome, most unalert, un-responsive, non specific, Inobservant, cold blooded, un-gracious, devil may care, un-prepared, more asocial, un guarded, non-reactive, thick skinned, most ill judged, Pococurante, un-kindest, case-hardened, illjudged, unaware, un enlightened, un-suspicious, unwatchful, anesthetized, asleep on the job, most overventuresome, most nonspecific, not all there, playing with fire, more hot headed, Casehardened, more unreflective, un noticing, unwary, most amnemonic, illadvised, more uncareful, anti-social, asleep switch, more unvigilant, un-discerning, in different, coldhearted, in-attentive, un-observing, most undiscerning, most unsuspicious, un-informed, more inobservant, in-expedient, un-interested, like absentminded professor, un wary, oblivious, over-hasty, un-heeding, over looking, caught napping, careless, un-alert, un discerning, re moved, un-reflective, nirvanic, head long, un-reasoning, most napping, out of it, in flexible, more undiscerning, blind to, un-suspecting, helterskelter, unrecognizing, indiscreet, most forgetting, Inconversant, more unnoticing, asleep job, most unreasoning, uncareful, looking out window, Hot-headed, pre occupied, un-circumspect, dis regardful, un-studied, more anesthetized, most overlooking, un-advised, unreasoning, more unheedful, un-caring, not there, un-compassionate, heedless, most hot headed, un bending, nonreactive, most nitwitted, unguarded, deaf to, most blundering, unadvised, most ill-judged, unmindful, un informed, behindhand, un-intelligent, in discreet, in delicate, most unnoticing, in-cognizant, most hot-headed, un interested, un reasoning, un kind, un-ceremonious, un-enlightened, more case hardened, Unobserving, indolent, reckless, un impressionable, in-sensitive, in expedient, Uncircumspect, un-vigilant, un caring, helter skelter, in-curious, unafraid, ignorant, in-flexible, un vigilant, Absent-minded, more napping, in accurate, most casehardened, un-wary, Irreflective, un-acquainted, more nonspecific, most unperceiving, hardbitten, more unreasoning, un-impressionable, un-guarded, un-conscious, un wariest, most unadvisable, un studied, more daredevil, out it, most feelingless, more nitwitted, most daydreaming, more forgetting, be mused, unsuspicious, unheeding, dis-regardful, un-heedful, un-bending, in-sentient, most inured, un kinder, unperceiving, asocial, forgetful, more pococurante, more casehardened, more uncircumspect, incautious, over hasty, most inconversant, dis-courteous, more toughened, in-different, out lunch, most amnesic, un prepared, un intelligent, more defaultant, un-familiar, un-wariest, un-noticing, in-sensible, de-relict, un-wiser, remiss, neglectful, thickskinned, self centered, offguard, undiscerning, un concerned, more unsuspicious, un feeling, un-concerned, more feelingless, more unwatchful, un refined, in a daze, most overindulgent, in cautious, like absent minded professor, in-observant, pre-occupied, de relict, un warier, un compassionate, un-warier, overindulgent.

Usage examples for mindful:

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