Pronunciation of Minimize
/mˈɪnɪmˌa͡ɪz/, /mˈɪnɪmˌa‍ɪz/, /m_ˈɪ_n_ɪ_m_ˌaɪ_z/

Antonyms for minimize

Overdrawn, over emphasize, misquotes, overemphasize, over-did, over drew, dis tort, compliment, misreported, over-estimates, over-drawn, over-drew, acclaim, fleshed out, up-grades, ex-tended, over emphasizing, overemphasizes, in creasing, dis tending, under line, in creases, lays it on thick, in-crease, over-draw, in flaming, up-graded, blew out of proportion, Caricatured, over draw, mis-reports, mis-reporting, misreports, mis-quotes, overestimates, mis-quoting, snowball, under-scored, mis-represented, over draws, pyramidded, mis-quote, exaggerate, slapped on, in crease, glorify, pro long, slap on, in-flame, mis quoting, up-surging, over-emphasizes, under-scores, applaud, extol, laid it on thick, loud talked, up-grading, dis torts, ex-acerbated, drew attention to, upsurging, tack on, ex tends, under lined, tripling, highlighted, in-creased, strengthen, pretty up, blows out of proportion, over-estimated, ex acerbate, in flame, making too much of, lengthen, mis-represents, blows out proportion, pyramidding, over estimated, in flames, mis quotes, grow, praise, ex-tend, ran up, going to extremes, countenance, recommend, misreporting, extend, overestimating, mis reported, dis tend, over estimating, over-emphasizing, pro-longed, enlarge, over estimate, laud, hyerbolise, tacks on, ex acerbating, over does, over done, ex-acerbates, ex-acerbating, run up, ex tend, increase, blow out of proportion, multi-plied, scamming, overestimated, pro-tracts, went extremes, ex-tending, over-draws, made too much of, lay on thick, lay it on thick, commend, build up, maximize, highlighting, over drawn, pro-long, overdraw, overemphasized, laying it thick, makes too much of, accent, Overdrew, under-lining, enhance, pro tract, mis representing, ex tending, lays it thick, co loring, over did, mis-report, over-drawing, loud talk, under-scoring, over-doing, pretties up, re-doubling, up grading, mark up, laid on thick, in flamed, under score, expand, under-lined, re-doubles, re doubled, lays thick, eulogize, under lining, endorse, pro-tract, in-flames, over-estimating, Misreport, pro longs, lay it thick, pro-longs, mis-quoted, overdraws, maximise, hyperbolize, sanction, re doubles, lay thick, prolong, re double, overestimate, over drawing, raise, exalt, develop, Caricaturing, goes extremes, mis represent, under-lines, fleshing out, over estimates, over-emphasize, mis-reported, going extremes, mis quote, up grades, mis represents, laying thick, mis quoted, up surging, under-score, dis-torts, dis-tend, prettied up, drawing attention to, up-surges, dis-tends, ex acerbated, re-double, blowing out of proportion, co-loring, enhanced, tacking on, draws attention to, up graded, Romancing, up grade, under lines, dis tended, in-flamed, multi plying, ex tended, over-estimate, went to extremes, running up, Tripled, multi-plying, re-doubled, laid it thick, draw attention to, pro-longing, mis reporting, flesh out, mis represented, upsurged, mis-representing, Overdrawing, go to extremes, Romanced, marked up, runs up, dis-tended, laid thick, go extremes, goes to extremes, dis-tort, aggravate, over emphasized, loud talking, stress, up-surge, amplify, lays on thick, approve, dis-tending, blowing out proportion, pro longing, over emphasizes, mis-represent, make too much of, prettying up, blew out proportion, misquote, scammed, ex-tends, overstate, re doubling, mis reports, up surges, marking up, up surged, up surge, blow out proportion, over doing, slapping on, overrate, fleshes out, dis tends, under-line, laying on thick, mis report, laying it on thick, loud talks, favor, pro tracts, hyperbolise, tacked on, in-creases, over-does, overdo, marks up.