Pronunciation of Minute
/mˈɪnɪt/, /mˈɪnɪt/, /m_ˈɪ_n_ɪ_t/

Antonyms for minute

infinite, most spread-out, principal, un-limited, in-terminable, un countable, most surpassing, sketchy, meaningful, mammoth, impressive, spreadout, colossal, all-embracing, in estimable, most super-duper, high, more sky-scraping, in credible, abundant, more behemothic, considerable, mondo, heavy, dis quieting, out-size, more heavy-duty, most superduper, pithy, dominant, more cracking, in terminable, more hellacious, out standing, Supertemporal, un qualified, most monster, skyhigh, un-foreseen, important, un ending, most outsize, more super colossal, large, most zillion, in-tensest, out-standing, conspicuous, abbreviated, fundamental, more spread-out, de-tailed, most spread out, brief, more astronomic, most uplifted, in tense, terrific, most altitudinous, out size, ex tended, commodious, clear-cut, zillion, oversize, most heavyduty, High-reaching, cosmogonic, skyscraping, manifest, in tenser, fateful, in-ordinate, general, careless, first rate, more super duper, sub lime, voluminous, weighty, un-wieldier, compact, aeon, over-whelming, more agitating, most jillion, compendious, un-wieldiest, un forgettable, gargantuan, most cracking, grandiose, incalculable, stupendous, more spread out, in-estimable, more upraised, un-mitigated, overall, herculean, valuable, most high reaching, most expanded, pruned, more uplifted, leviathan, super-temporal, large scale, whale of a, more hovering, in finite, substantial, spacious, overgrown, formidable, more high-reaching, huge, most forever, outsize, necessary, fantastic, most spreadout, up setting, most supercolossal, firstrate, more superduper, cyclo pean, concise, capacious, major, awe inspiring, most oversize, a whale of a, more terrorizing, blunt, neverending, unmistakable, farreaching, altitudinous, more supercolossal, more thumping, out of world, months, behemothic, most astronomic, bullest, sky scraping, indeterminate, fatter, noteworthy, in-tense, mobiest, up-lifted, fabber, more expanded, indefinite, more thundering, over-size, palpable, fabbest, succinct, Fluctuant, sloppy, cavernous, most all embracing, un-reckonable, coarse, allembracing, more humongous, majestic, heavy-duty, most upraised, tremendous, eventful, more stretched out, most hellacious, most cosmogonic, abridged, stout, sky-scraping, overbearing, up-raised, more super-duper, more zillion, appreciable, chock full, more forever, in-credible, para mount, more jillion, outstanding, vast, un-predictable, significant, more heavyduty, super colossal, more high reaching, pro-longed, illustrious, buller, clear, immeasurable, more leviathan, remarkable, essential, largescale, super-duper, more monster, more outsize, un-countable, pivotal, extra ordinary, monolithic, all embracing, no end of, unfixed, in-tenser, stretched-out, inter minable, most unfixed, all inclusive, out sight, distinctive, most highreaching, un wieldy, sky high, exceptional, more cosmogonal, most agitating, more all embracing, cosmic, un-told, most allembracing, basic, more mondo, most terrorizing, rough, giant, worthy, vague, blimper, out and out, stretched out, super duper, slipshod, blimpest, useful, highly regarded, open-and-shut, spread out, monumental, aweinspiring, un-bounded, fatal, more sky scraping, summary, ex tensive, without limit, great big, measurable, material, most stretched-out, most stretchedout, sub-lime, most hovering, clumsy, most whopper, sur-passing, up raised, gross, evident, pro longed, worthwhile, blue moon, over size, most sky-scraping, great, highminded, out world, more oversize, big, un wieldier, transparent, in-numerable, shortened, supercolossal, unequivocal, notorious, slapdash, para-mount, most sky scraping, nondescript, un fixed, nebulous, un counted, stretchedout, cut, un mitigated, out this world, moon, ex-tended, most super duper, jumbo, Cosmogonal, key, perspicuous, more super-colossal, un-counted, more highreaching, most heavy-duty, famous, incautious, a whale a, eternity, ambiguous, patent, heedless, cyclo-pean, un-fixed, more unreckonable, prestigious, age, boundless, first class, most super-colossal, in-finite, dis-quieting, more supertemporal, co pious, un-forgettable, trimmed, spread-out, more heavy duty, consequential, fab, massive, far reaching, most stretched out, chockfull, thick, unspecified, highreaching, more whopper, most thundering, un-qualified, preeminent, un bounded, inexact, un-ending, most unreckonable, up lifted, staggering, firstclass, high minded, momentous, astronomic, short, de tailed, imprecise, crisp, most fluctuant, inter-minable, more stretched-out, barn door, mobier, prominent, terse, in numerable, imposing, lofty, far flung, un predictable, wide, whalest, ample, discernible, rude, more stretchedout, more whaling, renowned, more surpassing, allinclusive, most humongous, more dynamite, in computable, more fluctuant, decisive, plain, obvious, heroic, apparent, mighty, overmastering, most leviathan, super-colossal, over whelming, striking, chief, towering, enormous, co-pious, more all-embracing, all-important, eminent, up-setting, in exhaustible, nonspecific, distinguished, most titan, superduper, serious, never ending, unambiguous, farflung, most super colossal, more spreadout, in-computable, gigantic, most all-embracing, extra-ordinary, most high-reaching, more titan, more altitudinous, Whaling, most whaling, most thumping, without number, more million, most mondo, overriding, more unfixed, immense, most behemothic.