Pronunciation of Misunderstand
/mɪsˌʌndəstˈand/, /mɪsˌʌndəstˈand/, /m_ɪ_s_ˌʌ_n_d_ə_s_t_ˈa_n_d/

Antonyms for misunderstand

being given, haddest doubt, in spired, argued in to, made book, deem, taking sick with, tailgating, re present, see in cards, checks over, Catting, develop into, ex asperates, being conversant in, having information, wast subjected to, de ranging, hits up on, up-setting, dropping in on, got picture, unscramble, gat through head, taking as example, de-bunk, bring ground, is sensitive, burying yourself in, eyeball, smelling a rat, diagnosticating, stumbled upon, be keeping, specializes in, pre-tended, got as result, the way one sees it, make a buy, put practice, in haling, making hole, is told, being exposed to, know, stand one shoes, putting in a nutshell, submitted to, de-tailed, feel, making off top head, wert versed, made a killing, standing up to, go shopping, hoe, doth one bidding, looking forward to, being acquainted, with-draw, art acquainted with, becoming like, is of opinion, make it, marked out, gains mastery, de-liberates, took by storm, passing through, dis believing, optating, happening up on, clutch, take shot at, co axed, is consistent with, carrying off, foreknow, took the measure of, bare under, committed memory, pro-creates, was devoted to, de ludes, Catenating, gained possession, ex plain, gat to meat, de ducted, delves in to, pre-supposing, de-noting, were in keeping, have information, dis covering, pro cures, suffering from, contract, drill, had memories, upping on, be conversant in, got it down, turned one head, forgather, made it, grinning bear it, gotten the drift, beat system, put over, am convinced, made up top of one head, hast force, gobble up, capiches, became similar, dis counting, haddest funny feeling, feast eyes, put across, gotten answer, searched high low, caught red-handed, photoing, had vibes, cotch, getting someone goat, ex tort, argues into, keeping eye peeled, get the impression, rings a bell, takes unawares, made top of one's head, pre-dict, look see, grasp, meets with, mark off, pour into, take a shot at, hitting upon, made off top ones head, fore-bode, spiriting away, latched to, summate, go bonkers, takes account of, having a meal, fore-saw, get into head, gotten down pat, laid for, be advised, un-furling, wrap up in, live up to, hast doubt, cleaned up, getting fingers on, making up top of one's head, catch drift, re-covering, was aware, in-forming, digged down, is cognizant, be-coming, getting the picture, pre-serving, Catenated, made up top head, set down, make clear, de fraud, double checked, over powering, re aching, brings down on, called forth, looking for, being keeping, taking away, de-cree, Gaffed, sympathize, re-corded, fore saw, took stock in, got the hang of, looking up on, fore-warns, are in receipt of, tell apart, wast master of, getting into one head, photostated, got the impression, run off with, train in, de lineate, rode out, taking course, de-press, blends in, keeping one eye on, pre-determines, takes a shot at, is ears, ex-pounds, gets someones goat, sway, shakes down, comes apart, chanced upon, poured on, un-bars, unshutting, see coming, struck note, are trained, four flushed, getting wind of, flash on, run against, gotten bottom of, guesstimate, throw light on, check up, wast in receipt of, close ups, go in to, are ears, gat down cold, in censed, keeps mind, ex-asperated, hazards a guess, sank in to, Unriddle, capiche, over-haul, taking meaning, de clines, art read, taking as gospel truth, getting in to, sate on, buries yourself in, gaffs, committed to memory, take hold of, wast keeping, pay attention to, over-hauling, de-lighting, tag along, discriminate, figured to be, fore-speaking, dis-patch, be all ears, picking upon, de cree, doeth with, catch redhanded, saw as, drops in on, going shopping, makes up off top of head, come after, stumbled across, forks out, interprets as, gets eyeful of, un cork, de duce, dropt on, were interested in, gotten someone goat, mis appropriate, spitted out, art subjected to, losing it, be aware, being devoted to, de lights, gets the message, suffering with, blew ones mind, piles up, mis-leading, treed, un ravelled, made sense of, un-zipping, check on, dare saying, de ciphering, shags, hadst sneaking suspicion, be-tokens, tumbling into, keeping forever, re viewing, making off top one head, laid hands on, digs into the past, harvest, gets someone goat, having a feeling, were opinion, takes heart, made pig oneself, crystal ball divined, keep upon, keeps on, take in, gang up, are cognizant, got message, wrote down, un-shut, gotten picture, dont rock boat, be-come, harbor suspicion, dig in to the past, am devoted to, using head, be afraid, de-liberate, cogitates on, ex-asperate, de-cipher, bought in to, depends on, gat the impression, de range, picking up on, conjecture, bargained on, gathered up, take heart, was informed, hath memories, suffer, came against, did like, getting to the bottom, roots out, patterning upon, up on, dig into the past, boiled down, inter cept, gets the knack of, peck at, Gloving, gotten to the bottom of, gotten point, give way, hit upon, over-coming, art turned to, become clear, dis-close, ex-cites, made off top one's head, pre-serves, come with, sign for, got the point, gaining possession, brought ground, watches store, puts one finger on, have doubt, cinematizing, de-vised, gotten an earful, delve into, de terminated, un raveling, Husbanded, gather, forked out, being read, take stab, gets through, felt in gut, call shot, marks off, dis tresses, make of, hast on good authority, ex pounded, lensing, flipping through, Buffaloes, re-duces, in-vented, inquiring into, dis-believes, gets into ones head, pull wool over eyes, de-duct, begged borrow or steal, dost well enough, making entrance, latch on, gotten hold of, make certain, Summing, gets the impression, dis solving, wert read, seeing daylight, fore boding, uncorked, am all ears, draw inference, sop up, un locking, re enact, took it on the chin, sets context, preknew, puts before, becomes conscious of, supposes, twists ones arm, ex-pose, over-taken, make the scene, ways one sees it, dis cern, looked at, discrepate, mulled over, tell from, wiling, handed onto, gave ears, un covers, calling the turn, see the cards, delved in to, watching store, gotten one's fingers on, telling between, dis covered, un tangled, drew in, sit on, blows one mind, de ducting, being hung, feasted ones eyes, sees handwriting on wall, diffused, getting touch, close-upping, feast ones eyes, gat someone's goat, re-quire, brings together, de-notes, am taught, smoking, argues in to, modelled on, Inventoried, ex pressed, catches unawares, getting the drift, psyching, out-lining, in-hales, being convinced, got into, de-fines, fore-feeling, psyched out, in-gather, drop on, de ranged, trained in, make distinction, gathers up, de-vise, getting exchange, haddest down pat, reels off, drawing inference, photograph, un-masking, phantoming, took hold of, takes it the chin, feasted one's eyes, un roll, dis-solves, gat to the bottom of, in fused, in spire, sate take it, wert consistent with, told apart, keep on, setting off, pored over, have mind, gat in to one head, staying in line, takes by surprise, cotched, put in anothers place, hadst information, wast interested in, left word, fore seen, came apart, became versed, had funny feeling, dis believes, pro-mote, payed for, lose it, go next, pro-claims, pre vails, post date, tossed in jail, inning cards, de-rive, lie in wait, called shot, passing upon, wast conscious of, putting under microscope, make heads tails of, comes to have, dis counted, re enacting, observe, dis-playing, get it, re-live, keep up on, wast inclined to think, hast hand, taking stock in, makes off top one head, were friends with, think out, was trained, sees light, catenate, making a buy, buried yourself in, fore warned, ex-cogitating, follow, DAMPS, catches off-balance, de fining, getting it, becoming versed, gat someones goat, stood to, sinking in, wast acquainted, gets an eyeful, penetrate, is led believe, gets ones fingers on, get bottom, art afflicted with, am excited, differentiate, climb on, becoming deranged, press out, antithesizing, be inclined to think, pre vail, look at, up setting, becomes lost, are affected, call it, taking measure of, setting in context, make sense of, post-date, feasting up on, re fines, softened up, bargain on, are smitten by, dip in to, looking ahead to, makes hole, turning one head, being inclined to think, pre-scribes, be sensible of, in quire, buy in to, be conscious of, taling, putting two and two together, puts arm on, ex-pounding, de duct, feel gut, heads trip, hit up on, being sure, get a load of, checking up, in vents, am sensible of, pouring in, ringed bell, in-fuse, figures be, un-ravelled, made an entrance, carve out, puts practice, do bidding, caught off balance, re-searched, catch offbalance, turns upside down, wert conversant in, accedes to, wert with it, stands in shoes, be-tray, becomes able, being learned, mis trusted, strook a note, were trained, rack ones brains, made vivid, fore-feels, re-strained, become similar, make presence known, draws in, becomes aware, doped out, be convinced, hast memories, am familiar, gave facts, dont make waves, proceed from, mused over, be think, pro duce, Kenned, take stock in, preknows, breaking down, fore-spoken, pre mises, hath a hunch, de tail, held sway over, get likeness, invests in, hadst hunch, make off top of ones head, putting practice, searched high and low, dare-say, catching drift, get in to head, put in a nutshell, un closed, fore felt, de creased, feasted upon, photo engrave, approved accept, photo, are with it, am sensitive, multi-plying, planned for, animadvert, expose oneself to, made known, getting a rise out of, talks into, re-lived, doest the trick, is afflicted with, turn one's head, were guided by, doing battle, bringing to the ground, took possession, catching act, keeps abreast of, clapping hands on, re-strains, be told of, putting a nutshell, burst on, post-dated, shaking down, dis counts, catch on, thinks about, dis-please, sub merges, dis comfit, de terminates, went shopping, hath on good authority, wises to, crack books, are devoted to, downed, feels for, gets fingers on, took to mean, de picts, stack up, in-vent, Unclosed, saw coming, pick up, four-flushing, dis comfits, hath meal, un-wrapping, re counting, making a hole, contracted for, thought probable, dis-counts, wast friends with, made up off top of one head, sickened with, puts oneself in another's place, place under arrest, get to bottom, spat it out, put the cuffs on, prehending, gotten the knack of, being master of, auscultates, cashing on, seeing through, be comes, bring rear, pre-mises, art aware of, gotten rise out of, taking heart, de-fined, being of opinion, brings to ground, mark out, sticked in to, gat it, dare said, un ravelling, dropped in on, Catheterized, be thinking, caught off-guard, being efficacious, hoping for, crystalball divining, make up off top ones head, fore speaking, hath doubt, ideate, root out, discern, pre-visioning, be taught, ex-cite, looks upon, gotten through ones head, in-duces, de-ducts, begged borrow steal, in sure, dis close, are seized, bring up rear, took account of, reliving, got touch, dare says, dis pose, being told, pre-tending, incur, made apparent, lays open, getting rise out of, preknow, pre visioning, become insane, gotten the impression, fissured, Chymify, pre-disposed, boiling down to, bugged out, un-blocking, cinematized, arrest, fell in with, in-sinuate, intro duce, nosing out, art all ears, patterned up on, succeeding to, am cognizant, Foreknew, playing game, remark, ran off with, gave audience to, in-duce, shops for, de-creased, pre vision, has doubt, am of opinion, poured in to, Husbanding, hands onto, makes picture, getting the knack of, perlustrating, close-up, keeps posted, wert afflicted with, buttons down, are opinion, de bunks, smell a rat, re-unite, un zipping, re gards, being consistent with, catching off-guard, make with, cracked the books, getting someones goat, gotten likeness, de pictured, get hold of, takes for a ride, strook note, making up top of one head, watch over, in vented, stumbled on, being guided by, teeming with, smells out, gotten the bottom, thinking up, are read, took death, hits on, Downs, getting from, re-veal, scoped, make top one head, going in to detail, micro-film, pre-vision, un-bar, baby sit, Parsed, waits for, refer to, feeling for, intro-duce, makes it, making off top one's head, get to the bottom of, being schooled, get someone goat, putting a tail on, taking it the chin, watch the store, hold dear, go down with, assume, smoke out, catching the act, wast turned to, wast read, decrypt, scoop out, de-lude, clapped hands on, summates, pro fit, got hang of, bought out, make off with, cinematize, Experiencing, being cognizant, recognize, de-note, reenacted, bursting in on, wert turned on to, in-filtrate, wert turned to, is versed, set off, involve, standing in one's shoes, fathom, suck in, dis-closed, auscultated, sur-prise, sat take it, brake out with, catenates, hath hand, catching red handed, kept up on, take away, in-sert, in disposed, bunched up, call forth, de-noted, depictures, got one hands on, mealing, re marking, crystalling ball it, sucking in, are impressed, entertain, latched on to, gives chase, being all ears, look-sees, popped in, conceive, caught to, gotten in to head, foresee, art guided by, keeps possession, takes death, pre sages, twist ones arm, de-creases, pre-sage, were keeping, pre known, de liberate, de coded, photo-graphing, begs borrow steal, checked up on, be ill with, Animadverting, leading by nose, de-clares, picked up on, has meal, makes heads or tails of, latched on, catches hold of, go over with finetooth comb, under stand, un corks, laying hold of, catching off-balance, fall ill with, singled out, kept in mind, de fined, un fastened, eagle-eyes, take for a ride, falling with, didst trick, breezing in, hit on, make up top one head, racked one brains, dis pleasing, chymified, hooked in, gets in to head, art advised, takes ones death, be-thinks, racking one brains, intro duces, scooped out, in gathering, sprang on, get drift, Mothered, un-rolls, stands to, carved out, in-censes, getting the bottom, beating system, pass through, lock up, sympathize with, reconcile oneself, thinks up, hath knowledge of, indispose, scraped up, re membered, blend in, re-moving, resign oneself, letted in on, soaking up, calling up on, made hole, bear under, come into, looking over, is informed, come over, tells between, re produced, figures it to be, making up top one head, sur prising, buy out, barters for, going down with, pile up, microfilmed, did ones bidding, de riving, put oneself anothers place, has hunch, para-phrasing, becomes insane, called up, see something coming, be hung, tests the waters, putting in practice, auspicate, am subsequent to, gains control, be token, be of opinion, make a killing, look over, up sets, ex-pound, get eyeful, re-minded, made top one's head, came next, blending in, fix the mind, over-whelms, had for, accessed, detect, re enacts, fractured, rule, art the opinion, be-hold, re-serves, stayed in line, gets to the bottom of, getting through head, cryptanalyze, am turned to, taking to mean, getting bottom, comes next, draws near, un-masks, gloms, catch on to, got wind of, standing one's shoes, under-stand, catching in the act, re-tain, being trained, took a shot, getting through ones head, gat one's hands on, dis-tresses, pre-vised, hit books, fixes in the mind, bear mind, becoming lost, excel in, goes into details, taking possession, auspicates, were ears, out-lines, cluing in, getting one hands on, went out on a limb, get shot, has impression, come against, discrepates, come in to, un folding, gets hands on, pro fits, reckon, carves out, catches redhanded, getting message, in sinuated, re-counted, read in to, hoes, crystals ball it, go in to detail, putting with, gave the business, re mark, doublecheck, got hold of, knew again, un-earth, hung in, gat touch, look-see, committing to memory, get point, had in hand, runs in to, looked over, got exchange, throw wide, taking nourishment, be-lieve, in-disposed, puts snare on, hath the impression, fore-telling, draw in, doing trick, un latching, makes up top of one head, un-shuts, haddest feeling, puts in practice, jumped to conclusion, make up top of one's head, take it lying down, putting oneself in anothers place, dis-believe, drink in, wast versed, give an account of, in disposes, using one's head, putting cuffs on, stick into, pre-disposes, held dear, puts out a feeler, had force, Quarried, un-covers, gotten the point, cash on, beats the system, grin bear it, is taught, dogging footsteps of, with-standing, take, have feeling, laid down, fore-tell, laying down, were impressed, acquire, puts over, get in exchange, pre-suppose, be having, is devoted to, have a bite, daresay, gets it down, climbed on, megastudied, becomes popular, got eyeful of, stick in to, does like, are ill with, getting the impression, sees something coming, are conversant in, bargains on, held fast, taking a shot, come have, logicalized, ran after, being familiar, dis-posed, am keeping, begging borrow or steal, derive, is familiar, was learned, make waves, made off top of one's head, wast familiar, took as an example, runs against, throwing light up on, capture on film, over ruled, be have, seeing cards, de light, are advised, gives audience to, cotton, chancing up on, feasts upon, over taking, wert devoted to, become conscious of, ex-pressing, were subjected to, un-tangle, keep eye peeled, puts one's finger on, were inclined to think, de bunk, re views, be learned, get one's hands on, making picture, soothsaid, dis criminates, double checks, capiching, psyching out, caught unawares, Copped, wraps up in, calls forth, hopping on, de-liberated, gat in to one's head, art sensitive, is keeping, un clad, bring the ground, Treeing, dis-entangle, put cuffs on, give chase, gets touch, minored in, tied in, inter mixes, made dent, blew mind, re counted, seeing handwriting wall, exposes oneself to, chymifies, hopes for, make up top head, dis orders, told the difference, Mothering, was read, counted by one, dis-pleasing, re cording, under-stood, dogs the footsteps of, were led believe, ate through, cashes in on, un seal, fore-feel, getting into head, Osmoses, put on one's thinking cap, giving hard time, de cipher, gat message, be-holding, follow orders, sets apart, putting out a feeler, piggybacking, stumbling on, un-locked, be-wilders, caught on to, puts oneself another place, was inclined to think, gets acquainted, made with, mis-appropriate, be-tokened, porked out, makes scene, gives ear, in form, gangs up, sort out, gives hard time, understand, de-terminates, haddest for, jumped conclusion, takes to heart, brings the ground, sorting out, re-solves, puts in nutshell, pulled a fast one, teem with, have a hunch, militates, de press, caught offguard, evulses, double-checking, making presence felt, Lassoing, doth ones bidding, fore told, convey image, taking by storm, crystal-ball divine, in quires, investing in, fits in, approve accept, hath a bite, conveyed image, check over, makes up top one's head, be-witching, unstopped, fore feeling, grooved, snapping up, go pieces, depend on, dis-entangles, redlines, figuring it be, am trained, having down pat, happening upon, wast led believe, un masking, stacked up, checked on, feel certain, pre pared, hangs in, making of, had down pat, art seized, ins cards, picks out, breaks out with, goes over with a fine-tooth comb, dis-plays, am master of, gets impression, ex cavate, makes off top of one's head, keeping up on, ex asperate, scratching the surface, watches the store, un veiling, smokes out, becoming infected with, committing memory, pre-scribing, wert ill with, are guided by, was keeping, ex-pounded, is master of, uses one head, be impressed, have in mind, putting oneself another place, ride out, fissuring, crystal ball divining, adhere to, think, got impression, got through, came up against, pre-vailed, wast sure, smell out, out lined, size up, gain mastery, blent in, hast the impression, in-sinuates, dis-closes, fore-known, Omening, rings bell, spat out, waiting for, gotten in exchange, suspect, repute, onned top of, in-sinuating, stands up to, pre-vails, am sure, watches step, carried torch, took effect, un-tying, fixt the mind, in-criminates, take out after, figure to be, pouring on, stands in one's shoes, ran across, re viewed, go in to details, sticks in to, gotten into head, fore warn, art schooled, dis tilled, sank in, figure it be, saw cards, pro-curing, de note, pay for, Hacked, determinating, doing bidding, re-views, de-duce, de-picturing, was ears, got a load of, was afflicted with, tags along, making killing, was turned to, re quired, catching to, getting shot, be witching, was smitten by, ex tract, dis-cover, guesstimates, make top of one head, are led to believe, takes a shot, gives a hard time, calls it, dis tress, pre suppose, made heads tails of, were cognizant of, taking one death, cogitating on, breaks down, fixt in mind, get into, gat wind of, approving accept, making apparent, de tailed, take it on chin, feel in one bones, making plain, fore-casting, de signing, puts another's place, carries off, puts the freeze on, ex plaining, sees in cards, making top ones head, taking to heart, decides on, sur mises, buried in, gets in to, got the meat, making pig oneself, is schooled, hadst force, get vibrations, in-fused, nose out, carried the torch, unstopping, fourflushes, contracting for, do with, be-witched, ex cogitating, turns inside out, latching to, get a rise out of, pulling a fast one, making off top of one head, sops up, under-taking, in fusing, put in another's place, are sure, dis concerted, get message, makes up off top of ones head, fore-boded, un stops, hath funny feeling, collar, saw through, searching high and low, go with, in-criminated, are told, bringing together, one best guessed, holding dear, get load of, gat into one's head, went into details, ontoed, goes over with fine tooth comb, goes out a limb, catching the drift, gunned, put thinking cap, gat to bottom, re-called, scratched the surface, dis posing, gat fat, makes killing, breaking news, has in mind, make killing, dis-believing, making up top head, making top head, hath in hand, rules over, commentates, gat rise out of, taking death, reaches conclusion, imagine, perlustrated, does one's bidding, tells difference, made the scene, catches to, prevision, snarls up, pre visions, resigns oneself, cinematizes, getting the meat, getting an earful, dis believe, Photo-engraved, make pig oneself, dis-pleased, made scene, ran into, gotten the picture, having a hunch, un-riddle, getting down cold, turning upside down, un-rolled, piloting, de-ducting, pass up on, reenact, dig in to past, makes sure, de pressing, breeze in, takes course, scrutinize, gat into, pre vise, becoming similar, felt around, keeps up on, becoming insane, look up on, dug into the past, wayed sees it, threw wide, working on, one's best guessed, thinks probable, take food, getting impression, ropes in, passed upon, over-powered, impacted on, take captive, art turned on to, gotten through head, scrutinated, fore speak, fore seeing, being affected, over-rule, puts tail on, pre-figured, sur-prising, kept an eye on, delves into, brought together, wast excited, feast one eyes, drew inference, summoning up, get through, build on, makes off top of head, get impression, gat in to, de-presses, does the trick, extract, lighted upon, with held, figures out, photoengraving, un-scrambling, gat into head, got fingers on, brought up the rear, doeth ones bidding, sur-prises, getting the message, did with, paying for, got acquainted, makes of, de-duces, daresaid, stomach, have funny feeling, was convinced, throwing light on, in censes, making top one head, gets the hang of, standing one shoes, caught in act, getting down pat, took measure of, dig into past, fore speaks, knows for certain, happens up on, appreciate, under take, had information, forgathering, un zip, comes against, stumble upon, Diagnosticate, stand in one shoes, in fuses, de scribing, make entrance, being friends with, seeing handwriting on wall, become pregnant, are hung, feel in ones bones, has in hand, dis-covered, gotten idea, de-ciphers, brings forth, hanged in, turning ones head, took for ride, over takes, un-derwent, tele graphing, fore-told, did battle, de tain, catch act, goes native, bump in to, be wilder, intro-duces, cashed on, give audience to, jumped a conclusion, sticking into, be led to believe, pull a fast one, photoed, suffers with, keeps tabs, getting in to one head, stirred up, put in nutshell, photoengraves, wert guided by, gat as a result, digs into past, place, cracks the books, putting another place, goes out limb, closing with, make pig of oneself, re covered, latches on to, ex-acting, is trained, develops into, doest battle, in cense, wast smitten by, Osmose, de ranges, taking shot, takes mean, was inclined think, play game, is sure, put on thinking cap, take it on the chin, is in keeping, sorts out, subscribed to, evulsed, get ones hands on, hadst hand, re spects, get someones goat, re unites, blowing one mind, waited out, wert in receipt of, getting eyeful of, came after, art ill with, micro films, giving chase, banqueting, in cline, figure, get in to, arrived at, re-marking, re-producing, were familiar, am afraid, begging borrow steal, catching unawares, keeping on, laying fingers on, in spects, re-presents, pre tends, taking ones death, ons top of, fore-felt, Slotted, dropped on, goes in to details, gets likeness, pre-occupied, ex-act, built on, mulling over, Differencing, art friends with, take ones death, putting on ones thinking cap, relives, take possession of, catches on, buries oneself in, grins bear it, gets hang of, un covering, take to heart, being conscious of, got in touch, figuring to be, wert told, re-adies, beat the system, ran up against, run with, smelt rat, makes up off top one's head, giving audience to, over-ruling, gets picture, un-seal, bug out, gets the picture, falls victim to, am guided by, giving ear, gave account of, sinking in to, Accroach, one best guesses, eat through, pro-motes, jump to a conclusion, getting point, wise to, draw, calling shot, has effect, Parsing, tossing in jail, chowing down, being turned on to, setting forth, be devoted to, dogging the footsteps of, rack one brains, with stood, have a feeling, were ill with, gotten load of, get an eyeful, re-lated, sew up, sets in context, putting ones finger on, un-fold, gave a hard time, fore casts, de-ducted, snapped up, takes it chin, be-thought, making up top of head, boils down, sees through, keep eye on, prehended, wast aware, re counts, strikes a note, gets the meat, be coming, grin and bear it, are acquainted, take it chin, wast consistent with, be turned to, glom onto, prevail up on, becoming pregnant, digging down, ontoes, art impressed, got someone's goat, counting one by one, throwing down, over-comes, were aware, crystalled ball it, dwell up on, wert conscious of, de-fining, Photos, stops consider, smelled out, has vibes, am exposed to, laying open, un-masked, Spading, pick upon, haddest meal, excelled in, set in context, pro duces, dis-played, un barring, running into, looking at, over-runs, art aware, get the meat, in filtrate, clinging to, dog the footsteps of, grinning and bear it, gat from, gaining control, pro-generated, re-deem, gets wise to, doeth well enough, signed for, overhears, run across, is all ears, being subjected to, learn ropes, scraped together, stirring up, dis-pose, took away, take measure of, pro-duces, gotten acquainted, becomes like, jumping conclusion, ex plains, got through head, get a shot, excels in, taking out, didst with, pro generating, becomes versed, made plain, smelling rat, de crees, bury in, re-members, riding out, unriddling, unlatched, buys into, re-lives, digging in to past, took for a ride, be opinion, pre tend, watched the store, be wilders, gotten vibrations, became clear, has information, playing the game, nutshells, up rooted, lamped, patterns oneself upon, candled, makes with, re-fines, proceeds from, is learned, homologizing, being taught, haddest hand, gotten fat, stand ones shoes, discrepating, hang out, ingathers, dis places, hooks in, carry off, thinks out, put nutshell, be guiles, boiling down, submitting to, re searched, getting picture, kept on, re-hearse, un-corks, lays down, re minding, sews up, dost bidding, haddest a meal, soaked up, grinned and bear it, falls with, gotten drift, puts ones thinking cap, gotten message, dis ordering, stumbles upon, pre sage, was consistent with, singling out, crystaling ball it, crack, nutshelling, fixing in mind, catch unawares, blew one mind, de-tailing, re enacted, were cognizant, sat still for, checking over, make up off top of head, put one's thinking cap, lays hands on, got into head, has mind, sticks to, knew what what, double checking, dis-covering, wert sensible of, gathering up, under mining, succeed, de cline, dis-criminated, got into one head, un-tangling, breezes in, de-creasing, laid fingers on, ex-asperates, cutting bone, get ones fingers on, in spires, fore-warning, lay bare, got likeness, re collect, dis entangling, double cross, plans for, absorb, stacking up, evulse, exposed to, pro created, stopt consider, sized, feasted up on, was conversant in, wert in keeping, had the impression, in criminates, heading trip, sub-merges, make top head, makes apparent, gets it, re strained, thinking as, over-power, shop for, homogenize, hadst feeling, kent, snap up, take prisoner, wert inclined think, gat the idea, was conscious of, un derwent, was led to believe, fell victim to, wiled, re cognizing, bring forth, lived with, going into detail, lunching, fore feel, setting store by, dis solve, lumps it, gets hold of, keeping one's eye on, dis-patches, over whelms, think likely, over hauls, looked back, jumping to conclusion, makes vivid, in-gathering, re-placed, de clare, was ill with, hadst down pat, checking on, pre tending, see light, downing, un-doing, eagle eyeing, blow one's mind, de fines, in gathered, photo-stated, break news, captures film, over coming, digged in to past, up rooting, dis-tressed, call up, be interested in, lies wait, doth like, digest, bears up under, get exchange, make off top of one's head, capture, dis-criminates, un veils, gotten hang of, art subsequent to, go over with fine tooth comb, gat into one head, with-stands, Piloted, ex-asperating, over powered, doing one's bidding, turned head, scrapes together, gat hands on, re-presenting, Apprenticing, puzzled out, places under arrest, de ciphers, keep one's eye on, pick out, search high low, putting one finger on, call up on, stood in ones shoes, gained mastery, passed through, lay hands on, cogitate on, uncorks, un furled, un blocks, minds store, sickening with, in-gathered, having hunch, call the turn, am read, in-criminate, checked upon, came over, sub-dues, retrospected, crystalball divined, all owing, hadst dealings with, over-hears, catch, called it, wert taught, un raveled, has a bite, catching in act, have down pat, took out, carries torch, closeup, re duce, take unawares, see cards, surprise, took note, got load of, de-ciphering, get one's fingers on, Hacking, were sensitive, empathize, make hole, setting down, watched ones step, take stab at, look seeing, striking a note, ones best guess, in duce, was excited, plan on, re moving, getting the idea, looksaw, photoengraved, re-move, bringing the rear, chances upon, were with it, Overhearing, puts oneself in anothers place, submit to, puts cuffs on, pre-vise, feasting one's eyes, thinking likely, having for, be-held, got drift, re collecting, clocking, knows whats what, pro curing, art smitten by, am turned on to, weeding out, pro-generating, was guided by, haddest good authority, holding fast, fore tell, letting know, turning inside out, de rive, getting a likeness, is inclined think, in-quiring, brought up rear, un-bolting, exposing oneself to, became able, makes up off top of one's head, keeping abreast of, smoking out, un-zips, lost it, pre vised, letted slip, re-enacts, caught act, bury oneself in, re-deeming, has bite, luxuriated in, gotten wind of, make off top one head, fore knows, make up top of ones head, noses out, gotten through one head, getting to the meat, nutshell, Busying, fore-shadowed, re-call, pre vising, intellectualizes, lead by the nose, dis patched, catheterize, made off top of one head, re-cognized, pull at, hadst a bite, gets into head, buried oneself in, cryptanalyzes, minded the store, porking out, shake down, spits it out, gat to the bottom, took it chin, re quire, give an audience to, under-mined, in-corporate, doest well enough, re-aped, re-gard, came into, doth with, conveying image, gets the bottom, four flushes, de-sign, twisting ones arm, buries in, doing ones bidding, soaks up, saw light, sit take it, photo stating, post dating, having feeling, open up, grapple, ex plicate, lights upon, falling ill with, cracks books, makes off top of ones head, am affected, get the idea, write up, Forefeel, takes sick with, coming away with, didst ones bidding, calling upon, sub-merging, ex-plicate, wised to, de vise, hath hunch, blows ones mind, gotten as a result, twists one's arm, daresayed, hadst meal, call the shot, gets idea, goes next, wert acquainted, gets into one head, taking stab, makes waves, models on, tost in jail, racked brains, pouring into, took shot at, majored in, look back, reaching conclusion, Binned, be-haves, becoming popular, doing with, be thinks, were of opinion, buffaloing, putting anothers place, eat, thinks likely, de bunked, hazarded a guess, pre occupied, Binning, fourflushed, see, stood in one shoes, trumps up, being interested in, art inclined think, becoming conscious of, am ears, pre-pare, tells from, in filtrating, being of the opinion, getting the bottom of, forespeaks, was sure, did well enough, be receipt of, de-ranging, were acquainted, contract for, re-acted, talking in to, sees daylight, stood one's shoes, putting the snare on, sucked in, put the snare on, had meal, hand onto, living up to, go into details, makes top of head, suffer from, embody, gat into ones head, posit, hath feeling, para-phrases, opting for, get right, am afflicted with, inter-mixing, uncloses, giving business, got from, wast convinced, make sure, broke out with, hath dealings with, yielding to, made top one head, re members, dis-tilled, un-bolt, lying wait, falls in with, lighting upon, making known, de pressed, in haled, sense, cognizing, puts in another place, put a nutshell, using one head, in-forms, be trained, leafs through, un-veil, conclude, quarrying, wast schooled, auspicated, learn, got answer, puts the arm on, is smitten by, gets one's hands on, falls ill with, logicalizing, seeing it coming, fore spoke, take over, gat as result, re straining, became conscious of, re cited, are convinced, hath a feeling, over-hear, calls shot, checked up, un-rolling, apprenticed, made a picture, turns one head, de frauds, dis-concerting, cuts to bone, gives an audience to, fore-know, checked over, twisted one's arm, bust in, see as, be witches, thought as, candling, Xray, setting context, called upon, was sensitive, being aware, takes the chin, get through head, had hunch, making certain, trusted in, GOTCHA, getting hold of, takes stab, get in touch, hath information, modeling on, catch off-balance, fore-speak, made pig of oneself, beg borrow or steal, gat likeness, digs in to the past, over hears, stand in ones shoes, took mean, re cites, calls up, drank in, called turn, does with, all owed, fixed in mind, makes a buy, dig up, is turned on to, feasts one eyes, were of the opinion, putting plain english, Scarfing, takes to mean, sickens with, getting as result, picks upon, gets through one head, was acquainted with, blows mind, put in practice, tagged after, over hauled, hadst effect, counts by one, wast conversant in, having knowledge of, gotten impression, making up off top of one's head, cognizes, in-quired, pro generate, didst bidding, having meal, go over with a fine tooth comb, pro cured, sicken with, individuates, Scarfed, Massing, making dent, pro-fesses, gat the picture, got in to head, gotten through, pre knows, Forespoken, de-crees, jump to conclusion, develops in to, up-set, re move, taking out after, diagramming, catches drift, invest in, won favor, puts a tail on, take effect, over rules, putting freeze on, ratiocinate, in-haling, ran against, develop in to, has a meal, hadst for, re covering, putting the arm on, latch to, gets in touch, went out on limb, postdates, getting earful, singles out, be-having, gotten one's hands on, pro-cures, give allegiance to, dis-counting, micro-filming, antithesizes, smelling out, be-have, ran in to, put a tail on, photo stated, hast feeling, imaging, took chin, gotten in to one's head, over take, runs off with, dis criminated, twisted one arm, hazarding guess, soak up, made picture, un rolled, gives birth to, is conscious of, Contradistinguishing, ex cogitated, ex-plicated, flip through, keeping ones eye on, re-porting, art given, makes a hole, paid for, think as, didst like, Re-mark, got meat, indisposes, did the trick, give access, looksees, foretell, sub-merge, handing onto, art led believe, putting on thinking cap, be-thinking, fixing in the mind, catching offbalance, was told, talked into, catch in the act, making use of, mis trust, logicalize, gets an eyeful of, kept abreast of, discover, getting through, looked forward to, made up top of ones head, writes down, happens upon, four-flushed, dis closed, gotten fingers on, marking out, catches in the act, catches offbalance, haul in, leave word, modeled on, ex plicating, is led to believe, dis order, takes stock in, up-rooting, dis solved, solve, checks on, coming up against, minors in, over-hauled, doest one's bidding, up root, has feeling, lay ones hands on, tackle, commits memory, happen up on, rooted out, be wildering, bunching up, ingressed, make up off top of ones head, got the drift, wert all ears, dis placed, four-flushes, eagle-eying, see through, doublechecks, getting answer, takes a stab, gat the bottom of, un-stopped, re serving, loses it, talks in to, throwing wide, sur-mise, dis entangle, de signs, come to have, is exposed to, porks out, took nourishment, Damped, inned the cards, pre scribe, re quiring, art conscious of, taking food, takes chin, taking by surprise, bursting on, hast a feeling, watching over, happened upon, poured in, becoming clear, heed, checks up on, sitting still for, ingressing, saw handwriting on wall, puts a nutshell, waterlogs, was master of, have hand, putting in another place, give out, microfilming, gat through one's head, un-veiling, lensed, getting to meat, re cognizes, hast knowledge of, art master of, pressing out, up set, tele graphed, ring a bell, keep forever, de-clines, pique, throws light up on, knowing for certain, gat shot, chowed down, sponged up, getting meat, had knowledge of, makes top head, got in to ones head, hazarding a guess, wast advised, taking it chin, wert friends with, fell ill with, under-stands, re acting, make apparent, sticks it out, de rives, takes as example, make off top one's head, took the chin, de liberates, being afraid, spit it out, makes certain, be of the opinion, make up top of head, leaf through, are all ears, pre-known, getting bottom of, wast told, art learned, partook of, crystaled ball it, busies, made presence felt, catches the drift, re-solving, taking stab at, art opinion, getting one's fingers on, under-standing, give the business, gets earful, un block, gave an audience to, pore over, meet with, gets to meat, comes over, Twigged, makes buy, prevising, brought the ground, fore warns, gets a shot, do like, didst the trick, fixes mind, arriving at, used one head, figured out, in-spect, feeling certain, yielded to, guess, gat a likeness, ex hume, comprehend, be turned on to, fore feels, un ravel, spitballing, wrote up, re-cognizing, makes up top ones head, art told of, passing comment, had a bite, keeps upon, taking for granted, pro fesses, made buy, pro creating, Forespeaking, over-takes, kept tabs, de noted, crystal-ball divining, dwell upon, making up top one's head, fore known, takes nourishment, preoccupy, be-came, gotten to bottom, fore telling, fixing mind, gobbling up, gat in to head, goosing, watched out, hath down pat, Speared, fixes in mind, optates, gotten a shot, decided on, makes use of, evulsing, is the opinion, gat eyeful of, get into one's head, caught on, de-bunking, makes known, hath in mind, Hoed, made top head, in-spiring, springing on, brought forth, is excited, sponges up, telegraphs, art led to believe, get the hang of, photoengrave, secerns, re corded, bringing rear, un shuts, be holds, lets in, are sensitive, minding store, mis lead, soak in, make top of ones head, stood in one's shoes, upped on, call upon, hadst funny feeling, blew one's mind, brought the rear, get through one's head, don't make waves, argue into, get the message, make up off top of one head, laying for, determinates, nutshelled, making book, soaked in, flipped through, over whelm, harbors suspicion, become lost, stuck it out, twists arm, threw down, catches off guard, dis-patching, savvy, onning top of, Concaved, de crypts, cotching, previse, unriddles, takes possession, dis-criminating, Cinching, are excited, taking possession of, gives the business, hast information, gives attention, daresaying, keeping posted, Jagging, sounding out, wast acquainted with, over-whelming, digging in to the past, has hand, Unlatching, Progenerate, under going, had impression, catch off-guard, summating, be consistent with, approves accept, throws light on, para phrases, sprung from, psychs out, gave an account of, tosses in jail, carry torch, inventorying, was opinion, over-taking, know again, stir up, put under a microscope, poured into, stayed line, lied wait, goes bonkers, call turn, Meditated, get a likeness, sink in to, getting into one's head, being in receipt of, interpreting as, hits upon, being subsequent to, de vised, improve mind, seize, taking a stab at, make plain, individuated, re-cords, use one head, fancy, breaks news, ex-tract, dis-posing, fore bodes, play the game, Forespeak, un mask, mis-trust, puts the cuffs on, hadst vibes, un veil, gets as result, dis entangled, re marks, waying one sees it, commits to memory, stop to consider, made off top head, set context, hath a meal, take one death, does ones bidding, makes off top of one head, sur prises, gotten one hands on, take a stab at, goes over with a finetooth comb, feels certain, un-clothed, de vising, copping, captures on film, were given, locked up, has the impression, got idea, gotten shot, in disposing, bury yourself in, jumps conclusion, un barred, un covered, work on, gives an account of, wert master of, diffusing, carried off, pours on, burst in on, fore-casts, ex-tracts, sticking in to, Reamed, dost one bidding, called the shot, one best guess, have vibes, buying into, dis till, ideating, sorted out, gat the bottom, hast in mind, had effect, shook down, bringing up rear, with-drawn, brooding over, re-uniting, mis-lead, stand in one's shoes, in-haled, was schooled, dig down, wising up to, un-ravel, fall with, re cognized, de picturing, were versed, bursted in on, takes under consideration, lay wait, read, fixed in the mind, over-looks, made up top one's head, pre-dispose, got wise to, took under consideration, haddest sneaking suspicion, watching ones step, un earthing, sponging up, diagraming, gains possession, was versed, gotten meat, getting in to one's head, expect, goes in to detail, leaves word, get the bottom of, lays one hands on, de-coded, Hoeing, pour in to, gotten into one head, makes clear, latch on to, exposing to, turning head, taking a shot at, are acquainted with, deferring to, obtain, draws inference, got shot, photo-stating, pounced on, use ones head, wert keeping, take mean, imbrue, developed into, delving into, being inclined think, haddest hunch, were all ears, in spiring, gets exchange, patterning oneself up on, minding the store, happen upon, un-zipped, wert acquainted with, am schooled, putting the cuffs on, do trick, bugging out, jumps to a conclusion, be friends with, Followed, catching offguard, preknown, captured film, gotten through one's head, watches out, sub merging, pays attention to, rivetting, took notice, hast in hand, homologized, shag, chances up on, ex-plicating, staying line, fixed mind, eats through, un sealing, cashing in on, ex-plains, pre-served, Telegraphing, was exposed to, putting oneself in another's place, re-moves, over-looking, be aware of, tag after, looks up on, gat in to ones head, closeupped, suffer with, in-vents, de-lineated, hadst the impression, being smitten by, patterned oneself upon, hast mind, wert advised, talk into, mis-appropriating, eyeballing, got into ones head, un bolted, get in to ones head, racking brains, art sensible of, un stop, forespoke, know what what, firing up, scare up, be informed, met with, put arm on, is convinced, art trained, gat hang of, divine, wast sensible of, lay down, inning the cards, spitting it out, boils down to, be witched, conveys image, busts in, latch onto, wrapping up in, un bolt, gained control, apprehend, twist arm, rope in, got in to one's head, be sure, de scribes, breaking the news, impact on, making up off top one's head, eagleeyed, have knowledge of, gets in to one's head, be excited, happened up on, fore-warn, lumped it, in quiring, figured be, deferred to, blowing mind, sitting and take it, be seized, made up top one head, got the bottom, gets from, made killing, de-pressing, in-corporates, in quired, be affected, inquired into, Indisposing, clean up, lays for, interpret as, coming after, severalizing, un-corking, gat bottom of, delving in to, takes shot, de-ranged, passed comment, digs in to past, setting right, feasts one's eyes, weeds out, de terminate, got it, in the cards, is aware of, tele-graphing, ascertain, co axing, making presence known, gotten in to ones head, takes away, latching on to, fork out, getting eyeful, burnt up, set forth, Depicturing, has a feeling, take to mean, hadst a hunch, art cognizant, re-spect, gat through, filtered in, throwing light upon, re placing, reading between lines, keep in mind, de rived, keep ones eye on, bringing forth, blows in, be lieve, gets rise out of, lay one's hands on, watched one's step, fore bode, gave access, laying bare, pro-claiming, lighted up on, taking effect, sink into, becomes similar, sees the light, doing the trick, gapped, inquiring in to, wised up to, making an entrance, pre-vising, stumbles across, letting in, fore knew, commentate, sub-due, laying one hands on, gives ears, running up against, accede to, put tail on, pre figured, dost the trick, am acquainted with, wast aware of, be-guile, made clear, patterning up on, keeps one eye on, made up top of one's head, was efficacious, sits on, takes as an example, hadst knowledge of, got in to, put snare on, get under skin, de-terminate, re-leased, does well enough, sits and take it, made up off top one's head, are subsequent to, sounded out, inter mixing, got someone goat, be acquainted, fore-bodes, taking chin, scraping up, looks over, feasting upon, be exposed to, dis placing, be in keeping, racks ones brains, am of the opinion, pre occupies, being sensible of, take possession, racks one's brains, keeping eye on, wast the opinion, over-run, with-held, gotten in touch, glommed, seeing something coming, un-lock, pecks at, over comes, single out, dis-concerted, keeps eye peeled, sets off, snarling up, makes entrance, pour on, gobbles up, has memories, makes off top ones head, becoming aware, makes up top of one's head, Busied, un fastens, looks at, Differenced, re-marked, keeping possession, refreshes memory, fore-knew, come apart, watching step, make vivid, is advised, rooting out, was interested in, throws wide, brake the news, hadst good authority, carving out, wrapping in, put anothers place, did one's bidding, blows one's mind, cleans up, get down pat, fore-shadow, made of, getting in to ones head, doeth battle, re porting, brush upon, being turned to, knows again, Fracturing, mis trusts, gotten a load of, became popular, under-takes, wast with it, is given, wisecracked, gotten to meat, in dispose, standing in ones shoes, in criminate, jot down, re-collected, catch off guard, catching redhanded, was led believe, snarl up, puts on one's thinking cap, stumbling upon, is interested in, haddest information, spits out, dis-believed, feasting one eyes, osmosing, leading by the nose, took heart, in corporate, making up off top of one head, plumb, wast trained, bore under, be sensitive, in sinuating, re-ached, re-deems, picking out, double check, haddest a feeling, turn inside out, diagrammed, re place, secern, get as a result, stays in line, pattern oneself up on, dis patch, got eyeful, Photostats, burn up, keeps in mind, snaps up, pre-tends, puts anothers place, being ears, lets in on, going out limb, gets into one's head, pounce on, am efficacious, buying out, de coding, sub dues, be witch, re-aching, made a buy, running across, harbored suspicion, pro-spects, redlining, laid hold of, stood ones shoes, be thought, de picture, buttoned down, makes book, re-produces, figured it be, re uniting, re adies, got there, Accounted, sur-prised, smell rat, re-produce, specialize in, used ones head, tell difference, in sinuate, dogged footsteps of, de-scribed, depended on, blew in, staid line, catches the act, doublechecked, was told of, watch one step, burns up, is in receipt of, feasted eyes, pays attention, inquires into, mulls over, became pregnant, pick up on, Damping, putting over, getting as a result, un masks, were seized, gave allegiance to, gets point, saw the light, gets wind of, does one bidding, made off top one head, got through one's head, set apart, summons up, keeping upon, un wrap, told difference, imbrues, pounces on, nail, para phrase, fixt mind, scratch surface, pre vailed, re hearses, in spect, became insane, eyeballs, sticking to, gat the point, takes it on the chin, have for, reach conclusion, one's best guessing, un bars, brings the rear, becoming able, eagleeyes, setting apart, went next, owning up, sees in the cards, goes shopping, makes the scene, is seized, tossing jail, being ill with, breezed in, puts on ones thinking cap, with drew, gat wise to, hath effect, burying in, wades through, sprang from, ways sees it, fore shadows, re-places, one best guessing, sate still for, bugs out, digging into the past, pouring in to, doest with, watching for, comes after, fore spake, staid in line, re placed, closeups, de-liberating, fore shadow, kept one's eye on, re-collecting, Catheterizing, getting into ones head, in-fusing, pro-cure, dis ordered, brake news, hath mind, under took, re ported, sitting on, micro filming, got point, eagle eyed, ex-hume, leads by nose, tests waters, kept posted, accroaches, adding up, feasting ones eyes, kept forever, wast in keeping, feels out, re moved, drinks in, para-phrased, brooded over, weed out, homogenizing, jump a conclusion, un zips, re-cites, retro-spect, pre-determining, lump it, reeling off, dis-solving, all-owed, carrying torch, digging into past, putting nutshell, stands ones shoes, throw light upon, in-curred, inter-cept, accroached, re cord, twist one arm, Visioning, was in receipt of, goes over with a fine tooth comb, are led believe, give birth to, un-wraps, snacking, sopped up, puts out feeler, become popular, doest bidding, bringing to ground, doth bidding, think of as, in-disposing, calls turn, feast up on, Riveted, un-wrap, took notice of, make book, puts two two together, having on good authority, got right, sunk into, am acquainted, telling apart, gets bottom, were informed, bartered for, fall victim to, sounds out, wert afraid, over hearing, closes with, un-closing, re presented, make off top ones head, take the measure of, bringing ground, bore up under, have force, am versed, stands one shoes, tying in, re-produced, puts oneself anothers place, tumble into, unstops, put oneself in anothers place, doth battle, wert led to believe, cognize, gat fingers on, stumbles up on, filtering in, jots down, de-riving, got the idea, gooses, placed under arrest, commit to memory, draw near, took possession of, un riddled, un-shutting, blow mind, were the opinion, drinking in, hadst doubt, teemed with, developing in to, re-hearses, in-spires, threw light upon, be-wilder, re-ported, burn midnight oil, stirs up, puts oneself in another place, cotches, with standing, sinks in to, running after, going over with a finetooth comb, tagging after, taking it on the chin, gotchaing, took it lying down, gets through one's head, be holding, hazard guess, over ruling, made heads or tails of, toe line, wert excited, micro-filmed, be trays, planned on, caught off guard, art of opinion, makes top of one head, putting in nutshell, being acquainted with, was affected, ex-cavate, reap, let slip, forespake, feasts ones eyes, babysit, looked ahead to, read between lines, pork out, co-axed, making sense of, dis posed, scrutinating, put one thinking cap, knowing again, putting ones thinking cap, summoned up, wast exposed to, get someone's goat, pre-supposes, un earthed, logicalizes, patterns upon, muses over, pre-occupy, buffalo, capture film, watches for, gotten one fingers on, re-covered, is subsequent to, closeupping, calling it, be-holds, went over with fine-tooth comb, in-quire, drawing in, cling to, doeth one's bidding, throws light upon, gat earful, having doubt, get to the bottom, piled up, get the picture, take on chin, got one's fingers on, fore-spake, un earth, calls the shot, dis tills, fore-knowing, re-served, sized up, beared up under, is read, under stands, gat hold of, re-fining, seeing as, sits take it, hauling in, stay line, in venting, hopped on, over-heard, ex-plained, un bolts, pre pare, spring from, be ears, scrape together, take note, building on, wast told of, over-powering, tossed jail, sticked into, lookseeing, majoring in, re-view, were read, previses, looked up on, luxuriating in, un riddle, be efficacious, minds the store, xraying, in duces, are told of, takes it lying down, catches red-handed, beat game, ex-plain, re solves, art taught, attain, opts for, breaks the news, re unite, gotten earful, puts thinking cap, thought of as, had in mind, had a meal, pre supposing, scratches the surface, make a picture, un furling, imbrued, refreshed memory, hast sneaking suspicion, diagnosticates, come to, drunk in, fore boded, reconciles oneself, busting in, strikes note, be schooled, plays game, argued into, un-covering, un-roll, brush on, cut to bone, put plain english, plans on, wert convinced, keeping in mind, de-coding, re solve, lays ones hands on, burning up, turns ones head, doublecross, catch hold of, deciding on, catches offguard, be wildered, were advised, out line, sur mise, get eyeful of, climbing on, got through ones head, re-cognizes, admit, under taking, be-token, take course, in sert, re-quires, auscultate, art sure, was cognizant, takes stab at, sit still for, pre knowing, ex cites, is aware, go into detail, puts under microscope, get the bottom, keeps forever, bears under, put up with, dis patching, re collected, searches high low, trump up, mis-leads, ex-posing, de-bunked, am smitten by, be haves, watched store, fore shadowing, under stood, catch offguard, un-veiled, psychs, did one bidding, makes top one's head, leads by the nose, photostatted, un cover, were taught, de-signed, fore-see, are the opinion, hearken, crystal-ball divined, wert the opinion, un wrapped, post dated, re-leases, had dealings with, give hard time, dropping on, un latches, be held, am hung, cuts bone, un-barring, get vibes, dare say, succumb to, over whelming, am conversant in, spitball, puts in plain english, prehend, being aware of, sank into, passes comment, subscribe to, re spect, x-rayed, am led to believe, am advised, is impressed, get, am aware of, got a shot, did trick, living to, relive, gotten the idea, distinguish, be-trays, minded store, got one's hands on, goes over with finetooth comb, looked upon, figures it be, gotten in to, de-tain, gets answer, beats the game, giving an audience to, re-solved, be tray, cryptanalyzed, catheterizes, are inclined think, wait out, stand up to, cop plea, over-took, throw light up on, bringing the ground, un veiled, pre figure, re acted, are taught, four-flush, stand in shoes, catch the act, is sensible of, under standing, re-strain, gets vibrations, bringing down on, is afraid, waits out, dis closes, getting hands on, ex pound, boil down to, ex acting, making heads tails of, get answer, thinks of as, talk in to, has knowledge of, be came, art consistent with, standing ones shoes, being opinion, be led believe, is ill with, photo graphing, re-presented, planning on, have good authority, hath vibes, standing to, art afraid, dare-said, puts oneself another's place, un-raveling, nosed out, procreate, with holds, delved into, drop in on, got a likeness, saw something coming, runs with, de tails, made entrance, re duces, had sneaking suspicion, siphoning, sunk in, one's best guesses, bear up under, runs up against, un-closed, re live, pluck, with drawing, re calls, becomes clear, de-feat, re-cord, doeth the trick, be given, re-serve, un earths, marked off, pre dict, chow down, signing for, deduce, coming apart, come next, gives business, taking one's death, puts on thinking cap, climbs on, Re-collect, are subjected to, is efficacious, sinking into, make out, think about, count by one, do one bidding, sticked to, pre serve, gets into, hast a bite, proceeded from, kept mind, putting up with, going next, ex asperating, sets down, construe, waying sees it, makes dent, scratching surface, getting a load of, having impression, make up top of one head, dis covers, standing shoes, re-lease, doing well enough, x raying, took stab, making up off top head, do well enough, infer, accept, had on good authority, de bunking, educe, are conscious of, wast sensitive, bring up the rear, make off top of one head, are in keeping, beating the system, de-ciphered, was of opinion, reenacting, brings rear, catches act, wast subsequent to, runs across, catch off balance, stuck in to, live with, un sealed, de-rived, cryptanalyzing, stand shoes, dis-comfit, am aware, sate and take it, figured it to be, made top ones head, got the picture, jumping a conclusion, gat a rise out of, Gaffing, is guided by, dug in to the past, are given, doeth one bidding, use head, grooving, are cognizant of, photo engraves, wert told of, fore-spoke, puts in a nutshell, does battle, stands in ones shoes, un rolling, having a bite, got to the meat, schlepped along, retro-spects, un shutting, pulling fast one, gotten eyeful of, tagging along, subscribing to, Photo-engraving, be master of, looksee, makes up top one head, hooking in, pre figures, being sensitive, took for granted, re-serving, de lighting, gat right, pattern up on, re strain, fit in, gat one fingers on, pre supposes, turn one head, pro spect, de-scribes, ex cite, be hold, under-went, are exposed to, laying ones hands on, digged into the past, under-taken, puts in another's place, Secerned, re tains, be-wildering, bearing under, comes in to, tested the waters, go along with, telling from, gotten in to one head, in forms, doping out, am opinion, were efficacious, un scrambles, behold, wert receipt of, pulled fast one, photo-engraves, un locks, look forward to, coming against, gets meat, buy into, felt gut, homologizes, was receipt of, make top ones head, win over, pre-scribe, caught redhanded, make off top head, is cognizant of, hadst in hand, doeth like, dare-says, keep an eye on, catching on to, un fold, tosses jail, going into details, flashes on, digs up, looking upon, getting acquainted, pre vailing, pro spects, accessing, dis-criminate, gloved, de noting, de fine, racks one brains, makes off with, used one's head, make up off top one head, sub due, un corked, pre-vail, are versed, scrapes up, claps hands on, hoped for, rack one's brains, psych out, Depictured, pro-create, previsioned, roping in, in-disposes, watch out, wert seized, Optate, Siring, make dent, feel out, takes soundings, describe, re produces, re-calls, re-solve, are receipt of, un-ravelling, dost with, de-terminated, feel one's bones, puzzle out, excelling in, take for granted, saw in the cards, builds on, enter up on, in forming, phantomed, inter-mixes, making up top of ones head, getting idea, defers to, having the impression, in vite, put oneself in another place, wrapped in, de-tails, wast devoted to, button down, played the game, gaining mastery, under-going, passes upon, give business, under went, de-creed, with draws, took shot, dis-patched, de-pict, over powers, dis-place, re-unites, dis please, re-living, wert smitten by, keep posted, bunch up, un-clothes, were devoted to, knew for certain, pores over, scrutinate, mis-trusted, catching red-handed, puts two and two together, inter-mix, writing up, mis-appropriates, racks brains, post-dating, gotten someone's goat, un-stopping, model on, making up off top one head, twisted ones arm, savvied, hope for, re late, sets store by, got fat, laid one's hands on, tabbing, ex-posed, assimilate, Re-present, trusts in, doublechecking, came have, tell, were sure, making off top of ones head, kept ones eye on, reel off, went in to details, with stands, de-signs, re calling, re collects, severalizes, suffered with, see daylight, gat drift, de presses, makes presence known, went over with a fine tooth comb, racked ones brains, un-latches, makes up off top ones head, picks up on, gat impression, gotten the meat, gets bottom of, searching high low, musing over, bursts on, took a shot at, got the knack of, un doing, pre-occupying, take sick with, passing up on, pointing to, un-folds, over runs, wast inclined think, unbolts, four flushing, un clothed, pulled at, de liberated, pre-supposed, chance up on, pass comment, paid attention to, pre-determine, un-earths, don't rock boat, was sensible of, over-hauls, photo engraving, gets in to ones head, lighting up on, gat an eyeful, improved mind, in curred, got down pat, gat ones hands on, wert aware of, look-saw, with-drew, perceive, taking shot at, gets a load of, made top of one head, para phrasing, explain, gets as a result, checks up, multi plying, be getting, goes out on a limb, over haul, hadst impression, burying oneself in, boil down, laid open, was friends with, knows what's what, got to meat, getting likeness, de tailing, re leases, were turned to, de-pictures, be acquainted with, had feeling, making with, buys in to, become infected with, reconciled oneself, ex citing, search high and low, got an earful, intellectualizing, am told, un stopped, bring light, got the message, thinks as, taking notice, dis-places, leafing through, were led to believe, do the trick, dug down, pays for, gets to bottom, ex plicates, de-bunks, keeps eye on, dis-play, getting an eyeful of, takes one death, gets to the bottom, making off top of head, know whats what, re places, pay attention, re-enacting, catch red handed, had good authority, became infected with, run in to, re deeming, stood in shoes, re-spects, haddest impression, let know, dost trick, gat the knack of, un-clothing, became deranged, lets slip, de-lineate, buffaloed, watches ones step, were affected, were master of, gotten a likeness, forecast, hear, rub wrong way, wast cognizant, mull over, told from, shopped for, argue in to, taking under consideration, rivetted, pro-fits, pre serving, feel bones, softening up, taking a stab, brought to ground, were told of, get the drift, succeeds to, sympathizing with, dis tilling, softens up, be with it, does bidding, get through ones head, de clares, fourflushing, be subjected to, wert exposed to, made up off top of head, bartering for, taking for ride, re deem, sees cards, dis believed, took a stab at, lay open, fore-seen, stacks up, un clothe, mis appropriated, set right, jotting down, deal with, running against, catching off guard, double-checked, double-check, took one's death, get meat, were afflicted with, brake down, de signed, in gests, pre disposes, had hand, thinks of, gets a rise out of, are keeping, re-united, gotten into ones head, giving ears, gat one hands on, came to have, gat ones fingers on, re-veals, get rise out of, in-cline, are sensible of, taking mean, re-tains, brings up the rear, dis-comfits, gotten right, hadst memories, glommed onto, hadst on good authority, uses one's head, daresays, de-crypt, beat the game, catches red handed, pro fess, looking back, knew what's what, passes up on, Taled, get there, dis-ordered, pre-sages, became like, got earful, thought of, smelled a rat, pre-pared, gotten wise to, have a meal, scared up, doth one's bidding, be told, got bottom of, pre determined, diagramed, whacking, gets vibes, exposes to, referred to, dig, going over with a fine-tooth comb, gotchas, think of, become like, un done, making waves, are familiar, re-viewed, pointed to, hadst a feeling, made a dent, am learned, dis concerts, de-pressed, putting another's place, wast hung, spring on, put out a feeler, out-lined, para phrased, re served, wert interested in, scraping together, takes over, putting arm on, eating through, shopping for, tost jail, being the opinion, takes note, re-enact, de scribed, with holding, get touch, broods over, tele-graphed, out lining, am consistent with, headed trip, way sees it, threw light up on, got ones hands on, commentated, takes possession of, be guile, barter for, coming into, fore tells, ex cited, was subjected to, sinks into, calling forth, lead by nose, de scribe, going over with fine-tooth comb, seeing in cards, smelt a rat, jumped to a conclusion, takes measure of, getting vibes, de-frauds, does trick, bursts in on, flashed on, Unclose, predict, sewed up, plumbing, making a killing, feel around, dis closing, art keeping, gotten hands on, gets one fingers on, re presents, unshutted, rule over, stumbled up on, gets sick, taking the measure of, felt out, ex-plaining, pulls a fast one, crystalball divine, art interested in, counting by one, de liberating, being advised, knows what what, exposed oneself to, keep one eye on, catch to, catches off-guard, took unawares, doeth bidding, pops in, de codes, made up top ones head, Lassoed, with stand, take notice of, strike, ex pose, suffers from, being informed, schlepp along, un bolting, de tains, were inclined think, pre serves, thought likely, gat through ones head, be versed, getting wise to, is opinion, puts the snare on, be-tokening, Lunched, be-think, wast guided by, dis criminating, checking upon, adhering to, put under microscope, gives facts, uses ones head, retrospecting, ontoing, post-dates, being impressed, partaking of, take under consideration, un-clad, payed attention, gotten someones goat, pro claim, blended in, follows orders, pre served, soaks in, acceded to, over looks, majors in, re producing, came in to, plan for, took as example, gets an earful, tagged along, stood shoes, watches one step, saw handwriting wall, Cinched, hath impression, art convinced, calling up, getting to the bottom of, pre pares, pulls wool over eyes, putting one's thinking cap, ex cogitates, haddest vibes, sopping up, coming over, dis-cern, gat to the meat, para-phrase, animadverts, latching onto, perlustrate, patterns oneself up on, art acquainted, feasted one eyes, close up, reached conclusion, dis playing, wert cognizant, carrying the torch, beg borrow steal, sunk in to, latches onto, sinks in, was impressed, sprung on, gat acquainted, auscultating, dogs footsteps of, art told, watch for, homologize, tumble in to, put one finger on, gat idea, fix in mind, rides out, hast a meal, sub-merged, get sick, doth the trick, wert sensitive, makes distinction, blowing one's mind, taking on chin, keeps one's eye on, close-upped, use one's head, checks upon, make known, putting on one thinking cap, de-scribing, de-codes, concaves, patterned oneself up on, begs borrow or steal, get wind of, makes a killing, taking it on chin, coming have, sur-mises, getting the point, tell between, seeing light, be-wildered, dis cover, in-curring, mis appropriates, makes up top of head, de-vising, make off top of head, took over, re-minding, Sired, call mind, dis-orders, note, gat someone goat, became aware, wast receipt of, sees handwriting wall, re serve, over took, dis pleased, un-riddled, stuck into, snapshotting, cognized, getting it down, leafed through, fixt in the mind, pulling wool over eyes, boiled down to, re-marks, makes heads tails of, chanced up on, gotten into one's head, improving mind, holed, prehends, have effect, trusting in, comes away with, is with it, taking hold of, called up on, adheres to, ex-cogitated, pre determine, wading through, tell the difference, run into, be-guiles, sees as, cracking books, think probable, soaking in, de-lights, unbars, feast one's eyes, Concaving, de lineated, beating the game, is inclined to think, making top of one's head, forefeels, am impressed, contracts for, re-counting, talked in to, puts across, gets through head, digs down, fire up, gets shot, let in on, feeling in gut, digged into past, be familiar, making up off top of head, Spaded, wert schooled, thinking about, are schooled, fore know, ex-cogitates, photostating, getting through one head, parented, watch store, re-cover, getting in to head, ingathered, severalized, stuck to, dis-solved, making top of ones head, comes into, individualize, stood one shoes, was aware of, thought about, gat one's fingers on, un fastening, fore casting, gets a likeness, catching on, are informed, flashing on, wert subsequent to, am the opinion, think over, be-witch, close upped, dis patches, preknowing, doest ones bidding, springing from, take account of, in sinuates, Unlatch, de crease, doth well enough, resigned oneself, wrapt up in, Secerning, making buy, jumping to a conclusion, didst battle, putting oneself in another place, pro-fess, watched for, submits to, gotten touch, is conversant in, art hung, keeping mind, was turned on to, become able, doing one bidding, went in to detail, re-calling, were afraid, turn ones head, un clothing, over hauling, photo graphed, put another's place, clap hands on, made sure, un tied, catches off balance, feel in bones, thinking out, refers to, gat in touch, kept eye on, dope out, un-folded, un did, own up, is acquainted with, dug into past, giving way, digged in to the past, chows down, re veals, getting to bottom, suppose, getting to bottom of, dis-closing, de-cline, puts freeze on, pulls at, clued in, having force, got an eyeful of, got to the bottom, giving attention, get wise to, makes pig of oneself, payed attention to, took meaning, followed orders, resigning oneself, partake of, under taken, am receipt of, fore-cast, luxuriate in, got to bottom, calling turn, wrap in, yield to, interpret, makes plain, the way sees it, pre-visions, passes through, get it down, figuring be, over running, un rolls, take as example, opens up, de pictures, un-close, bite bullet, opening up, wins favor, springs from, un-earthed, wast turned on to, un tying, wast all ears, gat eyeful, fore cast, twist one's arm, kept upon, fore-tells, under takes, called the turn, contradistinguishes, goosed, dis concert, trans-lated, training in, gets to bottom of, Animadverted, being cognizant of, take a stab, spit out, with-holds, kept eye peeled, am told of, gotten the hang of, Militating, dis-concert, was taught, re living, pro moting, giving an account of, de lighted, de pict, making top one's head, hast impression, hath force, were conversant in, re cover, bursted on, takes its toll, takes for ride, crystal ball it, blowing ones mind, knowing what's what, de-rives, ins the cards, get idea, micro film, smells rat, hast for, caught red handed, Breakfasting, wrapped up in, parenting, de-feats, turned upside down, stumbling up on, makes an entrance, dis-placed, de sign, fore-shadows, puts in anothers place, went down with, becomes pregnant, dost ones bidding, gets to the meat, hauls in, hath sneaking suspicion, feels around, beats system, gotchaed, tumbles in to, un tangle, calls up on, sees it coming, count upon, gat the message, get in to one's head, gat through one head, gat load of, un bar, pecking at, mis appropriating, had a feeling, takes meaning, hast dealings with, sponge up, gets in to one head, living with, taking prisoner, waded through, un-mask, dis-placing, bring to ground, see in the cards, hath bite, redline, take lying down, Summed, in-clines, have in hand, got bottom, cutting to bone, parse, piggybacked, ganging up, goes into detail, re view, lying in wait, un-riddles, make up top ones head, going out a limb, laid bare, buying in to, dis-counted, de-lighted, taking it lying down, dis place, gat bottom, open, un latch, takes one's death, wisecracking, eagle-eye, take a shot, catch the drift, ganged up, keep mind, winning favor, are learned, gets down cold, keeping an eye on, caught off-balance, did bidding, de-scribe, makes top ones head, de lude, art with it, hast good authority, be smitten by, inned cards, ex-torts, severalize, microfilms, microfilm, gets one's fingers on, gat a shot, re fine, has dealings with, soak, cashes on, in-hale, clung to, wast ears, snacked, telling the difference, led by the nose, makes off top head, succeeded to, doest one bidding, re tain, go over with a finetooth comb, drops on, coming to have, twisted arm, ruling over, having vibes, got into one's head, re-quiring, jumps to conclusion, Postdating, soften up, was cognizant of, check up on, ruled over, realize, multi-plied, whacked, pre-occupies, eagleeyeing, gotten an eyeful, was hung, am cognizant of, chymifying, stopping to consider, being told of, taste, ex-press, puzzles out, look upon, sizes up, sur prise, count up on, catches in act, bringing up the rear, over whelmed, gets there, de code, un-folding, wising to, one's best guess, de-fine, bearing up under, dis-entangled, are turned on to, pre determines, gat an earful, developed in to, thinks over, going out on a limb, take shot, looked for, re-cognize, haddest knowledge of, become aware, un locked, chancing upon, gotten a rise out of, subscribes to, progenerates, gather up, are aware, am ill with, un clothes, paying attention, putting finger on, out-line, gotten sick, put freeze on, felt certain, ringed a bell, be tokening, put before, guesstimating, dis-ordering, beared under, un-veils, dis plays, art inclined to think, taking its toll, accroaching, being receipt of, are friends with, dis solves, over looked, thinking of as, getting into, with-drawing, be inclined think, with-stand, take the chin, are inclined to think, putting oneself anothers place, turns head, sucks in, with draw, bring together, in-censed, dis entangles, un-barred, lays hold of, sets forth, teems with, have, be-comes, capturing film, lump, cogitated on, pro creates, make a hole, making top of one head, were schooled, dogged the footsteps of, ex acts, ex pounding, has a hunch, threw light on, co-axing, set store by, eagleeying, haddest effect, Individuating, testing waters, Unstop, ex posed, pulled wool over eyes, takes effect, go over with fine-tooth comb, buys out, paying attention to, check upon, unbarring, wast learned, un folds, megastudies, opened up, make top of one's head, hadst mind, pro cure, retro spects, tie in, Contradistinguished, yields to, ex press, think up, took by surprise, un-tied, burned up, unscrambling, win favor, become deranged, put with, un folded, make scene, signs for, un-fasten, running with, xrayed, re marked, de-clare, inter-mixed, un blocking, taking lying down, gets knack of, pre paring, ex pounds, de notes, calls the turn, un masked, latched onto, unshuts, gets someone's goat, dis tressed, close-ups, letting in on, pre visioned, gotten the message, testing the waters, wast efficacious, over-whelmed, running off with, has for, haddest a hunch, re searching, caught offbalance, in gather, under mined, over-whelm, believe, fore-boding, scaring up, un-earthing, de feats, art cognizant of, giving allegiance to, coming in to, becomes deranged, gotten knack of, ex-tort, take soundings, gotten into, pro-generate, are afraid, fore spoken, gat the hang of, ideates, smells a rat, rid out, parses, up-root, forgathered, un-blocks, clings to, de-light, in-filtrates, wast informed, breakfasted, unbolting, uncork, take by storm, breaking out with, look saw, re search, get into one head, write down, hitting up on, watches one's step, inquire into, stand one's shoes, taking the chin, gat it down, cashed in on, interpreted as, wast opinion, take up, getting knack of, wert learned, makes sense of, having sneaking suspicion, feasts up on, cash in on, re citing, pro-creating, in hale, referring to, gets the drift, takes it on chin, fore-sees, toss jail, make top of head, twists one arm, get picture, Omened, homogenizes, catted, have bite, turning one's head, ex act, am seized, am with it, gotten it, in-spects, is subjected to, in-criminating, works on, got sick, feast upon, wast affected, dis-covers, pro claims, un scrambling, get fat, unbolted, goes out on limb, jotted down, looks for, making off top ones head, gotten to the bottom, pre-figure, take notice, feeling gut, going native, bunches up, engross, in filtrated, un-scrambles, over hear, hitting on, had mind, opted for, busted in, de-range, winned favor, pro-moting, be cognizant, in-quires, gets message, ran with, in-gests, doth trick, being afflicted with, getting hang of, clue in, points to, diffuses, in corporates, gets the bottom of, pulling at, postdate, pre-mise, grab, light upon, put on ones thinking cap, gave birth to, brood over, Twigging, was given, intellectualized, un wraps, takes on the chin, was acquainted, was familiar, were learned, reads in to, laying hands on, be in receipt of, go after, pro-cured, seeing coming, in criminating, arrive at, be gotten, tumbled in to, un ravels, wast seized, giving birth to, re-fine, went over with fine tooth comb, close with, had a hunch, was in keeping, thought out, getting drift, got down cold, getting an eyeful, having dealings with, re-counts, scrutinates, pro bed, previsioning, pro-generates, gloms onto, locking up, are aware of, tumbling in to, cracked books, four flush, do ones bidding, latching on, feasting eyes, beating game, tumbles into, hang in, un-cover, digging up, takes as gospel truth, keeps ones eye on, gotten exchange, got a rise out of, dis-order, am led believe, sizing, hast bite, un seals, being excited, were in receipt of, un-furled, got one fingers on, gets one hands on, gat point, pours in to, makes off top one's head, come up against, owns up, searches high and low, lies in wait, latches on, being led to believe, come up on, sits still for, drawing near, buttoning down, put ones thinking cap, un-did, over come, holds sway over, sees coming, de crypt, catch red-handed, twisting one arm, getting one fingers on, giving the business, pre knew, cut bone, tailgate, hast down pat, brings to the ground, am subjected to, in-filtrating, didst well enough, major in, becomes infected with, close upping, gat picture, getting through one's head, makes up top of ones head, were sensible of, brought down on, pre dispose, un-tangled, sustain, digged up, have sneaking suspicion, dis-entangling, fix in the mind, caught hold of, gat answer, bring to the ground, stands shoes, bring the rear, de-pictured, telegraph, un scrambled, letting slip, carry the torch, wraps in, were subsequent to, fore-shadowing, get the point, pour in, become versed, Told, remember, art affected, hold sway over, don't rock the boat, in gest, scratch the surface, un closing, ex plicated, redlined, with-hold, muse over, master, art versed, throws down, tumbled into, put out feeler, previsions, gets the point, siphoned, putting in another's place, find, comes have, know for certain, art receipt of, went over with a fine-tooth comb, keep tabs, broke down, put one's finger on, catching off balance, brought to the ground, fitting in, spitting out, falling in with, un does, un-raveled, savvying, thinking of, re lease, didst one bidding, blow in, inquire in to, impacts on, stumbles on, inter mix, put on one thinking cap, haddest on good authority, be read, harboring suspicion, pre occupy, lay one hands on, decide on, being in keeping, using ones head, caught in the act, un-riddling, makes a picture, unbar, make heads or tails of, Imaged, taking account of, blow one mind, being led believe, re searches, imbruing, un-latched, broke the news, dost like, over-ruled, hath for, shagging, are consistent with, were acquainted with, mind the store, pre-know, scratches surface, takes shot at, taking on the chin, trains in, dis-solve, got in to one head, were receipt of, forgathers, in-sure, determinated, de feat, saw in cards, knew whats what, un-locks, gotten the bottom of, ones best guesses, were conscious of, gat exchange, reenacts, de ducts, wert opinion, crack the books, brings ground, were consistent with, fore sees, strike note, be-getting, figures to be, roped in, counted one by one, pulls fast one, dis play, was the opinion, arrives at, having effect, de creasing, un lock, re-straining, art devoted to, see it coming, refreshing memory, ex torts, over-take, capturing on film, feel one bones, break down, ideated, get hands on, wert impressed, get earful, going bonkers, went native, capiched, on top of, sees the cards, Unshut, re lives, went after, re cords, hast meal, de-crease, captured on film, making up off top ones head, doing like, scooping out, x rayed, nailing down, under-gone, ex-cogitate, de-tains, specialized in, kenning, doeth trick, fore shadowed, antithesized, in hales, re fined, un-blocked, became lost, in vent, catch in act, be the opinion, broke news, commit memory, putting under a microscope, saw daylight, un-bolts, live to, make an entrance, catches on to, wast afflicted with, brings up rear, be cognizant of, made up off top one head, crystal ball divines, dare-saying, hadst a meal, trips on, de ciphered, takes hold of, under gone, gave chase, stops to consider, took prisoner, look for, fires up, leaving word, pattern upon, catching hold of, struck a note, de-picts, Visioned, put two two together, dis-tills, pre disposing, pours into, ex-cited, be-gotten, double-checks, un-ravels, are efficacious, dis-tress, re-covers, all-owing, de creed, eagleeye, puts one thinking cap, made off top of head, count one by one, spirited away, put another place, go out on a limb, jump conclusion, adhered to, stopped consider, inter mixed, crystalball divines, be come, made off top of ones head, gotten down cold, gat in exchange, run up against, with drawn, fathoms, re united, dis pleases, take death, re ached, homogenized, made top of head, point to, re lived, re aped, closed with, incorporate, take chin, un shut, un riddles, know what's what, hast hunch, grinned bear it, apperceive, figure be, making off with, getting a shot, improves mind, osmosed, wert sure, knowing what what, get to the meat, re-duce, de duces, are afflicted with, gets through ones head, Banqueted, wast cognizant of, be subsequent to, acceding to, un fasten, putting across, get an earful, Depicture, watched over, un wrapping, took one death, gat the drift, drew near, had bite, pre-figures, smoked out, put oneself another place, Thronging, ex pressing, brought rear, twisting one's arm, clocked, took out after, over-rules, give attention, feel for, pre-paring, wert informed, stays line, re-member, take its toll, in-spire, gat vibrations, wert hung, art in receipt of, de-ranges, caught the act, watching the store, has down pat, take one's death, mis leading, came away with, look sees, stood up to, see handwriting on wall, summon up, picked out, got the bottom of, de-signing, wrought on, rang bell, ringing a bell, post dates, go over with a fine-tooth comb, trans late, reads between lines, lets know, be tokened, putting tail on, giving facts, overhear, lay hold of, running in to, forking out, hast funny feeling, checking up on, latches to, de-terminating, calls upon, getting the hang of, sit and take it, in-cense, way one sees it, being with it, were turned on to, trumping up, builded on, de-tail, made up off top head, gat sick, make use of, waterlog, defer to, marks out, art informed, pecked at, re-cording, re-cited, dis concerting, put the freeze on, clues in, patterned upon, art in keeping, ingather, re minds, caught drift, took soundings, lumping it, pro generated, succumbs to, eagle eying, in-censing, ex-acted, pro claimed, went over with finetooth comb, lit up on, de-picture, hadst in mind, in-venting, taking unawares, be afflicted with, gain control, gat there, wert aware, contradistinguish, blowing in, see the light, didst one's bidding, took its toll, de-code, cracking the books, pre-determined, probe, in clines, gave way, pre supposed, succumbing to, up-sets, took to heart, coming next, snatch, were aware of, have memories, be tokens, lights up on, discrepated, re strains, unscrambled, ex cogitate, inquires in to, being seized, bag, hazards guess, knowing whats what, being versed, eagle-eyeing, un corking, writ down, gets ones hands on, makes top of ones head, was with it, got vibrations, bought into, holds fast, made off with, dis-till, pours in, putting in plain english, over-look, comes up against, wast of the opinion, wert familiar, bare up under, got rise out of, making a picture, re quires, diagnosticated, get one hands on, tells apart, pro create, in-gest, pre-scribed, Re-search, pro-bed, wert efficacious, break the news, gets load of, antithesize, in-spired, gets the idea, out lines, chance upon, art conversant in, have impression, with hold, stand to, re deemed, be-witches, making scene, thought over, pro-created, dis-tilling, hauled in, bargaining on, stopt to consider, re member, are turned to, de creases, hook in, break out with, wast given, dropt in on, takes notice of, caught the drift, taking over, adds up, over look, pre scribing, dis-pleases, blow ones mind, pro claiming, summated, be guided by, wert of opinion, owned up, re-quired, gives account of, commentating, get through one head, dis played, went bonkers, watched one step, Gunning, pop in, get an eyeful of, re cognize, beats game, takes captive, crystal-ball divines, letted know, impacting on, do one's bidding, make top one's head, takes a stab at, counts one by one, pre mise, megastudying, going out on limb, dis-concerts, is affected, springs on, un-fastened, hadst bite, fix mind, rang a bell, are interested in, notice, inquired in to, marking off, put oneself in another's place, ones best guessing, get in to one head, made up off top of one's head, tested waters, un riddling, pre know, re-enacted, trip on, put finger on, was of the opinion, have dealings with, dopes out, re-aping, ex plained, dont rock the boat, gotten from, re-minds, making it, de-ludes, planning for, intuit, dost battle, receive, delve in to, pattern oneself upon, under-mining, win, de-fraud, make up off top one's head, took it on chin, gets drift, flips through, un stopping, developing into, am conscious of, gotten bottom, de-crypts, un-cork, nab, get acquainted, took as gospel truth, ex-plicates, un-does, strike a note, got in exchange, taking captive, get into ones head, worked on, were exposed to, buy, taking as an example, photostatting, crystal ball divine, snarled up, pre-figuring, pull fast one, carries the torch, stick to, figure out, took ones death, was seized, auspicating, is acquainted, re presenting, dis criminate, secure, pre-knew, tabbed, sticks into, de terminating, wises up to, wast led to believe, fore-knows, taking notice of, calling the shot, getting ones fingers on, un-scrambled, took on the chin, mind store, cleaning up, fourflush.