Pronunciation of Mooting
/mˈuːtɪŋ/, /mˈuːtɪŋ/, /m_ˈuː_t_ɪ_ŋ/

Synonyms for Mooting:

debate (noun)

agitation, altercation, argument, argumentation, cogitation, contention, contest, controversy, deliberation, dialectic, disputation, dispute, forensic, hassle, match, meditation, polemic, reflection, tiff, words, wrangle, Rebutting, Refuting, Controverting, blah-blah.

dialectic (noun)

debate, deduction, discussion, logical argument, persuasion, ratiocination, Polemics, question-and-answer method.

disputation (noun)


bring up (verb)

advance, advert, broach, discuss, introduce, moot, move, offer, point out, propose, put forward, raise, refer, submit, tender, touch on, ventilate, allude to, raise a subject.

broach (verb)

approach, bring up, interject, interpose, mention, open up, suggest, talk of, speak of, hint at, raise subject.

debate (verb)

agitate, altercate, answer, bandy, bicker, canvass, cogitate, confab, confute, consider, contend, controvert, deliberate, demonstrate, differ, disprove, hash over, kick around, oppose, pettifog, prove, question, reason, rebut, refute, rehash, thrash out, Discept, chew the fat, talk back, toss around, hammer away at, knock around, cross swords, lock horns, bump heads, have at it, pick a bone, put up argument, set to, talk game.

discuss (verb)

argue, confabulate, confer, converse, descant, dissertate, examine, explain, figure, get together, go into, jaw, kick about, review, sift, weigh, Dissert, groupthink, take up, hold forth, bounce off, compare notes, put heads together, consult with, discourse about, exchange views on, reason about.

dispute (verb)

brawl, challenge, clash, contradict, deny, doubt, gainsay, impugn, negate, quarrel, quibble, squabble, take on, Disaffirm, have at, jump on one's case.

introduce (verb)

acquaint, air, announce, bring out, fix up, harbinger, herald, kick off, lead off, open, originate, precede, preface, recommend, set forth, usher, Familiarize, do the honors, come out with, knock down, get things rolling, give introduction, lead into, pave the way, spring with, start ball rolling.

raise (verb)

abet, activate, arouse, awaken, cause, evoke, excite, foment, foster, incite, instigate, kindle, motivate, provoke, resurrect, set, set on, stir up, whip up.

ventilate (verb)

advertise, broadcast, circulate, discourse, express, free, give, publish, put, scrutinize, state, talk about, talk over, vent, verbalize, thresh out, bring into the open.

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