More Hawkish

Pronunciation of More Hawkish
/mˈɔː hˈɔːkɪʃ/, /mˈɔː hˈɔːkɪʃ/, /m_ˈɔː h_ˈɔː_k_ɪ_ʃ/

Synonyms for more hawkish:

aggressive (adjective)

advancing, antipathetic, attacking, barbaric, bellicose, combative, contentious, destructive, disruptive, disturbing, encroaching, intruding, intrusive, invading, martial, militant, offensive, pugnacious, quarrelsome, rapacious, threatening, warlike, Assailing, hawkish.

chilly (adjective)

arctic, biting, blowy, breezy, brisk, cool, crisp, drafty, freezing, fresh, frosty, glacial, icebox, icy, nippy, penetrating, sharp, snappy, wintry.

cold (adjective)

algid, benumbed, bitter, blasting, bleak, boreal, brumal, chill, chilled, cutting, frigid, frore, frozen, gelid, hiemal, hyperborean, iced, inclement, intense, keen, nipping, numbing, piercing, polar, raw, rimy, severe, shivery, siberian, sleety, snowy, stinging, Numbed, below freezing, below zero, have goose bumps, one-dog night, two-dog night.

combative (adjective)

antagonistic, belligerent, cantankerous, cussed, energetic, gladiatorial, ornery, scrappy, strenuous, trigger-happy, truculent, warring, fire-eating, ructious.

cool (adjective)

air-conditioned, chilling, chilly, refreshing, refrigerated, Coldish.

fighting (adjective)

angry, argumentative, boxing, brawling, contending, determined, disputatious, disputative, fencing, ferocious, hostile, jingoistic, militaristic, resolute, sparring, unbeatable, under arms, warmongering, wrestling, Battling, Skirmishing, Tilting, jousting, up in arms, ready to fight.

freezing (adjective)


warlike (adjective)

aggressive, bloodthirsty, contrary, fighting, inimical, military, soldierly, unfriendly.

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