More stalled

Pronunciation of More Stalled
/mˈɔː stˈɔːld/, /mˈɔː stˈɔːld/, /m_ˈɔː s_t_ˈɔː_l_d/

Antonyms for more stalled

alive, advanced, active, moving, Furthered, busy, variable, inconstant, unfixed, healthy, strong, unsteady, mobile, firm, lively, continuous, able, Hastened, movable, changeable, Forwarded, hurried, unstable.

Synonyms for more stalled

deferred (adjective)

charged, delayed, funded, held up, indebted, postponed, prolonged, protracted, scrubbed, Adjourned, Assessed, Negotiated, Remanded, Temporized, Stalled, pigeonholed, renegotiated, retarded, on hold, staved off, on the shelf, in waiting.

disabled (adjective)

broken-down, confined, decrepit, handicapped, helpless, hurt, incapable, infirm, lame, maimed, paralyzed, powerless, weakened, worn-out, wounded, wrecked, Disarmed, Hamstrung, sidelined, out-of-action, out-of-commission, run-down, laid-up.

motionless (adjective)

apoplectic, at rest, becalmed, dead, deadlocked, deathly, firm, fixed, frozen, halted, immobile, immotile, inanimate, inert, lifeless, numb, palsied, petrified, quiescent, quiet, spellbound, stable, stagnant, standing, static, stationary, steadfast, still, stock-still, torpid, transfixed, unmovable, unmoved, unmoving, at a standstill.

static (adjective)

constant, format, immovable, inactive, latent, passive, rigid, stabile, sticky, stopped, stuck, unchanging, unfluctuating, unvarying, gridlocked, standing still.