More subnormal

Pronunciation of More Subnormal
/mˈɔː sˈʌbnɔːmə͡l/, /mˈɔː sˈʌbnɔːmə‍l/, /m_ˈɔː s_ˈʌ_b_n_ɔː_m_əl/

Synonyms for more subnormal

backward (adjective)

arrested, behind, checked, delayed, dense, dull, imbecile, late, moronic, subnormal, underdeveloped, underprivileged, undeveloped, Feeble-minded, stupid.

defective (adjective)

abnormal, amiss, blemished, damaged, deficient, faulty, flawed, impaired, imperfect, inadequate, incomplete, injured, insufficient, lacking, out of order, poor, sick, unfinished, unhealthy, unsound, wanting, seconds, on the bum.

poor (adjective)

base, common, contemptible, crude, diminutive, exiguous, feeble, humble, inferior, insignificant, low-grade, lowly, meager, mean, mediocre, miserable, modest, niggardly, ordinary, paltry, pitiable, pitiful, plain, reduced, rotten, scanty, second-rate, shabby, shoddy, skimpy, slight, sorry, sparse, substandard, trifling, trivial, unsatisfactory, valueless, weak, worthless, Dwarfed, below par, subpar.

retarded (adjective)

backward, defective, dim, dim-witted, dopey, dumbbell, dumdum, dummy, exceptional, half-witted, opaque, pinhead, sappy, simple, simple-minded, slow, slow-witted, touched, yo-yo, DUMBO, underachieving, birdbrained, numbskull, held back, gorked, lamebrained, mentally defective, retardo.

subordinate (adjective)

accessory, adjuvant, ancillary, auxiliary, collateral, contributory, dependent, junior, low, lower, minor, satellite, second-string, secondary, smaller, sub, subaltern, subject, submissive, subservient, subsidiary, tributary, under, unequal, Subalternate, Substract, second-fiddle, underaverage, baser.

unprogressive (adjective)

conservative, reactionary.