Pronunciation of Moving
/m_ˈuː_v_ɪ_ŋ/, /mˈuːvɪŋ/, /mˈuːvɪŋ/

Antonyms for moving:

stabile, over weight, most well built, slow-moving, in different, most consolidated, re liablest, more immobilized, more two-ton, more frosted, Riveted, in-tolerable, on hold, most slow moving, most sluggard, lofty, hulker, icebound, de liberate, most apoplectic, more brick-wall, deadpan, un yielding, most hushful, most plodding, set stone, more unmodifiable, in activity, most wedged, safe and sound, noble, most do nothing, un-changeable, inert, weighted, buttoned up, re-gular, well made, un wieldy, more adherent, at rest, more agreed, non porous, lowkey, more stiffnecked, in-active, more well-built, stockstill, more ferric, prearranged, set in concrete, most adherent, more plodding, whister, oscitancies, in-operative, most acroamatic, de fended, more brick wall, strong, most ice covered, most ferric, un-assailable, most braced, whistest, de terminate, most stiff-necked, un-used, un flappable, more dawdling, un-diversified, most moored, most welded, more anchored, dis engaged, two-ton, Undoubtful, heavy, clammed up, most well-built, re-liablest, in tolerable, desk-bound, more unanxious, out of service, unexciting, most icebound, more glued, de-liberate, most format, most deadlocked, more wellset, mooneyest, more moored, most neverfailing, ice covered, ex act, more shielded, close-grained, most unfluctuating, cinchest, more nonporous, undeviating, more compacted, more stalled, tough nut, Mooney, icecold, glorious, most frosted, more never-failing, solid as a rock, Steeler, most fine-grained, be numbed, brick-wall, fixed, most attached, more grieving, deathly still, un-anxious, immovable, more compressed, in-extricable, more heavyduty, un shakable, more finegrained, wellmade, most leadfooted, most screwed, glued, more congealed, more defined, most arranged, most compressed, more tortoiselike, un responsiveness, out of harm way, wellbuilt, set in stone, standing still, in-variable, most rocklike, dignified, snaillike, frozen, more wedged, re assured, more desk bound, low key, deadnesses, emotionless, trans fixed, most concluded, un flinching, unaffecting, mighty, un occupied, more unreactive, un modifiable, most never failing, more concluded, oscitancy, well-built, more close grained, deadness, un-varying, un-alterable, steadygoing, un-manageable, un-damaged, most slow-moving, most iced, more unswayable, de finite, solid, frosted, superior, un-failing, more lead footed, more ferrous, stick guns, more sluggard, most massed, more immotile, un changing, slowmoving, tried true, de-terminate, close mouthed, in-animate, re-doubtable, unimpressive, co-pious, apoplectic, set concrete, pre-determined, ice-covered, un employed, more patterned, more icecovered, more nailed, un bending, stock still, uni-form, most halted, desk bound, more pegged, heavy-duty, be calmed, set-up, iced, closegrained, becalmed, hulkest, most agreed, more consolidated, more fine grained, brickwall, donothing, laid back, pro-found, re doubtable, un-fluctuating, more adjusted, most hitched, never-failing, hunkest, more undoubtful, august, most set up, stiff-necked, more loitering, most unstirring, dead set on, un varying, most two ton, in animate, fine grained, more donothing, more unblinking, over-cast, Moored, more stipulated, more postponing, more well built, pre-scribed, most stiff necked, more chilled, deathly quiet, un-modifiable, exalted, most wellbuilt, most deskbound, most adjusted, more stiff-necked, most jelled, in-exorable, re-solute, more attached, more acroamatic, draggier, out of action, at a standstill, wellfounded, trans-fixed, un bendable, immobilities, hard as nails, more wellestablished, more hitched, most secured, motionless, well established, most twoton, un-harmed, stationary, out harms way, more two ton, steelest, more soldered, un diversified, draggy, most nailed, in variable, un-relieved, pre-arranged, re-solved, un doubtful, rocklike, pre determined, finegrained, zaftig, un questioning, un relieved, more mothballed, more riskless, slow, un-troubled, more shooin, out service, un damaged, drowsiness, more slowmoving, un harmed, more jelled, more twoton, hardnosed, most wellset, permanent, more apoplectic, Paralyses, more solidified, most soldered, more slow moving, well built, un-bending, de-fended, most reassured, more icebound, passivity, more well-set, more heavy-duty, robust, most heavy-duty, sluggish, more deskbound, more ice covered, turned stone, hard-nosed, more zaftig, most wellestablished, nonporous, most chilled, more antarctic, un reactive, un-stirring, most two-ton, sleepyheaded, invariable, more unstirring, sedentary, most snaillike, most procrastinating, more tightened, stagnant, unreactive, more unfluctuating, over cast, de fined, most well established, cincher, iron, un shaken, great, in flexible, Pegged, un responsivenesses, more circumscribed, most lead-footed, self assured, un-occupied, most never-failing, most patterned, tortoiselike, commanding, un-deviating, un swayable, most resolved, more do-nothing, most transfixed, stiff necked, dispassionate, Acroamatic, most glued, most stiffnecked, un-changing, most donothing, in extricable, de-laying, most unblinking, re gular, most zaftig, in-different, most cemented, clearcut, grand, undiversified, most well-set, in tent, inactive, cool, more secured, most immobilized, ferrous, immobile, most siberian, de laying, over-weight, un wavering, more massed, re-liabler, at ease, un troubled, un-flinching, most intransigent, un-moved, more hushful, most grieving, un responsive, never failing, most shooin, most close-grained, inertia, set, un-moving, deadlocked, un-compromising, un-movable, clear cut, fine-grained, most slowmoving, safe sound, in-activities, most brick wall, dis-engaged, un fluctuating, most laggard, desker, uni form, most stabile, most pegged, nailed down, able bodied, most undoubtful, most circumscribed, most heavyduty, un failing, deskbound, be-calmed, immotile, un stirring, more transfixed, in sensible, hushful, well-set, out commission, out harm's way, dis-inclined, draggiest, most finegrained, gridlocked, most gridlocked, pre vailing, secure, deskest, most unreactive, most unanxious, more riveted, in-sensible, antarctic, unemotional, passivities, Out of harm's way, more cemented, more lead-footed, top heavy, buttoned down, rockest, sitting, more siberian, helpful, more set up, most do-nothing, out of harms way, turned to stone, more undiversified, most riveted, most shielded, un-swayable, more slow-moving, hard nosed, shoo in, un qualified, more hard nosed, firm, most dawdling, close grained, most desk-bound, unmodifiable, be-numbed, out harm way, in-alterable, un-qualified, more wellbuilt, paralysis, most antarctic, un-responsiveness, pro founder, riskless, un anxious, still, more desk-bound, icecovered, more resolved, most congealed, un manageable, most unmodifiable, pro found, more becalmed, more ice-covered, over-powering, unstirring, more format, most ice-covered, trueblue, more arranged, most well set, indolent, most tightened, most defined, de-finite, un changeable, un-reactive, more deadlocked, dis inclined, solid as rock, wellset, mothballed, more set-up, steady going, most icecovered, un-blinking, more rocklike, locked in, re-assured, un-faltering, in-activity, un movable, un compromising, more heavy duty, more snaillike, nonmoving, stick to guns, pro-founder, non-porous, in bag, more weighted, in alterable, mooneyer, most stalled, beneficent, un-wieldiest, in holding pattern, most becalmed, wellestablished, brick wall, neverfailing, un alterable, taut, most bolted, un-wavering, locked on, ice cold, un-responsivenesses, ferric, out action, un relenting, laidback, most anchored, more neverfailing, most well-established, ablebodied, co pious, selfconfident, fast, most lead footed, selfassured, static, rocker, re liabler, made fast, unblinking, torpid, un-shaken, re solute, in operative, more braced, most desk bound, do nothing, more welded, twoton, sublime, un moving, un wieldier, un-ruffled, most rigged, out work, most shoo in, more well established, whist, most close grained, more closegrained, at standstill, un disturbed, un blinking, most fine grained, most riskless, more brickwall, unmoving, unfluctuating, more procrastinating, staunch, most immotile, dull, detached, more screwed, most undiversified, steely, cold, more undeviating, steeliest, most tortoiselike, over powering, shooin, more bolted, un-responsive, superb, re-liable, topheavy, most setup, Drowsinesses, slow moving, ex-act, more fine-grained, un-wieldier, more close-grained, in-flexible, de-fined, most shoo-in, more halted, in fine feather, un-shakable, most nonporous, un-yielding, most unswayable, more stabile, immobility, un ruffled, in activities, more gridlocked, un faltering, more sleepyheaded.

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