Pronunciation of N
/ˈɛn/, /ˈɛn/, /ˈɛ_n/

Antonyms for N:

hate, dislike, compliment, be happy, praise.

Synonyms for N:

amoeba (noun)

animalcule, animalculum.

repine (verb)

fret, grumble, lament, languish, moan, mope, mourn, murmur, regret, whimper, wish, yearn.



Usage examples for N:

  • Something respecting those two loves, and the transfer of the latter to the woman, may be seen above, n. - "The Delights of Wisdom Pertaining to Conjugial Love", Emanuel Swedenborg.
  • N- no, but he- he can come back and get her- if he wants her. - "Oh, Money! Money!", Eleanor Hodgman Porter.
  • " Billy's Head N. W." I looked to the right of me and saw a rock shaped something like a man's head. - "The Birthright", Joseph Hocking.
  • N. B. Profound Secrecy will be observ'd. - "Customs and Fashions in Old New England", Alice Morse Earle.
  • N Kinuso, 1. Remarks. - "Mammals taken Along the Alaska Highway", Rollin H. Baker.

Idioms for N:

Quotes for N:

Rhymes for N:

  • nguyen, yuen, fen, knin, ben, madeleine, wren, cayenne, patrolmen, jenn, kenn, lpn, benn, menn, denn, jenne, glen, men, renn, denn, fenn, hen, len, pen, chen, hren, sven, tien, en, len, chen, hen, ten, fen, renne, hren, sdn, glenn, lawmen, ten, un, sven, bren, sen, oilmen, cayenne, bren, ren, den, zen, wen, benne, knin, wen, men, tien, tenn, sen, penn, behn, shen, glenn, renne, senn, den, yen, jen, glen, ben, then, yen, brenn, sten, venn, jenn, amen, ken, en, senn, wren, pen, gren, when, lawmen, sdn, lpn, oilmen, kren, brenn, shen, yuen, benne, gwen, jen, menn, behn, nguyen, ken, zen, amen, when, then, madeleine, jenne, kren, renn, fenn, un, kenn, penn, gwen, tenn, ren, gren, venn, benn, sten, patrolmen;
  • again, again;
  • adrienne, cnn, adrienne, georgienne, asean, handymen, handymen, asean, cnn, georgienne;
  • sebastiane, sebastiane, comedienne, comedienne;

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