Pronunciation of Nadas
/nˈɑːdəz/, /nˈɑːdəz/, /n_ˈɑː_d_ə_z/

Antonyms for nadas:

something, vip, lot, somebody, Anything, being, thing.

Synonyms for nadas:

cipher (noun)

blank, goose egg, nada, naught, nil, nobody, nonentity, nothing, nought, nullity, squat, zilch, zip, Insignificancy, ZOT, zippo, diddly squat.

diddly (noun)

iota, jack, ounce, shred, whit, Anything, doodly-squat.

zero (noun)

aught, bottom, cipher, love, nadir, nix, oblivion, ought, scratch, shutout, void, rock bottom, lowest point.

zilch (noun)

diddly-squat, nothingness, zero, not anything, hill of beans.

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