Pronunciation of Near
/nˈi͡ə/, /nˈi‍ə/, /n_ˈiə/

Antonyms for near

put on airs, un seemlier, disjoined, more unobtainable, un available, be yond, more wide stretching, most stifled, most fargoing, more muted, off beaten track, un-distinguished, natural, fargoing, out most, re moved, most orphic, un-attainable, more god knows where, in-approachable, Farstretched, most aside, in distance, far-removed, far, re-tiring, most uncurious, most unmapped, widely distributed, un-obtainable, more wide-ranging, un usual, vamoose, un-gettable, more uncurious, gone, unreachable, un reachable, postponed, far going, off beaten path, up pity, flinch, obscure, un approachable, re-served, farther, in a backwater, in direct, far-flung, in boonies, most murmuring, different, most far-removed, Begone, widereaching, most wide stretching, withdrawn, most widestretching, un commonest, unnatural, most wide-reaching, over kill, later, beyond horizon, unfamiliar, unmatched, more offlying, most nongermane, un-bending, un-achievable, most bleached, unhonored, re-strained, pre occupied, over-kill, un-reasonable, extra ordinary, out of range, un-charted, yonder, wide stretching, more far extending, farthest, in glorious, little known, in audible, utter-most, most unachievable, remoter, back, blench, unrelated, unheard of, un prejudiced, radiate, un-commoner, pull out, un discovered, opposite, most deadened, un-seemlier, more far-stretched, more beyond, un sung, un interested, un-feasible, in distinct, un noted, far away, un-known, unrealistic, most asunder, in considerable, most widereaching, wide extending, un-settled, most unobtainable, more telescopic, off lying, lowpitched, more farremoved, more deadened, with-drawn, unnoted, quail, extra-ordinary, more yonder, more far stretched, unlike, recoil, most beyond, non-germane, most farremoved, in tenser, in-conspicuous, un seen, most softened, dis-interested, far-spread, far spread, far reaching, more wide-stretching, more far-spread, more away, putting airs, wide-extending, more asunder, middle of nowhere, detached, far flung, afar, most far-extending, more wideextending, far extending, in surmountable, re tired, in accessible, out of reach, unheardof, un-clearest, most unhonored, away, That, un-honored, in-considerable, un identified, illdefined, un feasible, most wide extending, farreaching, in conspicuous, nonrealistic, extreme, more stifled, un-identified, quite a ways, un seemliest, most yonder, out-lying, Unpassioned, unobtainable, most far stretched, disparate, un committed, in different, un clear, in-tensest, poker faced, right, out of the way, un conventional, wideranging, un-friendlier, god-knows-where, more wide-extending, un-committed, phony, in-surmountable, more farstretched, at a distance, in-different, most faltering, more standoff, more unmapped, out and out, frosty, most far removed, re served, clear out, re mote, more blurred, unapproachable, most muted, more far removed, more far spread, more unpassioned, most off lying, out lying, dis interested, un obtainable, in background, most far spread, un-approachable, un friendlier, un-sociable, uttermost, in the distance, most uncompanionable, more off-lying, more muttering, at distance, un-conventional, uncharted, un bending, in-curious, more far-going, pure, telescopic, un-friendliest, most far extending, more apart, more bated, un-common, cool, unalike, genuine, orphic, clear off, most muttering, more overkill, nonnatural, out of proportion, most off-lying, wide reaching, re-mote, top-pest, true, push off, off, out of it, in-temperate, far-off, scarper, most apart, mock, push on, in-sociable, far stretched, un-curious, more boondocks, offlying, most wide ranging, in temperate, in-audible, well away, most farspread, in the sticks, more aside, far off, in the background, most offlying, non germane, most piano, un-realizable, bug out, reserved, un-clear, un-sung, in-visible, un settled, out of way, a piece, Uncompanionable, inaccessible, out of earshot, in-tenser, un clearest, beyond the horizon, un explored, preoccupied, outer-most, un concerned, more far going, bail, most wideextending, not at hand, arm length, wince, re tiring, outright, un-usual, yon, overkill, in-accessible, wide ranging, most sequestered, fake, most standoff, more god-knows-where, out way, most unpassioned, not home, un-concerned, incomparable, downright, in backwater, generous, in appropriate, wide of, laidback, unmapped, expired, more nongermane, most poker faced, most insociable, ill defined, in curious, utter most, more farextending, more far-removed, off-lying, stuck up, un-communicative, take off, most ways, re-tired, un realizable, perfect, most far-stretched, shrink, dis passionate, real, in sociable, un-available, most wide-ranging, off the beaten track, complete, wideextending, out reach, more unhonored, in-ordinate, disconnected, un known, nongermane, most wide reaching, most away, deferred, un reasonable, aloof, more widereaching, un curious, un-seemliest, un friendliest, outside, in visible, in-tense, out range, distant, quite ways, divorced, most far going, un workable, un involved, beyond reach, more piano, more faltering, dis-passionate, separated, out-and-out, more unnoted, more wideranging, most wide-extending, unsociable, retired, un biased, laid back, with drawn, un attainable, most bated, most wide-stretching, low pitched, out earshot, in the boonies, BUG OFF, un-prejudiced, in sticks, poker-faced, god knows where, unachievable, in-appropriate, most poker-faced, more far-extending, un-important, antisocial, un-workable, most ungettable, faint, most far-going, most god knows where, more uncompanionable, middle nowhere, more bleached, un distinguished, bugger off, further-most, more insociable, widestretching, re strained, un-involved, more wide extending, far back, pre-occupied, more poker faced, separate, up-pity, un seemly, get off, walk out, ungettable, contrasting, in-direct, in tense, un honored, un-disclosed, un commoner, out side, un-connected, standoffish, past, far-stretched, faraway, un-reachable, more farspread, more off lying, put airs, absolute, uncurious, un common, un-mapped, most farstretched, un-noted, sham, bail out, remote, out it, not hand, farflung, unfriendly, un companionable, most frontier, arms length, more wide reaching, more ungettable, out proportion, more frontier, dissimilar, farextending, un compromising, un-discovered, far removed, farremoved, in-glorious, most far-spread, farspread, more widestretching, un-interested, unqualified, ex tensive, most wideranging, un-friendly, most god-knows-where, out the way, squinch, most telescopic, be-yond, un disclosed, in-distinct, stuckup, un charted, most boondocks, depart, other, more sequestered, un achievable, beyond range, un-compromising.