Pronunciation of Nearby
/ni͡əbˈa͡ɪ/, /ni‍əbˈa‍ɪ/, /n_iə_b_ˈaɪ/

Antonyms for nearby:

beyond range, wide reaching, most muted, most muttering, ex tensive, in sticks, arms length, more blurred, un friendlier, in-audible, far stretched, dis-passionate, more piano, un interested, in different, more unpassioned, most far extending, in curious, off-lying, more farstretched, poker-faced, most apart, more unobtainable, lowpitched, most ways, most piano, most standoff, more wide-stretching, farspread, re tired, far-spread, re-mote, most widestretching, unheardof, most unpassioned, wide ranging, more wide-extending, most farspread, most nongermane, out side, farextending, more aside, middle of nowhere, un-interested, more widereaching, more bated, more ungettable, re served, far reaching, wide stretching, more muttering, far-stretched, in the boonies, un noted, most stifled, in the sticks, most wide-ranging, un obtainable, most aside, put airs, most beyond, un-discovered, inaccessible, most insociable, uncurious, far-off, ill defined, far extending, dis passionate, god knows where, un-feasible, most sequestered, out earshot, un-reachable, un-realizable, more far stretched, out range, arm length, re mote, un biased, unnoted, more wide stretching, in direct, most widereaching, un involved, more yonder, un distinguished, most unhonored, in-visible, more god-knows-where, most murmuring, separated, un prejudiced, un-available, stuck up, un-workable, in-sociable, more beyond, most fargoing, most uncurious, unapproachable, more wideranging, more bleached, most poker faced, laidback, in-curious, most wide stretching, in accessible, farflung, non germane, more nongermane, dis interested, fargoing, most wide ranging, telescopic, re-served, away, unheard of, most softened, most uncompanionable, un disclosed, more off lying, un-concerned, most wideranging, un feasible, more wide reaching, offlying, un friendliest, in-direct, most ungettable, more off-lying, un-achievable, in-surmountable, more telescopic, most wideextending, in considerable, more boondocks, illdefined, most far spread, most bleached, low pitched, in distance, in-accessible, un-communicative, off lying, most poker-faced, unobtainable, off beaten path, most faltering, more farextending, un-approachable, un-clear, in-different, in a backwater, more farspread, un curious, not hand, in sociable, most bated, more wide-ranging, un approachable, in backwater, un-friendlier, most far-going, more insociable, more wideextending, most god knows where, be yond, ungettable, un-attainable, divorced, un-connected, out it, removed, most frontier, detached, deep, most far-spread, most god-knows-where, wide extending, un-obtainable, most wide extending, far spread, un-disclosed, distant, un companionable, un known, most yonder, more uncompanionable, most far stretched, most off-lying, most unachievable, most off lying, unhonored, more deadened, un-sociable, in background, wide-extending, Farstretched, in visible, in-considerable, non-germane, un honored, more far going, out-lying, more widestretching, most far going, more muted, re-strained, most wide reaching, god-knows-where, laid back, in boonies, un-sung, more god knows where, re moved, more wide extending, more standoff, more away, most deadened, re-tired, more uncurious, more far-spread, more stifled, put on airs, remote, most wide-extending, more far extending, more faltering, un clear, out of earshot, far-flung, out of range, wideranging, un reachable, in-distinct, not at hand, un-settled, in distinct, up pity, un committed, in-conspicuous, in audible, putting airs, Uncompanionable, in the distance, un-committed, wide of, poker faced, un seen, out reach, far going, out lying, in appropriate, more far spread, un-friendliest, in-glorious, un available, far, obscure, far back, nongermane, un concerned, un-important, un achievable, most farstretched, more frontier, un-known, most away, widereaching, dis-interested, far off, be-yond, most offlying, in conspicuous, un workable, more sequestered, middle nowhere, stuckup, widely distributed, most telescopic, more unnoted, re strained, wideextending, most wide-stretching, widestretching, un-honored, faint, unachievable, more asunder, in surmountable, most orphic, not home, faraway, un realizable, most wide-reaching, up-pity, with drawn, in glorious, un-gettable, un discovered, most boondocks, more poker faced, a piece, more offlying, un-prejudiced, un-noted, more far-going, most unobtainable, far flung, most far-stretched, yon, out of reach, more far-stretched, un-friendly, with-drawn, un sung, retired, in-appropriate, out of it, un attainable, most far-extending, in the background, more far-extending, farreaching, Unpassioned, un-curious, un-involved, more apart, re-tiring, un-distinguished, yonder, more unhonored, most asunder, un-clearest, un clearest, un settled, re tiring, orphic.

Usage examples for nearby:

  • Robert Allinson was nearby, looking unusually grave; but Murray caught Andrew's eye and smiled. - "For the Allinson Honor", Harold Bindloss.
  • Wherever there are small trees there are old mature trees or remains of them nearby. - "The Forest Habitat of the University of Kansas Natural History Reservation", Henry S. Fitch Ronald L. McGregor.
  • We hide the ladder in the woods nearby. - "Puss Junior and Robinson Crusoe", David Cory.

Rhymes for nearby:

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