Pronunciation of Negative
/nˈɛɡətˌɪv/, /nˈɛɡətˌɪv/, /n_ˈɛ_ɡ_ə_t_ˌɪ_v/

Antonyms for negative

confirmatory, approval, excellence, ratify, positive, grace, confident, more unchallenged, more consenting, cherry-pick, allow, distinction, more affirmatory, sur-plusser, loving, finalize, choose, avouch, most forwardlooking, more uncontested, kind, innocuous, in-disputable, trot out, affirm, un mistakable, plus, helpful, contend, nonlethal, prefer, more approving, most valuable, confirmative, welcoming, pleasant, comradely, congenial, warmhearted, agreeable, un mitigated, un doubted, in-controvertible, constructive, more confirmatory, value, in dubitable, merit, most forward looking, admit, ex-press, insist, more confirmative, Aye, authorize, uncharged, most confirming, good-tempered, most unquestioned, devoted, clear cut, in-dubitable, allege, affirmative, more complying, aver, unresistant, un ambiguous, ex press, companionable, un-mistakable, beneficial, unquestioned, formalize, supporting, unchallenged, more ratifying, most admitted, forwardlooking, useful, innocent, un contested, more augmented, concede, in disputable, not disputed, in-creased, in contestable, un equivocal, more forwardlooking, most expanded, convivial, most forward-looking, cordial, accredit, profess, un erring, un-questioned, well-disposed, re-cognized, out-righter, continuallies, un-challenged, nonfatal, affable, in-arguable, out righter, good, inoffensive, most endorsing, more endorsing, clearcut, more concurring, understanding, uncontested, more unquestioned, affirmatory, more confirming, sociable, nondestructive, approbate, most augmented, neighborly, more forward-looking, more acknowledging, more positive, more expanded, kindly, un-deniable, forward looking, more admitted, civil, most boosted, un-disputed, more affirming, approve, out and out, re cognized, neutralized, sur-plussest, handpick, harmless, affectionate, most consenting, confirm, nice, sur plusser, warm, cardinal virtue, un deniable, avow, social, most affirmatory, un-equivocal, supportive, most acknowledging, un-contested, more forward looking, fess, un challenged, out right, un-mitigated, maintain, sympathetic, agree, un-disputable, out-right, Homologate, declare, most ratifying, excellency, un disputed, genial, most confirmative, tolerant, most unchallenged, good-natured, benign, accepting, gregarious, most approving, neutral, sweet, forward-looking, benignant, virtue, un-doubted, un disputable, confess, most complying, complying, more boosted, amicable, most confirmatory, most affirming, more concrete, assert, un questioned, accept, hospitable, extend, in controvertible, amiable, sur plussest, empathetic, give, favorable, gracious, most concurring, affirmatives, most uncontested, beyond question, out rightest, Alway, acknowledge.