Pronunciation of Negligent
/n_ˈɛ_ɡ_l_ɪ_dʒ_ə_n_t/, /nˈɛɡlɪd͡ʒənt/, /nˈɛɡlɪd‍ʒənt/

Antonyms for negligent:

be upon, on alert, hard core, in the know, on the job, crossing the t, walking eggs, more safeguarding, dotting i's, dotting the i's, most ruminating, clearcut, rigorous, steadfast, grooved, concerned, going great lengths, conscionable, pensive, well informed, more ruminating, eagle eyed, on toes, more confiding, in exhaustible, most contemplating, most warm hearted, all together, fussbudget, undistorted, most apprised, selfdisciplined, wide-awake, conscious, de-finite, more bound up, non-committal, sharp-eyed, most plugging, hedging one's bets, punctilious, well thought out, un-selfish, all ears, dotting the i, tuned in, cautious, more ironhanded, keeping on one toes, more apprised, un-flinching, wideawake, playing it cool, gnostic, in brown study, know the answers, not missing a trick, assiduous, more undistorted, cleanly, regarding, Worldlywise, persistent, careful, un-remitting, like clam, nose grindstone, more grubbing, most enrapt, staunch, keeping ones toes, most supraliminal, more methodized, devoted, hard-working, more stickling, most fussbudget, discreet, more remarking, re-marking, clear-sighted, most sharp eyed, ex-press, painstaking, most persisting, trueblue, most enthralled, de-liberate, contemplative, know all the answers, most structured, fast draw, wisest, ex-acting, more clearsighted, percipient, most felt, be up on, wrapped up, dotting the is, Stickling, most circumscribed, un-compromising, un wearying, fore-thoughtful, more custodial, un flagging, by the book, know all answers, well thought-out, bound determined, crossing the t's, dis criminating, most surveying, vigilant, most selfdisciplined, more contemplating, most undistorted, ironhanded, supra-liminal, more warm-hearted, gone on, Enrapt, more sharpeyed, most clearsighted, taking it easy, sensitive to, in flexible, crossing the ts, more reasoning, most protecting, more adherent, more museful, more protecting, good hands, more advertent, more apperceptive, most grooved, most yearning, dis covering, more selfdisciplined, more fussbudget, open eyed, in-temperate, in tent, de finite, re-strained, discerning, wide awake, Observative, meticulous, most unwearying, wellregulated, in dividual, see to, nose to grindstone, insighted, unwasteful, stop nothing, un changing, more mesmerized, regardful, more bound-up, hell bent, more discovering, Intentive, more pussyfoot, looking to, loving, re-gular, with-drawn, most insulating, hep to, thoughtful, precise, most precautious, most bound-up, keeping on one's toes, un-wavering, un-relenting, stuck on, more wellregulated, re marking, on button, dis-covering, well bred, meth odic, self-disciplined, fast on the draw, more witting, yearning, sharpeyed, most insighted, wild about, more precautious, playing cool, most pondering, more liking, in know, most ironhanded, welldefined, more unwasteful, more clear-sighted, more consumed, most safeguarding, clear cut, not missing trick, most knowledgeable, more hard-working, most wellregulated, in-corruptible, most jazzed, most comprehending, keeping toes, string along with, more glued, supra liminal, un-wearied, pre pared, more insulating, more bookworm, pondering, by numbers, crossing t's, observant, witting, in-dividual, most clear sighted, in-flexible, un sleeping, on one toes, re solute, most advertent, most custodial, more emergency, disciplined, more warm hearted, crossing ts, custodial, on the dot, pre-occupied, more reflecting, alive to, lost thought, most well-regulated, more admiring, more enrapt, ex press, pre cautious, hedging one bets, handling with kid gloves, most bound up, forethoughtful, most caring, most covering, more surveying, in-sighted, on the qui vive, dyed in the wool, de-voted, steady, Museful, most confiding, ex acting, most pussyfoot, ready, hellbent, provident, more forethoughtful, on lookout, Valuing, un wasteful, Conservational, most stickling, un wavering, most hard working, under-standing, lovesome, wise to, know ins outs, co-operative, most guardian, most unwasteful, more observative, in right mind, de liberate, diligent, more well-regulated, more diligent, crossing t, walking on eggs, pre occupied, in on, re-served, de-liberative, un-faltering, methodical, grinder, keeping on ones toes, un-wearying, most admiring, de voted, eat sleep and breathe, most witting, untiring, most detecting, most observative, most bookworm, wellbred, most attached, successful, most discovering, with drawn, most methodized, dis trustful, most stickler, more into, on level, under standing, more supraliminal, in-clement, un selfish, dis-trustful, most museful, scrupulous, protective, with one eyes peeled, un relenting, in sighted, un permissive, un-wasteful, more disciplined, on qui vive, more sharp eyed, more conscionable, un tiring, most glued, see after, on the watch, un wearied, most remarking, studious, re gular, well regulated, more yearning, most apperceptive, self disciplined, whizest, un faltering, more detecting, hanging on every word, most recognizing, tried true, able recognize, philosophic, un swerving, taken up, most conscionable, pre-pared, whizer, with weather eye open, by book, un distorted, most unpermissive, more caring, on watch, most sharp-eyed, most valuing, on job, most clear-sighted, fast the draw, strict, more conservational, well-regulated, taking easy, prompt, be on, on the button, most disciplined, most fervid, dis-criminating, bound up, more attached, watching step, most grubbing, more pondering, indefatigable, un-changing, re-solute, structured, fast on draw, supraliminal, more plugging, watching ones step, heads up, more valuing, openeyed, more covering, more unpermissive, well thoughtout, most well regulated, thinking, like a clam, dotting i, un-distorted, more sharp-eyed, most percipient, foresighted, more insighted, watchful, fonder, more precise, in temperate, attentive, de terminate, hard working, more comprehending, more jazzed, more lovesome, most reflecting, hanging every word, more grooved, more in to, with eyes peeled, thinking twice, most shielding, co operative, alert, lost in thought, on the lookout, re served, more felt, interested, most adherent, keeping one toes, clear sighted, dead set on, switched on, on dot, most boundup, more stickler, un equivocal, able to recognize, most lovesome, un compromising, eagleeyed, most forethoughtful, more questioning, mindful, de-terminate, dotting is, Precautious, fore thoughtful, on hand, more percipient, worldly wise, meth-odic, keeping on toes, going to great lengths, most gnostic, on ones toes, more persisting, un-tiring, clearsighted, un-swerving, un hesitating, glued, un flinching, re cognizing, responsible, most hard-working, on money, advertent, caring, re strained, more circumscribed, looking for, un-equivocal, instantaneous, boundup, psyched up, un-flagging, behind one, more enthralled, re-cognizing, ex-act, un-sleeping, most in to, most into, well read, wellread, in corruptible, with ones eyes peeled, ex act, most consumed, know ins and outs, bound-up, most reasoning, more boundup, not rash, unwearying, wary, circumspect, de liberative, on one's toes, eat sleep breathe, most questioning, grindest, hedging ones bets, un remitting, doting, un-permissive, Warm-hearted, pre-cautious, warm hearted, in to, non committal, Immersed, most intentive, more gnostic, wistful, un-hesitating, most mesmerized.

Usage examples for negligent:

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