Pronunciation of Nervous
/n_ˈɜː_v_ə_s/, /nˈɜːvəs/, /nˈɜːvəs/

Antonyms for nervous

unbend, most certain, temperate, snaillike, laid-back, un-ruffled, more positive, most repressed, most mild mannered, re strained, easygoing, uncaring, far-sighted, in curious, most mild-mannered, unexcessive, assured, most racked, poker-faced, most outgiving, devil may care, selfconfident, most mildmannered, more unimpassioned, un excited, out giving, in right mind, beyond doubt, Forbearant, keeping one's shirt on, most hard hearted, in-dubitable, more lowpressure, self assured, sober, un-perturbed, un critical, low-key, self controlled, unconcerned, in different, more soothed, cool as a cucumber, demulcent, un-inhibited, un flappable, more low pressure, most ho hum, all there, de-finite, lenitive, more yellow bellied, self-controlled, most hard-hearted, have act together, hang loose, nothing much, more hangloose, more suppressed, more unwrinkled, Inexcitable, selfcontrolled, unflurried, more outgiving, more mild mannered, more waveless, more curbed, sure, surefire, cold blooded, most hangloose, in-curious, more stormless, in-scrutable, un-extremest, selfassured, sub missive, more abnegating, softsell, over confident, selfrestrained, un excessive, re served, Cinched, more unimpressed, even tempered, most softened, more hard hearted, reposeful, most hang loose, goodtempered, free easy, un-critical, most disciplined, more quieted, most poker faced, serene, peaceable, in dubitable, extroverted, more forbearant, have one act together, more yellow-bellied, un-emotional, decompress, dis-interested, un-extreme, goodnatured, un excitable, un-flurried, good humored, more unexcited, more snail like, de finite, more unworried, at ease, more snaillike, keeping stiff upper lip, more undemanding, low key, no nonsense, loosen up, lowpitched, hohum, unextremer, un-bothered, unlax, unassuming, calming, in-excitable, quiet, unimpressed, unflustered, un worried, self restrained, more inexcitable, self contained, not turn hair, in-sensitive, Stormless, unexcited, Hard-hearted, more tempered, un caring, more poker faced, dis interested, lowpressure, re-strained, most hohum, laidback, most reposing, at standstill, in scrutable, un-excessive, more racked, pumped up, most nothing, in susceptible, wimpy, easy, un troubled, mild-mannered, un-excitable, in expressive, most forbearant, un perturbed, unwavering, sufficient, unafraid, pacific, keeping shirt on, un ruffled, confident, more clinched, more muted, Clear-headed, more understated, un extremer, certain, more lenitive, lowkey, unsurprised, more clear-headed, more soft sell, up-beat, nonchalant, with marbles, un-interested, more soft-sell, in-different, un doubted, more softsell, un inhibited, more cinched, more indurated, out-giving, dis impassioned, in one's right mind, most murmuring, selfcentered, sewed up, selfpossessed, clear cut, in one right mind, un impressible, most unimpassioned, sure of oneself, yellow-bellied, low pressure, un-troubled, more hohum, keeping one shirt on, most ensured, firm, dis-passionate, most unimpressible, in-expressive, with all marbles, ho hum, more disciplined, most yellow-bellied, more hang loose, undemanding, more hard-hearted, in-attentive, more pabulum, stoical, un extreme, more unexcitable, collected, wimpiest, un disturbed, cool headed, un emotional, make relaxed, re sting, coldblooded, most unflustered, un-involved, un-questionable, nerveless, outgiving, most unbothered, un impassioned, more poised, mild, indolent, more unflurried, in-formal, snail like, more snail-like, de-liberate, un hurried, most snail-like, yellow bellied, most undemanding, un involved, more low-pressure, most poised, Snail-like, far sighted, un-worried, unimpassioned, most understated, at a standstill, self-possessed, most velvety, un assuming, most softsell, de liberate, tranquil, under-stated, in ones right mind, most lenitive, cool, matter of fact, most soft-sell, more mild-mannered, in sipid, un interested, most poker-faced, effortless, unhurried, more nothing, more forgoing, more abstaining, more demulcent, un concerned, un feeling, most unimpressed, most unexcessive, most quieted, more ho hum, un-caring, most ho-hum, most tempered, poker faced, unworried, more unimpressible, more velvety, more calmed, in sensitive, more yellowbellied, yellowbellied, up beat, most yellowbellied, un sympathetic, un-moved, most stormless, over-confident, un-flappable, hard boiled, sure oneself, most low pressure, lax, unruffled, un shaken, low-pressure, un demanding, more softened, un-demanding, un-extremer, most indurated, slow down, more disimpassioned, un-concerned, in-active, un impressed, most yellow bellied, most clear-headed, un-excited, self centered, more mildmannered, restful, in formal, have ones act together, in bag, eventempered, fearless, in order, good natured, un-flustered, Unimpressible, most unflurried, un hesitating, most unwrinkled, controlled, untroubled, happy go lucky, unextremest, understated, coolheaded, in sensible, re-served, bold, hangloose, dis passionate, levelheaded, most pabulum, velvety, in-sensible, most unworried, hardboiled, clearcut, most clear headed, most snaillike, most hang-loose, easy-going, unflappable, most eschewing, insouciant, Disimpassioned, most unexcited, ho-hum, low pitched, imperturbable, in excitable, dis-impassioned, un wrinkled, unwind, self confident, most reposeful, goodhumored, most suppressed, self possessed, laid back, brave, uncritical, positive, most low-pressure, cool as cucumber, most inexcitable, more ho-hum, un-assuming, hard hearted, most checked, have one's act together, more windless, good tempered, under stated, most disimpassioned, calm, most unexcitable, more checked, un-wrinkled, most soft sell, at peace, hang-loose, more unbothered, unextreme, un-hurried, more unflustered, unexcitable, un-impassioned, most muted, more reposing, relax, disciplined, re-sting, un bothered, more repressed, mildmannered, more hang-loose, composed, most lowpressure, more unexcessive, un-impressible, most snail like, happy, not turn a hair, level headed, in-sipid, unstrain, unnervous, clear headed, re pressed, mild mannered, selfcontained, nononsense, most mollifying, most abstaining, un-doubted, un flustered, unwrinkled, more mollifying, un-hesitating, more reposeful, comfortable, un-shaken.