Pronunciation of Nevertheless
/nˌɛvəðəlˈɛs/, /nˌɛvəðəlˈɛs/, /n_ˌɛ_v_ə_ð_ə_l_ˈɛ_s/

Antonyms for nevertheless:

too, withal, also, similarly, likewise, besides, as well, in addition.

Synonyms for nevertheless:

Sense 1

despite, irrespective, still and all.

Sense 2

still and all, be that as it may.

Sense 6


in any event

anyhow, anyway.


all the same, nonetheless, notwithstanding.

Other synonyms and related words:

accept, acquiescence, affirm, after all, again, agreement, all the same, allowance, also, always, anyhow, anyway, appease, approbation, approval, as yet, assent, at all, at any rate, at least, authority, authorization, average, barely, believe, besides, bide, bland, by any means, calm, celebrate, commemorate, conceive, concession, consent, consider, constantly, contemplate, deem, despite, dispassionate, dispensation, endorsement, entertain, even, even so, evenly, eventually, ever, exactly, except, expect, finally, formerly, further, gentle, hand, heretofore, hitherto, how, in any case, in any event, in return, in the end, in time, irregardless, irrespective, just, learn, liberty, licence, license, meanwhile, meditate, merely, mild, more, must, nohow, nonetheless, notwithstanding, observe, only, otherwise, permission, presume, propose, rather, really, reckon, regard, regardless, remain, remove, retire, same, sanction, save, serene, silent, so, so far, sober, somehow, staid, stilly, stock-still, study, suppose, take, think, tho, thus far, Til Now, time, too, tranquil, unmoved, unperturbed, unruffled, until now, up to now, when, whereby, withal, withdraw, Altho, And, Anywise, Howbeit, If, Mauger, Nathless, That, Unless, With, Provided, just the same, still and all, in spite of, even now, even though, for all that, everything considered, at all events, be that as it may, come what may, after that, no matter what, on balance, in any way, in consideration, not the less, none the less, if so, in all events, having said that.

all the same (adverb)

just the same, be that as it may.

anyhow (adverb)

at any rate, at random, in any case, randomly, whatever happens, in any way, in any respect, in whatever way, under any circumstances.

anyway (adverb)

at all, in any event, in any manner.

however (adverb)

although, but, furthermore, however, moreover, still, though, yet, Albeit.

nonetheless (adverb)

even so.

all the same (adverb)

just the same, be that as it may, all same, be as it may, be as may, be that as may, just same.

anyhow (adverb)

however, in one way or another, in either way.

anyway (adverb)


despite everything (adverb)


despite the contrary (adverb)


however (adverb)

after all, although, but, even so, furthermore, however, moreover, nonetheless, notwithstanding, regardless, still, though, withal, yet, Albeit, Howbeit, still and all, even though, not the less.

in spite of (adverb)


nonetheless (adverb)

even so.

regardless (adverb)

at any cost, come what may, without regard to, no matter what, distinct from, in spite everything, in spite of everything, leaving aside, without considering.

still (adverb)

all the same, still and all.

still and all (adverb)

still all.

though (adverb)


yet (adverb)

even though.

notwithstanding (adverb, preposition)

regardless of.

however (conjunction)


still (conjunction)

be sides, be-sides, further more, further-more.

Sense 1 (noun)

anyhow, anyway, at least, despite, for all, all/just the same, in spite of something.

Sense 2 (noun)

affirm, still and all, be that as it may.

all the same (noun)

all the same.

even so (noun)

even, even so.

however (noun)


in any event (noun)

anyhow, anyway.

nevertheless (noun)

all the same, even so, however, nonetheless, notwithstanding, still, withal, yet.

nonetheless (noun)


notwithstanding (noun)


still (noun)


withal (noun)


yet (noun)


although, however (preposition)


indicating contrast (preposition)


notwithstanding (preposition)

after all, on the other hand, to the contrary, withal, Howbeit, the contrary, in spite of, for all that, de spite, de-spite, for that, on other hand, to contrary.

Usage examples for nevertheless:

  • " I dare say not," said Vavasor; " but, nevertheless, here I am." - "Can You Forgive Her?", Anthony Trollope.
  • Nevertheless I have lived with them. - "Autobiography of Anthony Trollope", Anthony Trollope.
  • Nevertheless it was now his letter, and he could not have it read by any one. - "The Golden Silence", C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson.
  • Nevertheless I'm a frightened man. - "The Long Chance", Peter B. Kyne.
  • Nevertheless, like you, I hope that she may be happy with all my- what did you call your soul? - "The Philanderer", George Bernard Shaw.

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