Not Use

Pronunciation of Not Use
/nˌɒt jˈuːs/, /nˌɒt jˈuːs/, /n_ˌɒ_t j_ˈuː_s/

Antonyms for not use:

in-spirit, re-main, took pleasure, over-whelming, are in residence, had life, pre occupied, Peopling, took care of, up on, stuffs one's face, am in command, over runs, ex-pends, spoiled rotten, re siding, going easy on, hath recourse to, wetting ones whistle, went in for, looking out for number one, put to use, hast life, used, mealing, un-folded, laying waste, busy, in-spire, liquors up, give rein to, am hung, putting to use, making the most of, be-stows, was in residence, pre-pare, in-gest, art active with, over whelm, dis-posed, de-voted, wash down, go easy on, availed of, spread out, wetting whistle, in-haling, putting into practice, being in residence, dis pose, in spiring, forms front, be residence, Swilled, be stow, be alive, wert established, lays waste, are alive, de vote, hangs hat, makes most of, lives up, de-lights, lived it up, snacking, taking part, tenant, in spirit, live, Hoovers, partake of, tossed down, limber up, laid waste, puts to use, positioning, acquiring livelihood, be-stowing, earning a living, warmed up, be-witch, consume, wallow in, tost off, taking pleasure, wert in residence, re-sides, un fold, dis-tracts, dis posed, deploy, lives in, became lost, expend, Tenanting, re create, spoilt rotten, profited by, hoovered, basks in, take part, in habited, putting use, keeping busy, are happy, wash up, is in residence, are established, sew up, exercise, ex pends, basking in, revels in, art hung, puts use, art concerned with, in-haled, wert happy, licked in to shape, frivoled away, avail oneself of, ex tending, re-gale, be witched, giving rein to, wets whistle, ex-tended, remain alive, tossing off, in-spirits, wallowing in, was established, pre-pared, licking in to shape, Bunking, hanged hat, frivolling away, being in command, dis-pose, pre-paring, de lighting, entertain, spoiling rotten, wallows in, acquires livelihood, be command, hold attention, in-spired, wast concerned with, gave rein to, bask in, in hales, de-vote, live in, takes care of, be witching, spreads out, in gests, over-whelmed, in spiriting, pre-vails, makes the most of, being command, exhaust, be-stow, in-gests, stuffed one face, overflowing, dis-posing, made merry, basked in, chows down, in-spirited, de light, over whelming, going in for, ex-pend, puts through mill, dis-tress, washing down, remains alive, earn living, stuffed ones face, over whelms, dis-tract, becomes lost, dis tracts, are command, de-cays, wert concerned with, lick in to shape, in habiting, pre vailed, take pleasure, in spires, in spirits, ex pended, hanged ones hat, de ployed, took part, dis tress, lived in, in-habit, Roosting, profits by, walks through, dried run, employed, making ends meet, pro-fits, goes in for, holding attention, re-hearse, earned money, wetted one whistle, be-witches, soak up, ego tripping, ex-tending, art command, hung one hat, cognizant, ecstasized, become lost, nested, aware, put use, in-hales, walked through, take battle stations, earn money, licks into shape, revel in, dis played, sup, in spired, de ploying, dis-play, in-spiring, pre vails, haddest life, slurps, boozing, make ends meet, wert in command, held attention, wert active with, looked out for number one, re sided, takes part, profiting by, pre occupies, makes ends meet, finished up, art in command, over-whelms, tossed off, stuffing ones face, finish up, live up, earning living, toss off, is established, were established, hang ones hat, dries run, de-ploying, ex-tend, wetted whistle, sews up, pre pare, am alive, downing, profit by, Comprehending, make merry, is in command, look out for number one, living it up, being alive, was command, being happy, put out patrol, pro fit, chowing down, having recourse to, ex tends, wast hung, pre vail, lay waste, de-votes, dis posing, was in command, hanging one's hat, hung one's hat, be-guiles, were active with, re mains, hangs ones hat, be-stowed, warms up, dis-played, taking possession, ex-pending, be in command, are in command, taking battle stations, tosses down, earns a living, earns money, pulled on, be stowed, be guile, take possession, pro fits, hang one's hat, art happy, hanged one hat, washed up, finishing up, knocks dead, earning money, puts in to practice, re gales, stuffs ones face, hanging one hat, acquires a livelihood, ex tended, draws breath, fan out, earn a living, ex-tends, Roosted, availing of, is active with, swilling, peopled, be witch, pump iron, availed oneself of, indulge, lick into shape, wast established, was happy, wet ones whistle, Experiencing, is residence, de-ployed, occupied, dis-playing, were command, wet whistle, run out of, art residence, in spire, take care of, sewed up, being concerned with, being active with, upped on, pre-occupy, makes it, over-run, re sides, dis tresses, be stows, stuffing face, Lasted, in haled, drew breath, partaking of, in-habiting, de-ploy, nesting, hast recourse to, populated, are hung, looks out for number one, licks in to shape, making it, Bunked, set out, taking care of, living up, de cays, make most of, lives it up, loosened up, pre-occupies, loosens up, puts into practice, un-fold, in-hale, hang out, stuffs one face, pre-occupied, tossing down, pre-occupying, in-spires, putting through mill, ex pend, were concerned with, be-witched, re-sided, loosen up, stuff ones face, were alive, made ends meet, re lax, in hale, licking into shape, am established, frivols away, in-habits, hang hat, hangs one hat, draw breath, go in for, being hung, stuffing one's face, pre vailing, are concerned with, over-whelm, hangs one's hat, stuff one face, loosening up, remaining alive, re hearse, de-voting, took battle stations, pulling on, over whelmed, slurping, hung ones hat, be concerned with, are active with, un folding, am concerned with, running out of, in-spiriting, puts out patrol, wert command, ex pending, dis-tressed, un folds, in spirited, frivol away, are residence, kept busy, knocking dead, pumping iron, liquoring up, avails of, dis tract, stuff one's face, be witches, acquiring a livelihood, have recourse to, ecstasizes, pre pared, hanged one's hat, putting through grind, re gale, wet one whistle, toss down, snacked, occupy, de lighted, were in command, gives rein to, am active with, re-mains, hit bottle, chow down, re main, put in to practice, fanned out, warm up, be-guile, wast happy, made it, hanging hat, soaking up, am residence, revelling in, wetted one's whistle, in habits, dis playing, hung hat, went easy on, soaks up, wast alive, re-gales, ego tripped, is command, tosses off, hadst life, stuff face, pre paring, full, re hearses, Busied, live it up, Garrisoned, fans out, in haling, ex tend, de-ploys, un-folds, wert residence, formed front, slurp, am command, washing up, be happy, reveling in, setting out, runs through, hadst recourse to, took possession, Downs, all-owed, drying run, stuffs face, engross, be established, liquor up, has life, pre occupy, spoil rotten, tenanted, wallowed in, be-witching, keeps busy, haddest recourse to, de lights, over running, earned living, holds attention, over-runs, de-lighting, be hung, re mained, all owed, tost down, becoming lost, sets out, has recourse to, Scarfed, be guiles, ex-pended, hoovering, re maining, be active with, were happy, dis play, putting in to practice, busies, acquired livelihood, Disciplining, lived up, being established, de voted, dis-plays, put through mill, wets one whistle, de ploys, washes down, Garrisoning, slurped, downed, is happy, were in residence, de ploy, was residence, washes up, was alive, frivoling away, put into practice, de cay, had recourse to, re-hearses, de votes, takes pleasure, all owing, in habit, disciplined, ensconce, re side, wet one's whistle, art in residence, de-lighted, dis-tresses, dis tressed, pulls on, keep busy, make it, humoring, ecstasize, runs out of, fanning out, made most of, pumps iron, takes battle stations, ran out of, all-owing, re-side, was hung, un folded, frivolled away, un-folding, pre-vailed, life, upping on, puts through grind, wast in command, earns living, wetting one's whistle, pre pares, be in residence, wast in residence, bring bear, de-light, were residence, being residence, living in, form front, be stowing, spoils rotten, de voting, earned a living, dis plays, re-lax, waste, wert alive, revelled in, pre-vail, was concerned with, Busying, wast command, reveled in, de-cay, knock dead, avail of, wast residence, chowed down, avails oneself of, hang one hat, stuffed one's face, re-siding, walking through, art alive, am happy, wert hung, putting out patrol, partook of, wetted ones whistle, forming front, in gest, availing oneself of, finishes up, walk through, soaked up, takes possession, Scarfing, going through, spreading out.

Synonyms for not use:

vacant (adjective)

abandoned, available, bare, clear, deserted, devoid, free, idle, stark, unemployed, unengaged, unfilled, uninhabited, untenanted, unused, void, Disengaged, Tenantless, Untaken, to let, not in use, unlived in, without contents.

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