Pronunciation of Obdurately
/ˈɒbdjʊ͡əɹətli/, /ˈɒbdjʊ‍əɹətli/, /ˈɒ_b_d_j_ʊə_ɹ_ə_t_l_i/

Antonyms for obdurately:

graciously, indefinitely, docilely, Waveringly, obediently, weakly, Changeably.

Synonyms for obdurately:

firmly (adverb)

adamantly, constantly, decisively, doggedly, indefatigably, intently, obdurately, obstinately, perseveringly, persistently, pertinaciously, purposefully, resolutely, staunchly, steadfastly, stolidly, strictly, stubbornly, tenaciously, unchangeably, unwaveringly, through thick and thin, with heavy hand.

obstinately (adverb)

contumaciously, determinedly, firmly, fixedly, inflexibly, mulishly, unreasonably, unreasoningly, unrelentingly, willfully, Resolvedly, unyieldingly, resistantly, indomitably, intractably, opinionatedly, unflinchingly, headstrongly, bullheadedly, pigheadedly, recalcitrantly, unamenably, unimpressibly.


stubbornly, intransigently.

Usage examples for obdurately:

  • Mrs. Groome alone had set her face obdurately against any change in the personnel of the eighties. - "The Sisters-In-Law", Gertrude Atherton.
  • She continued to look obdurately out of the window. - "Her Infinite Variety", Brand Whitlock.
  • But the Jocks remained obdurately modest. - "The Complete PG Edition of The Works of Winston Churchill", Winston Churchill.
  • This third part is a much less obdurately resisting factor: it often ends by giving way. - "Pragmatism A New Name for Some Old Ways of Thinking", William James.

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