Pronunciation of Obese
/əʊ_b_ˈiː_z/, /ə͡ʊbˈiːz/, /ə‍ʊbˈiːz/

Antonyms for obese:

slight, waspish, willowy, un convincing, un-persuasive, in conceivable, under nourished, stringy, scraggier, under weight, weak kneed, thin, most beanstalk, in credible, twiglike, in-sufficient, most wafer-thin, stickest, under-nourished, more unpersuasive, most paper thin, more weak kneed, more pinched, paperthin, poler, more weak-kneed, un-believable, Subtile, sticker, sylphlike, Stalky, most shriveled, reedier, more beanstalk, subtiler, trans parent, more beanpole, more featherweight, reediest, rawboned, more paperthin, beanstalk, stalkier, most beanpole, trans-parent, in-credible, more stretched, most waferthin, more wafer thin, more paper thin, skinny, more weakkneed, reedy, scrawny, stalkiest, re fined, un-substantial, sub-tile, runny, most wafer thin, emaciated, in-substantial, most weak-kneed, trans lucent, haggard, cadaverous, polest, most dispersed, puny, sub tile, paper-thin, pinched, in substantial, most attenuated, scraggiest, most stretched, more shadow, ectomorphic, angular, most unpersuasive, most paperthin, in-conceivable, un-convincing, more twiglike, most shadow, most attenuate, paper thin, more shriveled, most twiglike, trans-lucent, un substantial, anorexic, runniest, subtilest, underweight, lank, most undernourished, see through, stiltest, unpersuasive, weedy, more waferthin, un persuasive, sinewy, most paper-thin, un-tenable, scraggy, bony, most featherweight, more attenuate, most weakkneed, wishy washy, more attenuated, seethrough, wafer-thin, un tenable, in adequate, under-weight, more dispersed, in-adequate, undernourished, waferthin, most pinched, featherweight, more wafer-thin, stilt, wafer thin, un believable, weakkneed, sub tiler, more undernourished, twiggy, wishywashy, stilter, runnier.

Usage examples for obese:

  • Mr. Ducksmith bolted like an obese rabbit into the salon. - "The Joyous Adventures of Aristide Pujol", William J. Locke.
  • She sat, a small obese figure made larger by her furs, and stared at him with troubled eyes. - "The Breaking Point", Mary Roberts Rinehart.
  • He seized his obese bulk by the waist and lifted him high above his head. - "Deepfreeze", Robert Donald Locke.

Rhymes for obese:

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