Pronunciation of Observant
/ɒbzˈɜːvənt/, /ɒbzˈɜːvənt/, /ɒ_b_z_ˈɜː_v_ə_n_t/

Antonyms for observant:

dis trait, distracted, disinterested, out to lunch, un perceiving, most nonobservant, un conscious, dreamy, un-fair, un-caring, in tent, unprovoked, more fluctuating, un-justified, disregarding, most asocial, emptyheaded, in delicate, selfcentered, more woolgathering, un heeding, un-diplomatic, un-observant, in-temperate, taken up, dazed, in subordinate, airheaded, un gracious, in-curious, most thriftless, most woolgathering, non-compliant, wanton, Imperceptive, un seeing, un-principled, weary, self centered, in-subordinate, re moved, pre occupied, lost in thought, unreflective, dis-regardful, un-wariest, un observant, unheedful, more daydreaming, more undiscerning, in curious, in-sensitive, dis courteous, most inconscient, more hot headed, un just, stupid, have on the brain, reckless, most unreasoning, motiveless, drowsy, most hot headed, xrated, un scrupulous, undiscerning, lamebrained, most bugged, in-judicious, most daydreaming, fractious, most mooning, indiscreet, hot headed, unobservant, daydreaming, in cautious, more wrappedup, dreaming, un-conscious, un kindest, most lamebrained, Inobservant, nonobservant, most undiscerning, out lunch, asleep, Uncircumspect, un-kinder, wrapped-up, uninformed, in-observant, unperceiving, devil may care, obtuse, heedless, un observing, disobedient, in considerate, wrappedup, most double crossing, in temperate, pro fuse, rash, non compliant, most airheaded, astigmatic, most unobserving, un reasoning, un-provoked, un-watchful, un-heeding, un disciplined, unready, most unprovoked, un reasonable, sleeping, in-advertent, most astigmatic, thoughtless, more unreasoning, asleep at switch, more asocial, unheeding, honest, dis orderly, Impercipient, un fairest, most impercipient, illconsidered, un-concerned, incautious, apathetic, more inobservant, most double-crossing, dis regardful, un-thinking, non-observant, un fettered, in different, Unobserving, in attentive, un-asked, most doublecrossing, un juster, most hot-headed, headstrong, in-delicate, in discreet, in judicious, uninterested, un-reserved, un justest, most irreflective, more airheaded, most spendthrift, have the brain, head-strong, most unperceiving, most motiveless, absentminded, more hot-headed, in-tractable, ignorant, more unwatchful, more wrapped up, un-warier, un fair, more bugged, un-kind, Irreflective, more spendthrift, head strong, in sensitive, unscrupulous, un-mindful, unprepared, in-constant, faraway, more double crossing, un-refined, un warier, more unprovoked, un watchful, un justified, asleep the switch, most bovine, asleep switch, un-justifiable, un-ceremonious, un refined, lost thought, in observant, un thinking, un principled, un-seeing, bold, inattentive, unperceptive, uncalledfor, foolish, dis-trait, un-wary, un-just, pre-occupied, indifferent, un fairer, hot cold, most unnoticing, unconcerned, un-noticing, more wrapped-up, in-attentive, unplanned, hot and cold, foggy, oblivious, sluggish, un-reasoning, audacious, more unobserving, un provoked, unfocused, inconscient, non observant, in tractable, un wary, most precipitate, more astigmatic, have on brain, most unreflective, un reflective, asleep at the switch, more bovine, un-compliant, more lamebrained, un asked, un-fairer, un-fairest, un-discerning, anti-social, un kinder, unknowledgeable, most wrappedup, dis-courteous, unfamiliar, woolgathering, most inobservant, Hot-headed, off guard, un-gracious, asocial, un compliant, un kind, not clever, preoccupied, most wrapped up, be-mused, most unwatchful, unwitting, artless, offguard, more thriftless, un-restrained, careless, un-fettered, un caring, lethargic, un-reflective, more unreflective, un concerned, in-considerate, dis obedient, un-reasonable, x rated, more unnoticing, in-discreet, anti social, un-kindest, unreasoning, in advertent, engrossed, uncareful, up down, un mindful, un-juster, inconsiderate, more double-crossing, un aware, neglectful, in-different, unconscious, un discerning, wayward, un-justest, in-cautious, un-observing, un-perceiving, be mused, hazy, more nonobservant, more unperceiving, more irreflective, insensitive, un noticing, pro-fuse, un-scrupulous, unthinking, more mooning, thriftless, unnoticing, unaware, slow, Neglecting, more impercipient, un wariest, aboveboard, remote, empty headed, have brain, dis-obedient, unwatchful, unmindful, more motiveless, illadvised, unlawful, lost, un justifiable, dense, most wrapped-up, in comprehensible, spread out, more inconscient, absorbed, dis-orderly, un-aware.

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