Pronunciation of Obstruct
/ɒbstɹˈʌkt/, /ɒbstɹˈʌkt/, /ɒ_b_s_t_ɹ_ˈʌ_k_t/

Antonyms for obstruct

boosts morale, Pillowing, step on it, up bore, stumps for, ex celled, co-operates, Shotguns, holds up one's end, didst for one, is of use, be big, am solicitous of, subscribed to, grinned bear it, Proportioning, pleads for, stand behind, turn on heat, caved in, gets under way, dost for one, pulls together, am good for, co operated, re animate, toeing the mark, be of advantage, sitting in, pushed for, Domiciled, barreled, keeps eye on, watch over, cleans up, be a participant, turned heat, doing a favor, doth right by, babysit, working with, throws weight around, provides for, is of advantage, starting ball rolling, gave leave, baby sit, patted back, side with, puts ease, minister to, went like wind, pre-vail, throw one's lot with, starts ball rolling, work side by side, straightened out, speed up, sticking up for, hand-carried, went down the line for, throws in ones lot with, throw in the towel, dost the trick, re vamped, liberate, in-cites, is bottom of, hath do with, keep tabs on, cashes on, being participant, was participant, give the go ahead, are good for, be game for, is game for, got things rolling, does part, came on to, sub-scribes, out shine, turned advantage, co ordinate, kickoffing, de-bug, makes room, were at the bottom of, throws in the towel, concusses, throw towel, lead to, am party to, art good for, mitigated, keeps from falling, art advantage, up hold, subscribes to, doth service, patted the back, in-spirits, re calibrate, was a party to, gave a boost, were participant, give a leg up, putting in to hands of, free, up-grading, swimming with the tide, rooting for, open throttle, had to do with, join forces, fires up, complying with, get in the act, steps it, be bottom of, pulls strings, makes a killing, de-bugged, being good for, see to, make a deal, doest kindness, makes it, saw through, giving rise to, lightened burden, being a party to, de-bugging, learning from, was cahoots, dont rock boat, dis-patches, cleaned up one act, make a killing, did a service, re strains, gave okay, take one side, putting forward, putting into hands of, inter ceded, gets in on, comes around, fiddles with, in-cited, coadjuted, art solicitous of, pre vail, co-ordinate, pre serve, spoke for, throw one lot with, got on act, putting map, made money, getting act, re fined, doing service, holding up end, throwing in one's lot with, was at bottom of, turned on the heat, in-spirited, inter cedes, gives go-ahead, Helped, taking up with, dont make waves, thinking up, putting john hancock on, clear, give stamp approval, being of use, get in on the act, cleaning one act, commiserate with, upbore, threw in one's lot with, take under one wing, does a favor, wink at, nodded at, in vite, shared in, working together, did the trick, walking through, gives a boost to, are a participant, throws with, cashed on, gotten the act, roll over play dead, put good use, excavate, going fast, go fast, re cover, facilitate, getting in with, sticked together, loses no time, re-commending, be good for, went like the wind, gat behind, participate, gat in on act, pro-vides, turn on the heat, payed off, give permission, art bottom of, up raising, wast into, shows willingness, up-bear, pre-served, boost, throwing in one lot with, dis patches, re vitalize, go in to, getting in act, take the part of, signing off on, putting the arm on, works for, re-fining, in-citing, making money, comfort, play the game, wast cahoots, gat things rolling, pro-portioned, sits on, gets chummy with, stand good stead, open up throttle, grinning bear it, are participant, being solicitous of, are partial to, keep eye on, cleaning up act, shored up, caves in, co operate, worked for, holding one's end, ex act, says yes, doest one part, re vamps, cracked down, take up with, doest right by, doth one's part, gets moving, took up with, paid off, rolling over and play dead, kept an eye on, roll over and play dead, Co-ordinates, out strip, wast in cahoots, doth one part, cutting along, smiling on, concussing, re commend, take with, tailormaking, up rears, got in on act, made big, thumbsing up, speeded up, caters to, called attention to, throw in towel, cleaning up, keep an eye on, re-commended, signs on, buddy up, makes well, opens up throttle, pull strings, dost a kindness, getting in on the act, speeds up, made a deal, took one side, stomachs something, works together, hand carries, pro-vide, giving go ahead, put with, freed up, am bottom of, sub leased, set to rights, give go ahead, dost ones part, goes down the line for, associated with, cleans up ones act, engaging in, co operating, pitch in, pandered to, turning advantage, gets in on the act, working side by side, gives a boost, capitalized on, is the bottom of, dragoons, be-gun, art game for, cultivate, be-sting, make haul, haddest do with, takes one's side, gat under way, de fend, gotten act, stuck up for, am advantage, re-covers, siding with, art in cahoots, humor, cottoned to, catering to, sowed the seeds, is a participant, sub scribe, gave nod, coming around, opens doors, gives permission, gave the goahead, pre-vails, being at bottom of, in spirited, gratify, Subletting, did right by, scoop, keeping tabs on, tailor-makes, gives a leg up, re vitalizing, pro-moting, doest ones part, boosting morale, bring pass, do trick, sped up, out-strip, puts good use, haddest to do with, gives lift, subscribing to, giving leg up, de-fending, stomach something, hath hand in, re-vamped, Bulwarked, countenance, were bottom of, making necessary, re-vising, playing favorites, pro fits, up-borne, intro-duce, pre-vailed, gave over, break ice, open doors for, de-legate, takes charge of, do a kindness, being big, giving the green light, go with the flow, am use, handcarry, up-hold, threw lot with, held ones end, cracks down, provided for, led to, give the green light, take charge of, enter in to, hadst do with, up-holding, wert bottom of, throws in one's lot with, wast advantage, doth a favor, let go, pro fit, thumbsed up, lighten burden, settle, in duces, put on the map, sub-scribing, up rear, up-lifts, puts the chill on, gotten a move on, doing favor, got a move on, gotten on the act, gotten in on act, up-raises, saw to, sitting on, sowed seeds, greasing wheels, put the map, made deal, throwing with, stood good stead, did one's part, didst one's part, does right by, up bears, make necessary, cater to, out-stripped, swim with tide, art partial to, devote oneself to, cleans one's act, goes with flow, holding end, filling bill, make way, giving okay, went by book, re-dressing, re-animated, continue, held to, pro tract, wast the bottom of, gears up, subscribe to, out-shines, threw in ones lot with, had hand in, hast a hand in, take part, going fifty-fifty, re-calibrate, benefit, hyped, sur-passed, Furthering, Domiciling, gathered momentum, re-cover, cause, up-raise, make exception, gave goahead, devoting to, held one's end, nurse, gave green light, gave the green light, ex celling, de lighted, lends a hand, up holds, calls attention to, up-rears, takes the part of, associating with, spake for, in spiriting, sub scribed, put chill on, cashing on, tailormakes, hadst a hand in, de light, set rights, signing on, ballyhooing, cleaning up one act, give leg up, keeping from falling, cleans one act, gives go ahead, re-vamp, are a party to, de fends, make up for, toeing mark, boosted morale, doeth service, granting respite, gat a move on, does one part, are advantage, gat in the act, gets in act, opened throttle, empty, doeth one part, holds ones end, Franchising, re freshes, dis-patching, doeth the trick, making for, don't make waves, art participant, is advantage, keeping going, throws one lot with, out shined, are use, steps on it, makes killing, gets things rolling, go with flow, made it big, hollow, do for one, set right, hast to do with, threw with, greasing the wheels, sub letting, tailor-making, art at bottom of, being a participant, getting a move on, greases wheels, gets on act, giving boost to, intro duces, threw in with, all-owed, tunes in, got in with, being use, go fifty-fifty, gave leg up, going like the wind, sit still for, stand by, doest a service, patting on the back, works side by side, giving a boost to, complies with, re-assure, doing trick, be friending, show consideration, in cites, gets behind, get a move on, make a pitch for, Dragooning, hold up one's end, putting on map, taking one side, let out, puts john hancock on, re strained, opened up throttle, go fifty fifty, doth part, give okay, got in the act, accede, doest a favor, sides with, walk through, pro duce, bend over backward, making the most of, took ones side, holds up one end, re-assured, smiling up on, barrelled, make killing, re-vised, presses on, Valuing, take under wing, doing a kindness, opened doors, going all out, art cahoots, doing a service, held up end, commiserated with, firing up, stands behind, getting chummy with, blinking at, getting in on, pro-portion, up borne, opened doors for, made most of, associate with, pro-longing, hadst hand in, concussed, didst the trick, playing the game, putting chill on, made a haul, doing one's part, quiet fears, in-duce, makes most of, grins bear it, is party to, wast game for, be-friends, had do with, hold up ones end, pro portioned, takes under one wing, in-spirit, taking kindly to, gotten in the act, gave a lift, pre-serving, gives green light, ex-acted, give leave, smiles upon, wast bottom of, lay bare, art the bottom of, gotten in act, get moving, get things rolling, all-owing, inter cede, puts forward, re form, trust, was use, letting pass, gives boost to, thinks up, gets in on act, wast partial to, threw in lot with, said yes, share in, shotgunned, open, pro vided, is into, bolster, forwarding, gives the go-ahead, was game for, wert solicitous of, sur passed, pre vailing, de-lighting, was the bottom of, pre serving, am of use, makes necessary, out-shined, giving moral support, giving goahead, didst kindness, promote, have do with, were in to, stuck for, up-raised, cottons to, patted on back, Barrelling, profit, having hand in, made room, didst trick, give the nod, do ones part, giving the goahead, up-reared, re-storing, was of advantage, lending hand, art big, art a party to, quieting fears, opening doors, does ones part, devotes oneself to, assist, giving the go ahead, pro-tracts, dost a favor, making well, straightens out, gives the nod, re covered, ministering to, being advantage, got the act, smiles on, give moral support, make deal, re commends, cased out, put ease, kept eye on, swam with tide, re-formed, patting back, shaping up, re forming, showing consideration, re calibrates, having to do with, putting with, being of advantage, do one part, re-calibrates, smiles up on, engaged in, cleaning act, going with, re-strained, holds up ones end, de-lighted, dost a service, goes like the wind, uncover, ex acted, sit on, up-grades, ex-acts, up-held, keeps going, be at the bottom of, re-stores, made a pitch for, allow, gives leave, am at bottom of, getting things rolling, goes by book, giving permission, benefact, go by book, taking under wing, quieted fears, latched on, is solicitous of, re pair, gives rise to, be advantage, put map, sate in, gives stamp approval, seeing to, cash on, give boost, in spirits, pat the back, hyping, pro-viding, threw one lot with, walks through, in-cite, permit, turning on the heat, puts into hands of, gat act, are solicitous of, toes the mark, in-spiriting, re-dressed, made it, call attention to, blinks at, stuck together, supplying, takes side, let pass, makes the most of, haddest hand in, re vising, kickoffed, going with the flow, sit in, be into, don't rock the boat, runs interference for, looking after, took side, holding ones end, de-bugs, gets move on, rallied round, am big, reaps benefit, out-stripping, sets rights, doth ones part, hold up one end, contributing to, pools resources, start ball rolling, keep alive, setting right, am into, Barreling, takes up with, unmask, treats well, giving stamp approval, didst a service, coadjutes, re dresses, was of use, gives stamp of approval, don't rock boat, hit off, make haste, be use, makes deal, giving the go-ahead, takes under wing, advocate, pulling strings, swims with tide, hast hand in, lightens burden, getting in the act, putting ease, co operates, gave a leg up, be-ginning, convenienced, toes mark, de bugs, re-dress, held up ones end, am participant, sharing in, turned to advantage, de bug, puts at ease, keeps alive, was at the bottom of, turn heat, losing no time, engender, hand carrying, are big, got behind, made easy, second, throwing in towel, made necessary, put arm on, cleaning up one's act, cave in, gave the go-ahead, make pitch for, sticking by, cleaned up one's act, signs off on, grinning and bear it, be at bottom of, gets act, wast big, being in cahoots, pushing for, sub leasing, did one part, Promoted, root for, dost one part, sublease, nod at, haddest a hand in, joined in, throws in lot with, were big, gets on the act, learns from, up grade, putting to good use, does a service, starts the ball rolling, makes haul, went with flow, Careered, making killing, put in to hands of, Mothered, clean up, holding with, going by the book, stomached something, wast use, go down line for, in cite, contributed to, take kindly to, re stored, conduce, cleaned ones act, puts oneself out, fits in, art in to, made up for, sticks up for, gat in with, hand-carry, does for one, keeping eye on, gather momentum, doest one's part, sticking together, plays favorites, goes like wind, cleans up one's act, Concerting, de-legates, co-operating, re-new, make trustee, does kindness, provoke, up raise, re-paired, handcarries, cash in on, took under one wing, keep going, sub-letting, go bat for, making haste, get behind, sur-passing, got on the act, pro motes, wast of advantage, fit in, come on to, sat still for, throw in lot with, re news, take an interest in, art a participant, straightening out, pulling together, re covering, in spirit, was party to, taking under ones wing, had a hand in, pro-longs, re vised, is a party to, de fended, kept tabs on, wrought side by side, take under one's wing, throwing one lot with, gave the go ahead, freeing up, wast of use, gives over, pro-tract, making capital, makes for, take under ones wing, holding up one end, makes trustee, lend a hand, sitting still for, giving leave, contribute to, taking part, reaped benefit, give lift, fiddled with, stands by, gives the goahead, am cahoots, clean up ones act, lend hand, pro-long, keeping alive, quiets fears, dost right by, pleaded for, devote to, doth a service, re-forms, doing kindness, start the ball rolling, give goahead, give a boost to, were a participant, turns heat, turn advantage, re vitalized, frees up, stepped on it, holding up ones end, sate in on, art of advantage, pulls for, played favorites, re-news, making haul, pro portions, ex acting, oblige, are the bottom of, lighten, gave moral support, do the trick, comply with, doing part, be-friended, doth for one, up graded, cleaned one act, pressed on, recalibrating, taking charge of, did service, re store, smiled upon, pro-portions, was advantage, goes by the book, capitalizes on, sticks for, gets the act, turned on heat, uphold, re-animates, is in cahoots, boost morale, making good use of, out-shining, bent over backward, sub-leased, puts the arm on, doeth ones part, make most of, get on the act, pro-vided, are bottom of, gotten under way, being into, have hand in, intro-duces, run interference for, upbears, buddying up, hold up end, pre-serves, re-pairs, giving a boost, recalibrate, pre vails, cotton to, up-lift, Humored, begin, cleaned up act, conveniencing, putting arm on, were the bottom of, re-pair, pre served, pat back, tailormade, didst part, turns the heat, make it big, going like wind, up holding, did part, push for, stood by, gotten in with, pro viding, re-vise, wert of advantage, re straining, treated well, didst favor, throw in one lot with, smiling upon, pro-mote, lose no time, holding up one's end, joined forces, rolled with it, re forms, tailor-make, am at the bottom of, promotes, re-vitalized, fitting in, square up, started the ball rolling, stepped it, throws the towel, sticks by, setting rights, shoring up, wert a participant, took interest in, live with, do a favor, took care of, do service, gave go-ahead, taking part of, up lift, re-covering, benefacts, pooled resources, starting the ball rolling, gotten things rolling, held up one end, got move on, cases out, clean act, showed willingness, aid, unblock, are at bottom of, toed mark, work for, doest a kindness, wert advantage, swam with the tide, gear up, opens doors for, gathers momentum, hold end, throw ones lot with, putting good use, capitalizing on, clean one's act, inter ceding, ex-act, pats on the back, be solicitous of, disengage, making it, wert good for, up-lifting, associates with, get in on, devoted oneself to, pulled together, didst a kindness, in citing, Franchised, pro vide, makes a deal, look after, re-strain, up-bears, shores up, takes under ones wing, be a party to, speaks for, fire up, Advantaging, free up, grin and bear it, cracking down, re new, hold with, re-vitalizes, throws one's lot with, art at the bottom of, were solicitous of, nods at, comes on to, give green light, toe the mark, were of advantage, rolls over play dead, cut along, case out, did trick, throw with, did ones part, stick by, cooperate, gotten with, threw in one lot with, shows consideration, doeth right by, de fending, speaking for, giving nod, stuck by, pats the back, wast a party to, saying yes, holds one end, re animated, buddies up, doest for one, take ones side, winking at, makes up for, gave stamp approval, show willingness, rolling over play dead, out-strips, be friends, cashing in on, ex-celling, tailor made, wert cahoots, has hand in, putting right, pulling for, keeping an eye on, stands in good stead, making it big, wast at the bottom of, putting on the map, makes big, be in to, inter-cedes, greased the wheels, shook on, fill bill, fills bill, throwing one's lot with, pro moting, went fifty-fifty, throws towel, dis-patched, caving in, up grading, turns to advantage, threw towel, wert the bottom of, favor, in-duces, art use, standing by, compel, smiled up on, pays off, latching on, stumping for, putting up with, wert at bottom of, hold one's end, watching over, takes interest in, gotten chummy with, de bugging, lending a hand, took an interest in, doeth trick, up-rear, pull for, take care of, resulted in, does the trick, Housed, lent hand, getting in on act, ex-acting, were good for, grinned and bear it, re-lieve, took part of, gat in on the act, sub-leases, paying off, taking one's side, tailormake, doest the trick, make room, goes fifty fifty, is partial to, take side, am a party to, do a service, concuss, sub-scribed, shares in, made killing, took under one's wing, filling the bill, letted out, step it, dost service, unplug, turning on heat, sur passes, intro duce, joins forces, expedite, reveal, wast in to, gat with, throw in ones lot with, re-stored, start, re-assures, untie, wert in cahoots, lent a hand, pool resources, devoting oneself to, Upbear, re-fresh, doth kindness, sits in on, are in cahoots, taking the part of, re-dresses, is in to, get move on, treat well, sub lease, gave permission, re fine, being in to, makes exception, take one's side, in duce, advantaged, gives a lift, turns on the heat, pro mote, co-operated, wast participant, advance, de legates, making easy, ex acts, was a participant, co-operate, sur-passes, rooted for, give go-ahead, puts in to hands of, get in with, dis patch, takes ones side, recalibrated, doing ones part, sticked for, taking side, co ordinates, make consistent, watched over, turning the heat, stand up for, bended over backward, dont rock the boat, stands good stead, partnered, opens throttle, play game, lived with, opening doors for, leading to, making a haul, throws in with, commiserating with, shotgunning, throw weight around, re commending, buddied up, up grades, pro longs, taking care of, took under ones wing, doeth a service, sits in, am the bottom of, are party to, is at the bottom of, re-strains, wert in to, re-fines, dis patching, sur pass, cleaning ones act, result in, re-vitalizing, filled the bill, inter-ceded, held end, be party to, cashes in on, tailor makes, goes with the flow, de legate, re paired, cottoning to, sowing seeds, ballyhooed, rolled over and play dead, are in to, wrought with, de-lights, played the game, up-bearing, patting on back, doeth one's part, wert party to, help, pre serves, swims with the tide, re-assuring, stand in good stead, wrought for, did favor, work together, join in, grin bear it, giving go-ahead, re formed, going by book, speed, calling attention to, watches out for, were in cahoots, pro-motes, Pillowed, goes all out, give over, fill the bill, got in on the act, swimming with tide, sub scribes, made consistent, wert a party to, grease the wheels, standing up for, does a kindness, Coadjuting, provide for, pro-longed, does favor, throws lot with, was in to, signed off on, took under wing, dis patched, capitalize on, reap benefit, devotes to, clean one act, gets a move on, lets pass, made well, up bearing, didst service, hath to do with, re vitalizes, dost favor, go along with, doth trick, watched out for, got under way, thumbses up, engage in, tailor making, throws in towel, gives the green light, works with, put up with, went by the book, put to good use, pushes for, being cahoots, tuned in, came around, pro-portioning, being at the bottom of, stump for, are at the bottom of, was big, up raised, didst ones part, re-animate, see through, pull together, shape up, were use, hand-carries, sanction, re commended, being bottom of, say yes, re-vamping, goes fast, didst right by, smiled on, are into, playing game, do part, gets with, crack down, geared up, wert partial to, stumped for, speeding up, sees to, dost part, throws ones lot with, puts right, Urged, get act, sows seeds, went fiftyfifty, fills the bill, blinked at, gives boost, complied with, giving green light, sticks together, doing for one, encourage, makes pitch for, subleasing, pro long, were of use, gave boost to, re-animating, makes haste, does trick, gearing up, let, doeth favor, pander to, doth favor, take interest in, put oneself out, go with, out strips, letting out, ministered to, go fiftyfifty, being partial to, turned the heat, is cahoots, dragoon, subleases, re storing, looks after, doest part, pulled for, re assured, art party to, re-vamps, rolling with it, pro tracts, were cahoots, re pairs, Propping, gotten moving, didst one part, puts to good use, facilitates, giving the nod, come around, showing willingness, takes part, was solicitous of, up held, worked side by side, re-commend, sow the seeds, sate still for, giving boost, turns on heat, getting with, be participant, sided with, sub scribing, be partial to, cleaned one's act, make well, humoring, out shone, plead for, signs over, taking under one wing, catered to, go by the book, putting the chill on, holds to, all owing, come to, were partial to, stick for, devoted to, holding one end, got in act, am in cahoots, wast a participant, plays game, be friend, opening up throttle, further, sub-lease, go all out, up-lifted, be cahoots, gave go ahead, benefacting, go like wind, upbearing, shotgun, pats on back, throw in one's lot with, throwing the towel, got in on, de lights, cleaned act, worked together, stood up for, up-graded, be-friending, gat on the act, wert participant, gave a boost to, smooth, were at bottom of, gives okay, do right by, stepping it, did a kindness, give rise to, cleaning up ones act, doth a kindness, Succoring, got with, doing one part, minister, shakes on, taking with, lost no time, de-fend, did kindness, made exception, doeth a favor, making a deal, being game for, giving stamp of approval, throwing ones lot with, pre vailed, get chummy with, living with, de-fends, went all out, rally round, sur-pass, was in cahoots, re vise, throw lot with, bends over backward, make easy, stood behind, befriend, are game for, rolls with it, pooling resources, think up, held one end, up-holds, making big, making pitch for, sate on, gets in with, did for one, trans ported, re-covered, be-friend, press on, gave lift, cleaned up, puts chill on, is good for, benefacted, be friended, squares up, lends hand, stick together, de-light, gets in the act, takes under one's wing, straighten out, nodding at, holds end, does one's part, joining forces, making a killing, wast at bottom of, am of advantage, throwing weight around, took part, pro-duces, put the chill on, green light, wrought together, makes a haul, am a participant, sit in on, holding to, lightening burden, makes it big, Unstop, support, ministers to, dost one's part, doing the trick, sat in on, is use, toe mark, up lifts, were into, inter-ceding, holds with, greased wheels, giving a lift, pro duces, providing for, does service, push, threw weight around, giving a leg up, re pairing, accelerate, is big, up-bore, turns advantage, all owed, forward, Succored, going fifty fifty, puts arm on, turn to advantage, play favorites, throwing in with, held up one's end, doeth part, learned from, give a boost, throwing in lot with, cleaned up ones act, coming on to, re calibrated, opening throttle, rolls over and play dead, cleans ones act, wast party to, do favor, were game for, threw in the towel, stick up for, did a favor, give boost to, has a hand in, re-straining, walked through, watch out for, pro longing, sub-leasing, up lifting, get the act, give the goahead, held with, puts on the map, out-shine, takes one side, be of use, remedy, went with the flow, be the bottom of, Bulwarking, release, up-rearing, threw the towel, is participant, shore up, going with flow, cleans up one act, be sting, put forward, work with, taking interest in, got moving, puts the map, de bugged, get under way, took one's side, coadjute, be ginning, reaps the benefit, are cahoots, watching out for, cleans act, wert of use, squaring up, shapes up, loosen, pamper, de-fended, go like the wind, threw one's lot with, keeps tabs on, give nod, pro portion, working for, made a killing, in cited, doest service, leads to, de lighting, be gun, re dress, make it, turning heat, turn the heat, made haul, re strain, gives moral support, learnt from, up rearing, smile upon, running interference for, clean up one's act, hand-carrying, commiserates with, holds up end, gave boost, up lifted, re-commends, put at ease, blink at, winks at, rolled over play dead, gat move on, inter-cede, took with, joins in, re stores, re lieve, make for, cleans up act, filled bill, cashed in on, makes a pitch for, gotten behind, looked after, made haste, got chummy with, throwing towel, makes capital, re-pairing, hurry, cuts along, wert big, Dragooned, make capital, Careering, didst a favor, ran interference for, dis-patch, being the bottom of, sustain, go down the line for, goes down line for, throws in one lot with, doth the trick, sits still for, Mothering, hold to, pro vides, clean up act, be in cahoots, doeth a kindness, lets out, abet, wert game for, throwing lot with, re-freshes, was partial to, hold one end, made trustee, puts map, up bear, am partial to, cleaning one's act, dost trick, Re-forming, gat the act, sticking for, casing out, giving lift, re assure, re dressing, make money, re fines, re-fine, partnering, sticked up for, sees through, pro-fits, re animates, do one's part, get on act, better, takes care of, treating well, taking under one's wing, up-raising, takes kindly to, doest favor, art into, being party to, clean ones act, doing right by, bending over backward, gotten in on the act, tailor make, getting on the act, making room, getting moving, re animating, clean up one act, seeing through, contributes to, turning to advantage.