Pronunciation of Obtain
/ɒbtˈe͡ɪn/, /ɒbtˈe‍ɪn/, /ɒ_b_t_ˈeɪ_n/

Antonyms for obtain

over-draw, goes up in smoke, relinquish, art taken to cleaners, being in arrears, were vain, Overdrew, broke one's word, dis regards, became insolvent, is demoted, was in arrears, plant, being found lacking, hitting skids, dis honor, hits bottom, am demoted, breaks one word, scatter, waste, break ones word, was taken cleaners, breaks down, be cleaned out, over-passed, closing doors, dis honored, goes belly up, come to nothing, coming naught, funked, falling short, closing ones doors, breaks word, goes the wall, backed wrong horse, lost control, goes out of business, over passed, de-cline, over looked, broke word, dis regard, going into chapter 11, am taken the cleaners, being taken to cleaners, fail, overpast, am vain, give up, de clines, am defeated, falls through, loses control, coming to naught, overdraw, dis-regards, am arrears, are taken to the cleaners, going belly up, fell flat, fall flat, back wrong horse, goes out business, being ruined, art vain, over drawing, went downhill, meeting with disaster, free, is in vain, over drew, art taken the cleaners, play in to, goes to wall, comes nothing, yield, brake word, dropped a bundle, dis-regarded, closed doors, de falcated, over-passing, over draws, being cleaned out, hitting the skids, closing one's doors, are ruined, was arrears, closes doors, was vain, defalcates, went in to chapter 11, be vain, is defeated, went wrong, coming to nothing, plays in to, de fault, being vain, losing big, forsake, go the wall, are demoted, dis-honored, goes bankrupt, sacrifice, goes up smoke, missing boat, comes to naught, over passing, fall through, wert taken to cleaners, goes to the wall, lost status, went into chapter 11, goes smoke, plays into, are in vain, closing down, abandon, goes in to chapter 11, over passes, dis-counted, went bankrupt, over-look, wast taken to cleaners, comes to nothing, mis carry, goes broke, going the wall, dis counts, go downhill, break down, falling flat, are taken the cleaners, dis-counting, is taken cleaners, came to nothing, being taken the cleaners, lose status, brake one's word, were found lacking, go out business, de falcate, pay, dropping bundle, de-sert, break word, is taken to cleaners, am taken cleaners, go in smoke, breaking one word, closed one's doors, wast arrears, de faulted, were demoted, closes down, going up smoke, being defeated, surrender, hits skids, be in arrears, fell through, art defeated, miss boat, over looks, was taken the cleaners, goes in smoke, wast ruined, goes down swinging, wert found lacking, went bust, dis-appointed, go smoke, going to the wall, is arrears, breaking ones word, distribute, over look, missing the boat, dis appointing, dis honors, go up, drops bundle, played into, wast demoted, hit the skids, give, wert ruined, wast in vain, going bankrupt, drop a bundle, dropping a bundle, dis counted, close doors, are found lacking, wert arrears, lose out, going smoke, broke down, wert taken the cleaners, misunderstand, art taken cleaners, close ones doors, dis-regarding, wast in arrears, dis appoints, dis-regard, runs aground, are taken to cleaners, offer, going up, was ruined, coming nothing, being taken cleaners, be in vain, dis regarded, be demoted, going broke, hits the skids, art taken to the cleaners, were taken to cleaners, dropped bundle, loses big, ran aground, over-draws, go belly up, were taken to the cleaners, were cleaned out, going out business, goes up, dis-counts, wast found lacking, hit bottom, de-falcate, losing out, art demoted, break one word, was cleaned out, were in arrears, drop bundle, part, dis-honors, go wall, Funking, over-looks, being taken to the cleaners, go broke, Faulted, breaking one's word, throw away, over pass, de cline, wert demoted, over-pass, be found lacking, wast taken to the cleaners, go out of business, went out business, missed the boat, is found lacking, de faulting, dis honoring, Overpassing, going to wall, going bust, misses boat, goes wrong, dis-appoint, going astray, dis appoint, went down swinging, goes wall, playing into, am taken to the cleaners, close one's doors, go to the wall, went to wall, closes ones doors, go down swinging, brake ones word, breaks ones word, am in arrears, went the wall, go astray, going wall, going wrong, lose big, dis-honor, comes naught, lose ones shirt, going up in smoke, go bankrupt, go up smoke, be defeated, closed down, being in vain, come nothing, wert taken cleaners, mis-carrying, dropt bundle, were in vain, are in arrears, go up in smoke, become insolvent, am ruined, forfeit, was in vain, Overpassed, running aground, turns out badly, lose control, losing status, wert vain, turned out badly, went up, came naught, be taken cleaners, went up in smoke, being demoted, mis carries, broke one word, lose shirt, being arrears, de sert, went broke, de-falcated, am taken to cleaners, hurt, losing control, were taken the cleaners, de-faulted, closed ones doors, fall short, breaks one's word, breaking word, dis-appoints, wast defeated, dis-honoring, art found lacking, over-drawn, closes one doors, was demoted, Overdrawing, grant, dis regarding, let go, meets with disaster, falling through, go bust, misses the boat, hitting bottom, dis-appointing, come naught, closed one doors, close down, over-looking, hit skids, wast vain, is cleaned out, art in vain, wast taken the cleaners, over drawn, are defeated, closes one's doors, loses status, wast taken cleaners, mis-carry, came to naught, going in smoke, going in to chapter 11, went out of business, wert cleaned out, dis appointed, went in smoke, art cleaned out, are vain, overdraws, over-drawing, drops a bundle, are cleaned out, de-clines, falls short, becomes insolvent, missed boat, run aground, went smoke, am cleaned out, art ruined, go to wall, art arrears, falls flat, brake one word, accord, went up smoke, breaking down, is taken to the cleaners, came nothing, becoming insolvent, failed, going down swinging, release, were arrears, turn out badly, wert defeated, be arrears, was taken to the cleaners, turning out badly, dropt a bundle, went belly up, was defeated, broke ones word, wert in vain, wert in arrears, be taken the cleaners, were ruined, goes bust, goes into chapter 11, harm, art in arrears, over draw, going downhill, Defalcated, de-faulting, meet with disaster, goes downhill, de-faults, goes astray, is in arrears, met with disaster, play into, loses out, backing wrong horse, go in to chapter 11, mis carrying, playing in to, dis counting, brake down, break one's word, Floundered, wast cleaned out, is taken the cleaners, spend, de-fault, went astray, mis carried, is vain, going out of business, hand over, close one doors, closing one doors, miss the boat, were taken cleaners, lost big, Defalcating, lose, went wall, de faults, Faulting, is ruined, miss, disperse, was found lacking, fell short, be taken to the cleaners, come to naught, played in to, go wrong, was taken to cleaners, divide, over-passes, lost out, went to the wall, backs wrong horse, are arrears, over-drew, be ruined, Overdrawn, wert taken to the cleaners, are taken cleaners, be taken to cleaners, were defeated, defalcate, squander, endanger.