On the shelf

Pronunciation of On The Shelf
/ɒnðə ʃˈɛlf/, /ɒnðə ʃˈɛlf/, /ɒ_n_ð_ə ʃ_ˈɛ_l_f/

Antonyms for on the shelf

busy, Hastened, occupied, unbroken, lively, working, productive, active, fixed, Furthered, used, employed, Forwarded, advanced, hurried.

Synonyms for on the shelf

broken (adjective)

busted, defective, disabled, down, exhausted, faulty, feeble, gone, haywire, imperfect, in disrepair, inoperable, kaput, out, out of commission, out of order, ruined, shot, spent, unsatisfactory, weak, wrecked, out of whack, screwed up, fallen apart, wracked, gone to pieces, on the blink, out of kilter, on the shelf, gone to pot, coming unstuck, in need of repair, in the shop, not functioning, run-down, on the fritz, coming unglued.

deferred (adjective)

charged, delayed, funded, held up, indebted, postponed, prolonged, protracted, scrubbed, Adjourned, Assessed, Negotiated, Remanded, Temporized, Stalled, pigeonholed, renegotiated, retarded, on hold, staved off, in waiting.

dormant (adjective)

abeyant, asleep, comatose, fallow, hibernating, inert, inoperative, latent, lethargic, lurking, out of action, passive, potential, quiescent, slack, sluggish, slumbering, smoldering, suspended, torpid, sidelined, closed down, prepatent.

idle (adjective)

abandoned, barren, dead, deserted, dusty, empty, inactive, jobless, laid-off, leisured, motionless, out of work, quiet, redundant, rusty, sleepy, stationary, still, uncultivated, unemployed, unoccupied, untouched, unused, vacant, void, waste, Resting, Workless, mothballed, on the bench, gathering dust, out of operation.

on the blink (adjective)

bonkers, broken, kerflooey, not working.

unemployed (adjective)

at liberty, fired, free, idle, loafing, underemployed, unengaged, Disengaged, unapplied, Unexercised, between jobs, on the dole, without gainful employment, on layoff, out of a job, laid off.

Sense 2


out of work


Rhymes for on the shelf

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