Pronunciation of Opponent
/əpˈə͡ʊnənt/, /əpˈə‍ʊnənt/, /ə_p_ˈəʊ_n_ə_n_t/

Antonyms for opponent

fellow, co-ordinate, co-workers, Inamoratos, upholders, be-loved, partner in crime, vindicator, one of folks, catechumens, re presentative, co worker, be-ginners, staker, good scout, giver, one of the folks, benefactor, feather cap, top dogs, monomaniac, ephemera, medalist, reliever, classmates, collaborator, revolutionaries, inamorato, righthand people, partakers, Sectary, titleholders, right hand man woman, cooperator, AMIGA, workmate, good buddies, insiders, mate, conferrers, placer, up-holders, consort, runner up, seconder, donor, vindicators, co adjutants, founder, hearty, endorser, roomer, altruists, comates, coconspirators, one the folk, sharer, bedmates, Rooter, cobbers, framers, protagonist, ex-pounders, attendant, Coworker, runners up, under writers, fairy godparent, Abider, consociates, re-productions, exponent, patron, henchman, almsgivers, counter-part, another adherents, sponsorship, compeer, titleholder, good scouts, lieutenant, Votarist, familiars, righthand persons, Expositor, hatchet man-women, subscriber, presenters, cooperators, musketeer, confreres, Clubber, paraprofessionals, auxiliary, counter parts, runner-up, well-wishers, roomies, succorer, accessory, idolizer, altruist, co ordinate, help, intimate, votarient, co-partners, true believer, do gooder, non conformists, ancilla, right hand manwoman, co workers, fiance, classmate, sharers, almsgiver, wooer, Expounder, initiator, crony, pro fessors, benefactress, cobber, be ginner, vanquisher, one folks, fellow travellers, catechumen, campaigners, Co-ordinates, assistant, joiners, ex pounder, expounders, proposers, be ginners, friendly, up holders, in-mate, myrmidon, bedfellow, out-of-towner, coconspirator, grubstaker, in-mates, team players, runnersup, expositors, proposer, running dog, partisan, joiner, initiators, inter-preter, shills, roomers, pro-poser, captivations, helper, fellow worker, in mate, booster, BROS, para-site, Subsidiaries, be loved, hatchet manwomen, ancillas, right hand person, dogmatist, another adherent, partner, pards, subordinate, companion, go between, greatests, cohort, co-adjutant, co ordinates, co conspirators, institutors, protectorships, Encourager, fore bearers, yes person, amigas, compadre, de-signer, bosom buddy, fore bearer, hail-fellow-well-met, co-worker, ally, de fender, infatuates, right hand people, out of towners, sises, comrade, right hand manwomen, re-presentative, boyfriend, co partners, campaigner, pro-fessors, grubstakers, amicable, bosom buddies, in sider, pro-fessor, consociate, temporary workers, comate, young men, copartner, right hand persons, votarists, fairy godparents, guest, non-conformists, co partner, pro fessor, rooters, partners, Transients, right-hand persons, sub scriber, hatchet man women, member, righthand manwomen, underwriter, Wellwisher, re serve, counter-parts, up holder, mercenary, Temps, friend, co-adjutants, non conformist, framer, hail-fellow, Pard, protagonists, true believers, godparents, mis believers, admirer, abettor, re-production, supporter, para sites, lover, kissing cousins, de-signers, date, sympathizer, homegirl, right-hand man-woman, co-conspirators, clubbers, stall, para-professional, Institutor, coworkers, financers, chum, vacationer, righthand manwoman, hatchet man woman, misbelievers, one of folk, subsidizers, re productions, mono maniacs, in mates, sectators, the greatests, feather in cap, domestics, adherent, connection, paraprofessional, encouragers, protector, enthusiast, partaker, para-sites, bestowers, in-sider, dearests, champion, medalists, numero uno, colleague, de signer, co operators, workmates, co-operators, dogmatists, tutelaries, seconders, conquest, buff, coadjutor, captivation, mis-believers, one folk, sojourners, counter part, backer, pleaders, well-wisher, bootlicker, co-partner, myrmidons, de-fender, para professionals, the greatest, well wishers, monomaniacs, hatchet manwoman, Conferrer, sub-scriber, mis believer, right-hand manwoman, BRO, advocate, right-hand manwomen, disciple, kissing cousin, ex pounders, running dogs, temporary worker, well wisher, wooers, under-writers, Bestower, confrere, sectarian, upholder, co operator, co-mates, pro poser, experts, Bedmate, abiders, bootlickers, fan, juliets, wellwishers, top dog, pro-posers, fellow workers, homegirls, vacationers, under-writer, devotee, stakers, groupie, presenter, ephemeras, de fenders, fore-bearer, de-fenders, re-serve, para site, sustainer, numero unos, pal, grantor, right-hand people, Plants, yesperson, up-holder, hatchet man-woman, sub ordinate, valentine, valentines, proponent, under writer, Sectator, endorsers, humanitarian, ephemerae, co conspirator, partner crime, Co-mate, sub-ordinates, co-conspirator, financer, follower, re-serves, runnerup, one the folks, amigo, idolizers, associate, CUZ, non-conformist, co mates, votarients, co adjutant, vanquishers, establishers, sub-ordinate, bedfellows, sub ordinates, be-ginner, one of the folk, mono-maniac, sponsor, good buddy, subsidizer, confederate, de signers, Co-operator, roomie, ex-pounder, cuzzes, concomitants, protectorship, co mate, out of towner, inter preter, right-hand person, sustainers, buddy, hanger on, connates, placers, sub scribers, insider.