Pronunciation of Opposite
/ˈɒpəsˌɪt/, /ˈɒpəsˌɪt/, /ˈɒ_p_ə_s_ˌɪ_t/

Antonyms for opposite

co pier, like two peas in a pod, chip off old block, withal, re-percussion, co equals, mirror image, re-percussions, offprint, co-equals, photo copies, inter-changeable, reduplication, re-petitions, consubstantial, re petition, kiner, more coinciding, cooperatively, duplication, co equal, same as, synonymous, Aperies, look-alike, more carbon, carbon-copy, parallel, Photostats, alike, collectively, Agreeingly, harmoniously, more consubstantial, most undifferentiated, agreement, paraphrasings, more associated, Co-ordinates, of a kind, transcription, re percussion, carbon, tantamount, simulacrum, uni-form, co ordinates, more identified, re-semblances, similar, unitedly, most coinciding, more xerox, in unison, copy, STATS, equivalent, re-plica, most identified, more synonymic, similarity, re percussions, Re-presentation, co incidental, without dissent, all together, like two peas pod, concertedly, re lated, Paralleling, much the same, undifferentiated, para phrasings, photo-copies, further more, re bound, alter ego, photo copy, parallels, re bounds, para-phrasing, chip the old block, more companion, one the same, in distinguishable, like two peas a pod, onomatopoeias, countertypes, in addition, counter script, echoings, analogous, re-presentations, lookalike, copier, counterpart, as well, uni form, as good as, micro fiches, most look alike, communally, germination, knockoffs, clone, in like manner, kinest, co-pier, re-iterations, apery, homologues, more look-alike, micro-fiches, much same, most look-alike, be sides, transcriptions, in the same way, most lookalike, countertype, STAT, companion, re-iteration, re flections, correspondingly, co operatively, patternings, like, concorantly, re plications, most associated, re-plication, same, micro fiche, Nem Con, counterscripts, ectypes, re flection, mate, inter changeable, carbon copy, counter-scripts, facsimile, re duplications, un-differentiated, undisputedly, more look alike, ersatzes, most synonymic, one and the same, copiest, un differentiated, re-lated, most carbon, microfiche, co-incidental, more lookalike, most companion, phonies, equal, imitation, para phrasing, echo, chip old block, re petitions, in same way, replication, alternate, knockoff, re semblance, Germinations, co-operatively, re-duplication, re-flection, ex-act, unanimously, of kind, counter scripts, representings, parallelings, re-productions, mimeograph, re-presenting, be-sides, mimesises, same difference, photo-copy, re-bound, re iterations, more ditto, most consubstantial, re prints, matchings, reprint, re-semblance, rubbings, duplicate, more undifferentiated, offprints, more facsimile, onomatopoeia, re-prints, re-production, replica, very same, co-ordinate, co-incident, co incident, most xerox, ex act, Nemine Contradicente, likewise, co-equal, more mated, mimeographs, re-duplications, doppelganger, re-petition, counter-script, spitting image, identical, most facsimile, fellow, re-flections, re plica, most correspondent, Synonymic, likeness, micro-fiche, compatible, most ditto, re-print, counterscript, re-plications, re print, mirrorings, co ordinate, ringings, consensually, one and same, mimesis, re productions, re presentations, most mated, re semblances, Homologue, synonym, one same, like two peas in pod, more similar, tracings, in-distinguishable, match, more correspondent, re presentation, agreeing, re presenting, REPRO, re-bounds, ringer, para-phrasings, duplications.