Pronunciation of Ornate
/ɔːnˈe͡ɪt/, /ɔːnˈe‍ɪt/, /ɔː_n_ˈeɪ_t/

Antonyms for ornate

ordinary, selfexplanatory, unrhetorical, more whitebread, un-compounded, workaday, not difficult, straightforward, not figurative, so so, un distinguished, Incomplex, inelaborate, un-blended, most soft-headed, in experienced, un mistakable, matter of fact, twenty-four carat, quiet, un-distinguished, un fussy, more unelaborate, hard on eyes, most uncluttered, no problem, more unmixed, homespun, un-fussiest, more amateur, nitwitted, un-schooled, more unexaggerated, most unmixed, plain-featured, severe, untroublesome, de-formed, un-ostentatious, un exaggerated, undistorted, more incomplex, most handcrafted, un-daunted, out and out, more muted, un mitigated, conservative, un complicated, un washed, un clouded, in-elaborate, more unartificial, spare, un-artificial, clean, un-combined, most uncombined, most untroublesome, un cluttered, piece cake, restrained, unelaborate, most unmemorable, un inspired, re-strained, Unexperienced, un-mixed, stereo typed, lowborn, the letter, unalloyed, more plain featured, in-complex, un-mitigated, exposed, un erring, uncombined, more unnoteworthy, de-finite, un-deviating, de finite, un-fussier, more unexperienced, tasteful, unmingled, undeviating, in elaborate, most uncompounded, literal, unobtrusive, more uncombined, un-fussy, half witted, most undecorated, un elaborate, un-exceptional, handcrafted, undecorated, un troublesome, in-experienced, trans parent, un distorted, hard eyes, spartan, un-studied, most unornamented, Unartificial, un-alloyed, characterless, un-embellished, un-inspired, un remarkable, more unalloyed, most lowborn, pure, most gospel, most unexperienced, un intelligent, un-ornamented, un-exaggerated, un-cluttered, self explanatory, more plain-featured, not complex, unfussy, unaffected, un noteworthy, simple, to letter, clear cut, un schooled, clearcut, un-distorted, un adorned, most disciplined, un embellished, unassuming, most unelaborate, more gospel, Soft-headed, un-adulterated, un memorable, most undistorted, un adulterated, un varnished, offensive, un-educated, cincher, soft headed, un refined, most walkover, more nitwitted, white-bread, more plainfeatured, most unalloyed, in-different, un studied, plain, uncovered, un sophisticated, un qualified, open shut, open and shut, most unmingled, snappest, un-troublesome, out-spoken, run of the mill, not beautiful, un-diluted, more inelaborate, unornamented, most plain-featured, plain featured, unembellished, un educated, prosaic, stark, more white-bread, whitebread, cinchest, pure and simple, more soft headed, more lowborn, un exceptional, most characterless, un involved, stripped, un blended, un alloyed, no sweat, halfwitted, un compounded, un-mistakable, twenty four carat, childs play, unfussiest, more picnic, more soft-headed, un artificial, un-complicated, un-eventful, more uncompounded, un-elaborate, plainspoken, toned down, un fussiest, unmemorable, un-decorated, no great shakes, denuded, most inelaborate, un-memorable, dull, un ornamented, poor, un daunted, to the letter, un mingled, most soft headed, un-involved, in expert, hard the eyes, lean, most nitwitted, un-mingled, un fussier, un-pretentious, most plain featured, low, un-refined, direct, more untroublesome, hard on the eyes, un-adorned, un-intelligent, unsophisticated, most white bread, un ostentatious, uncompounded, plainfeatured, more white bread, un-varnished, more uncluttered, more unornamented, most workaday, more walkover, more disciplined, de formed, snapper, most muted, disciplined, more undistorted, out spoken, un combined, more undeviating, re strained, trans-parent, in-expert, un mixed, unmixed, more undecorated, in-sensate, un experienced, uncluttered, in sensate, ugly, un-qualified, garden variety, white bread, un-experienced, more unmemorable, in complex, un decorated, unexaggerated, child play, unfussier, more unmingled, un-remarkable, austere, most white-bread, minimalist, un deniable, natural, in different, un-washed, un-deniable, most amateur, most garden, un affected, un diluted, stripped down, modest, big as life, simple minded, un-noteworthy, pure simple.