Out Witted

Pronunciation of Out Witted
/ˈa͡ʊt wˈɪtɪd/, /ˈa‍ʊt wˈɪtɪd/, /ˈaʊ_t w_ˈɪ_t_ɪ_d/

Synonyms for out witted:

checkmate (verb)


circumvent (verb)

avoid, beguile, bilk, bypass, circumnavigate, cramp, crimp, detour, disappoint, dodge, elude, ensnare, entrap, escape, evade, foil, frustrate, get around, outflank, outwit, prevent, ruin, shun, sidestep, skirt, stave off, stump, stymie, thwart, ward off, steer clear of, queer.

conquer (verb)

checkmate, clobber, control, cream, crush, discomfit, drub, humble, lick, master, overmaster, overpower, override, overthrow, prevail, quell, reduce, rout, shut down, subdue, subjugate, succeed, surmount, throw, total, trash, triumph, vanquish, whip, zap, get the better of, bring to knees, trample underfoot, wipe off map.

deceive (verb)

betray, buffalo, burn, clip, cozen, delude, fake, falsify, fleece, fool, gouge, hook, humbug, lead on, rob, scam, sell, skin, suck in, take for, victimize, put on, cross up, screw, beat out of, impose upon, take advantage of, double-cross, play joke on, pull fast one, take for ride, take to cleaners.

defeat (verb)

balk, beat down, blank, block, bury, cast down, confound, contravene, cook, counterplot, cross, disconcert, disprove, invalidate, neutralize, nonplus, nose out, nullify, overturn, puzzle, refute, scuttle, shave, shellac, skunk, spoil, squash, undo, edge out, beat the system, cause setback, put end to, take wind out of sails, throw for loop.

defraud (verb)

chouse, embezzle, flimflam, jive, milk, pilfer, shaft, shuck, stick, take, rip off, DO, do out of, do number on, sucker into, take to the cleaner's.

discomfit (verb)

abash, annoy, bother, demoralize, discompose, discountenance, disturb, embarrass, faze, fluster, irk, overcome, perplex, perturb, rattle, ruffle, take aback, trump, unsettle, upset, vex, worry.

dupe (verb)

catch, chicane, dust, kid, rook, rope in, spoof, hornswoggle, jerk around, pull something, pull one's leg.

elude (verb)

beat around the bush, cop out, ditch, double, duck, eschew, flee, fly, hem and haw, outrun, pass up, shirk, shy, stall, stonewall, run around, get away from, not touch, pass the buck, be beyond someone, give the runaround, give the slip, give wide berth to, stay shy of.

fence (verb)

cavil, equivocate, feint, hedge, maneuver, parry, prevaricate, quibble, shift, tergiversate.

foil (verb)

bollix, check, counter, crab, curb, dash, hinder, restrain, shake, shake off, skip, stop, hang up, foul up, shuffle off, give the run-around, run rings around, throw monkey wrench in, upset the apple cart.

frustrate (verb)

annul, arrest, bar, cancel, confront, conquer, counteract, depress, discourage, dishearten, forbid, forestall, halt, hold up, impede, inhibit, negate, obstruct, obviate, preclude, prohibit, cramp one's style, dash one's hope, give the run around, render null and void, upset the applecart.

have (verb)

buy off, fix, tamper with.

mislead (verb)

bait, bluff, bunk, enmesh, entangle, entice, fudge, hose, inveigle, juggle, lie, lure, misdirect, misguide, misinform, misrepresent, pervert, seduce, snow, tempt, Illude, pull wool over eyes.

outflank (verb)

best, better, excel, outclass, outplay, outshine, surpass, outperform.

outwit (verb)

end run, figure out, gyp, outsmart, Juke, JIP.

outwit/outsmart (verb)

baffle, bamboozle, beat, bewilder, cap, cheat, circumvent, confuse, deceive, defeat, defraud, dupe, finagle, fox, goose, gull, have, hoax, hoodwink, lead astray, mislead, outdo, outfox, outgeneral, outguess, outmaneuver, overreach, pull a fast one on, swindle, top, trick, worst, take in, outthink, put one over on, fake out, make a monkey of, run circles around, make a fool of, con, outjockey, end-run.

stump (verb)

dumbfound, mystify, stagger, bring up short.

succeed (verb)

accomplish, achieve, acquire, arrive, avail, benefit, carry off, come off, distance, earn, flourish, fulfill, gain, get, make good, make it, make out, obtain, outdistance, possess, profit, prosper, realize, reap, receive, recover, retrieve, score, secure, thrive, win, work, turn out, pull off, HIT, make a fortune, be successful, do all right, do the trick, get to the top, grow famous.

thwart (verb)

louse up, match, oppose, pit, play off, scotch, snafu, take down, trammel, take wind out of, upset one's apple cart.

trick (verb)

hocus-pocus, set up, trap, take for a ride, disinform, double deal, play for a fool, pull wool over.

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