Pronunciation of Out-Put
/ˈa͡ʊtpˈʊt/, /ˈa‍ʊtpˈʊt/, /ˈaʊ_t_p_ˈʊ_t/

Synonyms for out-put:

amount (noun)

addition, aggregate, all, body, budget, cost, damage, entirety, expense, extent, list, lot, net, outlay, output, price tag, quantum, score, sum, tab, tidy sum, whole, set-back, bad news.

crop (noun)

byproduct, fruitage, gathering, produce, vintage, Gleaning, Reaping, Fruits, crops, annual production, season's growth.

end product (noun)

final result, final product, finished product.

expenditure (noun)

application, bottom line, charge, come to, consumption, disbursement, dissipation, figure, investment, kickback, outgo, payoff, price, rate, setback, spending, splurge, squander, throw, tune, use, valuation, value, waste, cash on barrelhead.

expense (noun)

assessment, bite, debit, debt, decrement, deprivation, duty, expenditure, forfeit, forfeiture, insurance, liability, loan, loss, mortgage, obligation, outdo, overhead, payroll, responsibility, risk, sacrifice, surcharge, tariff, toll, upkeep, worth, out of pocket.

first fruits (noun)

bang for the buck.

harvest (noun)

autumn, by-product, consequence, effect, fall, fruition, harvesting, ingathering, intake, repercussion, result, return, season, summer, yielding, Garnering, Cropping, Storing, harvest-time.

oeuvre (noun)


output (noun)

achievement, amount, crop, gain, harvest, making, manufacture, product, production, productivity, profit, take, turnout, yield, Manufacturing, Producing.

price (noun)

appraisal, asking price, barter, bill, bounty, ceiling, compensation, consideration, demand, discount, estimate, exaction, face value, fare, fee, hire, pay, payment, premium, prize, quotation, ransom, reckoning, retail, reward, sticker, ticket, wages, wholesale, Appraisement, DUES.

product (noun)

aftermath, artifact, blend, brand, brew, commodity, compound, concoction, confection, contrivance, creation, decoction, device, emolument, fabrication, fruit, handiwork, invention, issue, legacy, line, merchandise, offshoot, outcome, outgrowth, preparation, realization, stock, synthetic, upshot, work, returns, spinoff.

profit (noun)

accumulation, acquisition, advancement, advantage, aggrandizement, augmentation, avail, benefit, cleanup, earnings, gate, goods, gravy, gross, income, interest, lucre, outturn, percentage, proceeds, receipt, receipts, remuneration, revenue, saving, skim, split, surplus, takings, velvet, winnings, killing, emoluments.

turnout (noun)

quota, turnover, volume.

work (noun)

act, article, composition, deed, end product, function, handicraft, oeuvre, performance, piece.

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