Pronunciation of Outdated
/a͡ʊtdˈe͡ɪtɪd/, /a‍ʊtdˈe‍ɪtɪd/, /aʊ_t_d_ˈeɪ_t_ɪ_d/

Antonyms for outdated

trendsetting, most regenerated, more with it, just out, un-contaminated, most refreshed, twenty-first century, co incident, in-experienced, more with-it, more another, operable, wellliked, upscale, refurbished, withit, ultramodern, cutting-edge, REDHOT, more abreast, re-cent, with style, nower, more contempo, more withit, more in-thing, fore-front, pre-sent, recent, state the art, most on-the-spot, Latterday, spick and span, present, ultra modern, current, re cent, more well liked, faddy, modernized, more inthing, brandnew, contemporary, inthing, un-triedest, modern, most new-fashioned, more newfashioned, dewier, un-usual, most harefooted, in thing, faddiest, more modernized, un trieder, well-liked, un seasoned, re designed, operative, all rage, un-likest, Newfashioned, dis-agreeable, un accustomed, latter day, functioning, more cuttingedge, un tried, more harefooted, mod, most another, un trained, all the rage, re freshed, most contempo, un-known, renewed, most leading edge, more regenerated, more new-fashioned, most well liked, more on the spot, more leadingedge, more redesigned, workable, hip, up to the minute, faddier, redesigned, re-freshed, most novel, untried, un known, most happening, operational, quicktempered, up-scale, most cutting-edge, more leading-edge, un-trained, active, alive, dis agreeable, more up, un usual, most leading-edge, un-used, un-skilled, newfangled, more in thing, in-thing, unfamiliar, more untrodden, un-trodden, most today, more uncontaminated, most with-it, most cutting edge, functional, more today, new fashioned, most trendsetting, un familiar, fresh, pre vailing, most on the spot, more cutting edge, brand new, un-seasoned, most forefront, flyest, more well-liked, Neoteric, well liked, most cuttingedge, twentyfirst century, most with it, un skilled, up-to-the-minute, most up, state-of-the-art, state of art, dis-similar, present day, up to date, in good taste, twenty first century, most inthing, un-premeditated, most leadingedge, most untrodden, faddish, ultra-modern, present-day, more faddish, operating, in fashion, more happening, most new fashioned, un-liker, un-accustomed, young, un contaminated, contempo, up-to-date, co-incident, avantgarde, most redesigned, in-creased, more trendsetting, new, busy, employed, remodeled, new-fashioned, on-the-spot, un-touched, in experienced, re-designed, leadingedge, dewy, fore front, un-spoiled, un touched, on the spot, dewiest, un-trieder, most wellliked, a gogo, more forefront, a go-go, un liker, un trodden, most in-thing, most abreast, more refreshed, trendy, most neoteric, more new fashioned, pre sent, most upscale, today, nowest, un triedest, un likest, a go go, avant garde, in style, cuttingedge, untrodden, leading-edge, re generated, newest, un-tried, red hot, most uncontaminated, dis similar, un spoiled, most modernized, most in thing, re-generated, presentday, most withit, most faddish, un-familiar, snappy, with-it, most newfashioned, more neoteric, more cutting-edge, fashionable, more leading edge, uncontaminated.