Pronunciation of Over-Looking
/ˌə͡ʊvəlˈʊkɪŋ/, /ˌə‍ʊvəlˈʊkɪŋ/, /ˌəʊ_v_ə_l_ˈʊ_k_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for over-looking:

benefit, plenty, guard, compliment, charge, achievement, abandon, interpret, allowance, condemn, accuracy, prosper, veto, incriminate, cruelty, manage, indulge, merit, correct, discard, penalize, increase, feeling, heed, avoid, prevent, recollect, notice, Including, gain, respect, remember, satisfaction, excess, correction, Inserting, note, aware, face, heat, understanding, disregard, risk, punish, welcome, deny, be willing, pay attention, recognize, believe, behave, disbelieve, insert, permit, let go, DO, admiration, inclusion, warm, lose, conscious, not allow, continue, invalidate, misunderstand, expedite, aid, descend, aggravate, raise, figure correctly, limit, submit, drop, go along, payment, renounce, esteem, guess, comply, uncomplicate, attentive, help, capture, be below, continuation, strength, estimate, love, recollection, admit, exaggerate, neglect, win, tap, sanction, ostracize, follow, remembrance, perfection, misguide, keep, liberate, comprehend, use, hurt, accomplishment, look away, closure, surrender, approval, consent, inject, do correctly, carry, deliver, success, acknowledge, be aware, abundance, obtain, ignorance, achieve, run, cherish, interest, yield, perceive, addition, fix, mindful, chastise, accomplish, concern, miss, relinquish, refuse, complete, continuity, recall, attention, chance, disprove, sensitive, fail, take, concerned, obedience, live, give up, receive, back, insertion, reject, regard, honor, restrain, reveal, sentence, decline, damn, strong point, sympathy, sufficiency, nurture, rush, jump in, take on, forbid, attend, find, withdraw, reach, forward, ignore, fall behind, procure, dodge, praise, look at, accept, care, meanness, hold, enter, obey, trust, hide, forget, retreat, watch, like, mismanage, accuse, incite, irritate, admire, lower, be sure, assist, take care, take care of, take notice, learn, Mentioning, flatter, mercilessness, understand, resign, clear up, allow, advance, protect, do well, convict, overrate, get, blame, adequacy, meet, forsake, be certain, earn, juncture, include, handle, succeed, censure, enough, maintain, finish, commend, add, mislead, permission, serve, approve, accusation, punishment, advantage, right, mark up, fall.

Synonyms for over-looking:

oblivious (adjective)

absent, absentminded, absorbed, abstracted, amnesic, blind, careless, deaf, distracted, dreamy, forgetful, gone, heedless, inattentive, incognizant, insensible, neglectful, negligent, preoccupied, regardless, spacey, unacquainted, unconcerned, unconscious, undiscerning, unfamiliar, uninformed, uninstructed, unknowing, unmindful, unobservant, unwitting, Blundering, Disregardful, Inconversant, unnoticing, unrecognizing, zonked, out to lunch, not all there, strung out.

omitting (adjective)

disregarding, Canceling, Discarding, Excepting, Repudiating, Precluding, not including, not naming.

beside (adverb)

abreast of, adjoining, alongside, aside, by, cheek by jowl, close at hand, close to, near, nearby, neighboring, nigh, opposite, overlooking, round, side by side, With, neck and neck, bordering on, close upon, adjacent to, connected with, contiguous to, in juxtaposition, next door to, verging on, at the side of, a step from, at one's elbow, at the edge of, fornent.

default (noun)

absence, blemish, blunder, dearth, defect, deficiency, delinquency, dereliction, error, fault, imperfection, inadequacy, insufficiency, lack, lapse, neglect, nonpayment, offense, omission, oversight, privation, shortcoming, transgression, vice, weakness, wrongdoing.

disregard (noun)

apathy, contempt, disesteem, disfavor, disinterest, disrespect, heedlessness, inadvertence, inattention, indifference, insouciance, lassitude, lethargy, listlessness, negligence, oblivion, scorn, slighting, unconcern, unmindfulness, Forgetting, Neglecting, Omitting, brush-off, the cold shoulder.

forgiveness (noun)

absolution, acquittal, amnesty, charity, clemency, compassion, condonation, dispensation, exculpation, exoneration, extenuation, grace, immunity, impunity, indemnity, justification, lenience, lenity, mercy, palliation, purgation, quarter, quittance, remission, remittal, reprieve, respite, vindication.

omission (noun)

blank, breach, break, cancellation, carelessness, chasm, cutting out, default, elimination, elision, exclusion, failing, failure, forgetfulness, gap, hiatus, inadvertency, lacuna, missing, overlook, preclusion, preterition, pretermission, prohibition, repudiation, skip, slip, withholding, Excluding, Ignoring, leaving out, passing over, disregardance, noninclusion.

oversight (noun)

laxity, miscue, mistake, slipup.

blink (verb)

bypass, connive, cushion, fail, turn a blind eye.

boss (verb)

administer, administrate, direct, employ, manage, run, supervise, take charge.

check (verb)

analyze, ascertain, audit, candle, case, compare, confirm, correct, count, eyeball, find out, frisk, go through, investigate, look at, make sure, monitor, note, probe, prove, quiz, review, scrutinize, study, take stock, tell, test, try, verify, scout out, balance account, enquire about, keep account, look see.

condone (verb)

buy, lap up, okay, pardon, pass over, remit, give green light, let it come, let it go by, nod at.

control (verb)

advise, bully, call, conduct, discipline, domineer, govern, guide, head, head up, instruct, lead, manipulate, pilot, predominate, regiment, regulate, rule, steer, subject, subjugate, deal with, reign over, hold sway over, run things, be in saddle, call the signals, hold purse strings, hold the reins, run the show, push buttons.

discount (verb)

belittle, depreciate, derogate, disbelieve, discredit, dispraise, doubt, minimize, mistrust, question, reject, scout, brush off, detract from, scoff at.

disregard (verb)

brush aside, contemn, despise, disobey, disparage, laugh off, pooh-pooh, snub, Vilipend, brush away, pay no attention to, have no use for, cold-shoulder, leave out of account, let off easy, pay no heed to, shut eyes to, take no notice of, turn a deaf ear.

dominate (verb)

bestride, overlie, stand over, look down upon, loom over.

excuse (verb)

acquit, alibi, appease, clear, cover, defend, discharge, exculpate, exempt, exonerate, explain, extenuate, free, indulge, liberate, mitigate, pretext, purge, rationalize, release, relieve, shrive, shrug off, spare, tolerate, vindicate, let off, apologize for, make allowances for, dispense from, give absolution, grant amnesty, plead ignorance, exempt from, take rap for.

face (verb)

border, confront, front, gaze, glare, meet, stare, watch, be turned toward, front onto.

fail (verb)

abort, back out, blink, desert, disappoint, funk, let down, miscarry, go astray, break one's word.

forget (verb)

drop, transgress, trespass, lose sight of.

forgive (verb)

absolve, allow for, commute, efface, let it go, palliate, pocket, relent, spring, think no more of, accept apology, bear no malice, dismiss from mind, kiss and make up, let up on, make allowance, turn other cheek, bury the hatchet.

front (verb)

encounter, face, overlay.

ignore (verb)

avoid, evade, wink, be oblivious to, bury one's head in sand, take no notice, turn back on, turn blind eye, turn deaf ear.

look (verb)

give onto.

miscalculate (verb)

blow, err, go wrong, misconstrue, miscount, misinterpret, misjudge, misread, misunderstand, overestimate, overrate, overvalue, stumble, underestimate, underrate, undervalue, Misreckon, mess up, mix up, drop the ball, get signals crossed, get wrong, miss by a mile.

mishandle (verb)


mishandle/mismanage (verb)

abuse, botch, bungle, confound, flub, fumble, goof, gum up, harm, misapply, misconduct, misdirect, misgovern, mistreat, misuse, pervert, screw up, Misemploy, foul up, goof up, maladminister, muff, prostitute, make a hash of, make a mess of, be incompetent, be inefficient, put foot in, shoot oneself in foot.

mismanage (verb)


misreckon (verb)


miss (verb)

fall short, juggle, lose, misfire, mislay, misplace, overshoot, pass up, trip, undershoot, let slip, be late for, fall flat on face, trip up.

mistake (verb)

addle, confuse, jumble, misapprehend, miscalculate, misconceive, snarl, take for, tangle, Misdeem, Misknow, Not know, be off the mark, be wrong, deceive oneself, have wrong impression, make a mess, miss the boat.

neglect (verb)

affront, condemn, defer, detest, discard, dismiss, elide, gloss over, keep one's distance, overleap, postpone, pretermit, procrastinate, rebuff, scant, shirk, skimp, slur, spurn, suspend, trifle, have nothing to do with, be remiss, not care for, be careless, be derelict, be irresponsible, be negligent, keep at arm's length, not trouble oneself, think little of.

omit (verb)

bar, cancel, cast aside, count out, cut, delete, edit, eliminate, except, preclude, prohibit, repudiate, snip, trim, void, withhold, cut out, knock off, miss out, x-out.

overlook (verb)

boss, chaperon, command, condone, control, discount, disdain, disregard, dominate, excuse, forget, forgive, handle, ignore, inspect, leave out, let go, live with, look out, look out on, miss, mount, omit, overpass, oversee, overtop, pass, pass by, quarterback, slight, stand for, stomach, superintend, surmount, survey, take, top, view, watch over, whitewash, wink at, slip up, put up with, bear with, blink at, go along with, look down, tune out, make light of, look the other way, grin and bear it, let bygones be bygones, leave undone, afford a view, command a view, fail to notice, front on, give upon, have a prospect of, let fall between the cracks, let pass, let slide, look over, pay no attention, pay no mind, play past, roll with punches, soar above, swim with the tide, tower over, turn blind eye to, wipe slate clean, give on.

oversee (verb)

baby-sit, call the shots, captain, eye, herd, look after, ride herd on, shepherd, skipper, be in driver's seat, keep one's eye on, sit on top of.

pardon (verb)

accept, justify, lifeboat, rescue, write off, suspend charges.

pass (verb)

decline, pass on, refuse, not heed.

pass by (verb)

abandon, leave, not choose.

pass over (verb)

not dwell on.

regard (verb)

advertise, attend, beam, behold, contemplate, flash, heed, look on, mark, mind, notice, observe, pay attention, pipe, read, remark, respect, scan, see, spy, witness, take notice of, take into consideration, pore over, get a load of, give attention, stare at.

scan (verb)

browse, check, consider, dip into, examine, glance over, inquire, look, regard, riff, riffle, rumble, run over, scour, search, size up, skim, sweep, flip through, glance at, look through, thumb through, leaf through, give the once-over, look up and down, run through, take a gander, take stock of, have a look-see.

scrutinize (verb)

burn up, canvass, check out, check over, comb, dig, dissect, explore, peg, penetrate, peruse, pierce, scope, sift, smoke, weigh, inquire into, take the measure of, go over with a fine-tooth comb, perlustrate, put under a microscope, scrutinate.

slight (verb)

chill, cool, flout, scoff, upstage, give the brush, give the cold shoulder to, not give time of day, show disrespect, treat with contempt, turn deaf ear to, sneeze at.

sneeze at (verb)

take lightly.

supervise (verb)

keep an eye on, preside over, take care of, crack the whip, be in charge, be in the saddle, be on duty, be responsible for, call the play.

survey (verb)

appraise, assay, assess, estimate, evaluate, give the once over, look upon, measure, plan, plot, prospect, rate, reconnoiter, research, size, summarize, valuate, value, check up, stake out, set at, test the waters.

tower (verb)

ascend, exceed, loom, rear, soar, surpass, transcend, be above, extend above.

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