Pronunciation of Over-Whelmed
/ˌə͡ʊvəwˈɛlmd/, /ˌə‍ʊvəwˈɛlmd/, /ˌəʊ_v_ə_w_ˈɛ_l_m_d/

Antonyms for over-whelmed:

unimpaired, forward, liberate, abet, concede, mend, give up, excite, construct, be lazy, be immune, dissatisfy, moderate, confirm, build up, keep, fight, let go, protect, promote, blessed, cede, forget, evacuate, dull, start, sorrowful, lift, straight, depress, dehydrate, fail, boost, comfort, collected, turn off, dissuade, expectant, increase, disenchanted, vertical, disperse, obey, fixed, lose, facilitate, create, starve, institute, attract, approve, advance, kept, explain, appease, sober, fix, grow, free, compose, explicate, beautify, open, improve, fall behind, untroubled, Disenthrall, protected, retreat, deter, empty, erect, discourage, languish, collect, tell, ascend, give, leave alone, refuse, placate, hold, strengthen, successful, honor, delight, relinquish, stop, unhurt, repair, make happy, pass, loosen, healthy, rise, affirm, disallow, lay out, decorate, build, fill, offer, uninjured, displace, abstain, enlighten, invigorate, Repulsed, be sad, ungrateful, support, diet, praise, intact, not impress, quiet, dry, unappreciative, straighten, repulse, repress, upright, calm, ok, bore, order, slow, offend, be honest, deaden, miss, compliment, validate, gather, prevent, win, guard, add, push, aid, misconceive, reduce, drop, forfeit, decrease, sane, save, shelter, yield, incite, brave, happy, receive, catch, agree, illuminate, aware, disenchant, reject, organize, place, allow, release, remove, Unwrinkle, withstand, submit, avoid, tap, unhappy, not use, neglect, troubled, develop, repel, further, succeed, surrender, preserve, unperturbed, misunderstand, displease, saved, halt, accumulate, observe, surface, please, bear, slough off, be inferior, give birth, strong, lucky, unmoved, permit, ornament, uncover, turned off, resist, underwhelm, gladden, prove, rescue, raise, uncompress, hard, uphold, hide, loose, assist, adorn, suppress, sustain, cheer, unswayed, heal, soothe, float, sanctify, help, oriented, thankless, relieve, hale, inspirit, expect, unchanged, understanding, deprive, maintain, tire, repaired, dodge, endorse, defend, pull, disgust, shield, store, establish, expand, unfasten, cure, clear up, unburden, self-sufficient, disinterest, verify, light, go up, discontinue, unthankful, fast, clear, be still, clarify, hopeful, nice, restored, benefit, unsurprised, critical, scatter, deplete, encourage, attest, give in.

Synonyms for over-whelmed:

affected (adjective)

afflicted, altered, changed, compassionate, concerned, damaged, distressed, excited, impaired, impressed, injured, overwhelmed, overwrought, sorry, stimulated, stirred, sympathetic, tender, touched, troubled, Grieved, Influenced.

aghast (adjective)

afraid, agape, agog, alarmed, amazed, anxious, appalled, astonished, astounded, awestruck, confounded, dismayed, dumbfounded, frightened, horror-struck, shocked, startled, stunned, terrified, thunderstruck.

beaten (adjective)

baffled, bested, conquered, cowed, crushed, disappointed, discomfited, disheartened, frustrated, humbled, licked, mastered, overthrown, routed, ruined, subjugated, surmounted, thwarted, undone, Circumvented, Trounced.

destroyed (adjective)

annihilated, blasted, blighted, broken, consumed, demolished, devoured, felled, obliterated, ravaged, razed, sacked, shattered, smashed, totaled, wasted, wiped out, Abolished, Disintegrated, Eradicated, Gutted, Incinerated, Killed, torn down.

doomed (adjective)

bewitched, convicted, cursed, cut down, damned, destroyed, done, done for, fated, fey, foreordained, ill-fated, ill-omened, kiss of death, lost, luckless, predestined, reprobate, sunk, suppressed, threatened, unfortunate, unredeemed, wrecked, Menaced, Sentenced, dead duck, Star-crossed, bedeviled, in the cards, thrown down, que sera sera.

dumbfounded (adjective)

aghast, beat, bewildered, breathless, dumb, flabbergasted, floored, nonplused, puzzled, speechless, stuck, surprised, thrown, Bamboozled, Knocked, Staggered, Stumped, taken aback, buffaloed, bowled over, blown away.

infested (adjective)

beset, crowded, full, jammed.

overwhelmed (adjective)

affected, devastated, moved, overpowered, upset, vanquished, worsted, Repulsed.

prostrate (adjective)

beaten, defenseless, impotent, open, paralyzed, powerless, reduced, weak, Disarmed.

rapt (adjective)

absent, abstracted, beguiled, blissful, busy, captivated, charmed, daydreaming, deep, delighted, dreaming, ecstatic, employed, enamored, engaged, engrossed, enraptured, enthralled, entranced, happy, held, hypnotized, inattentive, intent, involved, oblivious, occupied, preoccupied, rapturous, spellbound, taken, unconscious, wrapped, wrapped up, Absent-minded, Immersed, Ravished, Transported, gripped, hung up, carried away, caught up in.

stunned (adjective)

confused, frozen, numb, stupefied.

thankful (adjective)

beholden, content, contented, grateful, gratified, indebted, obliged, pleased, relieved, satisfied, much obliged.

thunderstruck (adjective)

dazed, petrified.

agape (adverb)

ajar, staring, yawning.

astonish (verb)

amaze, astound, boggle, daze, flabbergast, knock over, overwhelm, startle, stupefy, take aback, blow away, spring on, blow one's mind, throw a curve, put one away.

astound (verb)

astonish, knock over with feather.

attack (verb)

advance, aggress, ambush, assail, assault, bash, bat, bean, besiege, biff, blast, blister, bombard, boot, bop, brain, bust, charge, chop down, clip, clock, club, combat, cook, harm, hurt, infiltrate, invade, jump, kick, knock cold, larrup, mug, punch, raid, rush, set upon, slog, soak, stab, storm, strike, wallop, whop, turn on, HIT, boff, light into, molest, lay siege to, knock block off, knock for a loop, pounce upon, take the offensive.

beat (verb)

best, better, exceed, excel, outdo, outplay, outrival, outrun, outshine, outstrip, overtake, subdue, top, transcend, triumph, vanquish, be victorious, shoot ahead of.

bedazzle (verb)

blind, dazzle, enchant.

bemuse (verb)

addle, moon, muddle, paralyze, perplex, pipe dream, daydream, gather wool.

boggle (verb)

fill with wonder.

burden (verb)

afflict, bear down on, bother, cumber, depress, dish out, encumber, hamper, handicap, hinder, impede, lade, load, obligate, oppress, overcharge, overload, pile, press, snow, strain, tax, trouble, try, vex, weigh down, worry, snow under, dump on, saddle with, give it to, dish it out, make heavy, stick it to.

capture (verb)

apprehend, arrest, bag, catch, collar, cop, get, grab, hook, land, nab, nail, net, occupy, pinch, prehend, secure, seize, snare, take, trap, tumble, pick up, round up, pull in, snatch, take into custody, take prisoner, take captive, gain control, put the cuffs on, run in.

confute (verb)

break, contradict, controvert, demolish, dismay, disprove, expose, invalidate, negate, oppugn, overturn, parry, rebut, shut up, silence, subvert, tap, put down, bring to naught, prove false, set aside, blow sky high, knocks props out from under, prove wrong.

consume (verb)

annihilate, decay, devastate, eat up, exhaust, expend, extinguish, ravage, raze, ruin, suppress, waste, lay waste.

crush (verb)

abash, bear down, browbeat, chagrin, dispose of, dump, ice, mortify, obliterate, put away, quash, quell, reduce, shame, squelch, stamp out, strangle, subjugate, blot out, force down, quelch.

daze (verb)

befog, befuddle, benumb, blur, disorder, distract, dizzy, fuddle, mystify, petrify, rock, mix up.

dazzle (verb)

awe, bedazzle, excite, fascinate, glitz, hypnotize, impress, overawe, razzle-dazzle, strike dumb.

defeat (verb)

bar, block, butcher, decimate, discomfit, entrap, finish off, halt, lick, mow down, obstruct, outflank, outmaneuver, repel, repress, repulse, route, sack, scatter, shipwreck, sink, slaughter, smash, surmount, torpedo, trample, trash, wipe out, roll back, prevail over.

deluge (verb)

douse, drench, flood, flush, gush, pour, sluice, sop, souse, stream, wet, whelm.

drown (verb)

asphyxiate, dip, go down, go under, immerse, plunge, stifle, suffocate.

dumbfound (verb)

nonplus, throw, throw into a tizzy.

engulf (verb)

consume, encompass, engross, envelop, imbibe, swallow up.

fascinate (verb)

absorb, allure, animate, arouse, attach, attract, beguile, bewitch, charm, compel, delight, draw, enamor, engage, enrapture, enslave, ensnare, enthrall, entice, entrance, fire, gladden, infatuate, interest, intoxicate, intrigue, invite, kindle, lure, mesmerize, pique, please, provoke, ravish, rivet, seduce, spellbind, stimulate, stir, tantalize, tempt, thrill, titillate, transfix, transport.

flabbergast (verb)

disconcert, throw for a loop, make speechless.

flood (verb)

brim over, choke, fill, flow, glut, oversupply, saturate, surge, swarm, sweep, pour over.

gang up on (verb)

join forces against.

glut (verb)

burden, clog, cloy, congest, cram, devour, feast, gorge, hog, jade, overfeed, overstock, pack, pall, raven, sate, satiate, stuff, surfeit, wolf, make a pig of.

hit (verb)

achieve, affect, arrive at, attain, gain, influence, occur, reach, touch, leave a mark.

lade (verb)

freight, weight.

lick (verb)

clobber, down, flog, hurdle, lambaste, master, slap, smear, spank, surpass, trim, trounce.

oppress (verb)

abuse, aggrieve, annoy, beat down, dishearten, dispirit, distress, force, harass, harry, hound, keep down, maltreat, outrage, persecute, plague, ride, rule, sadden, saddle, torment, torture, wrong, Despotize, pick on, prey on, put screws to, put upon, tyrranize, weigh heavy upon, put the squeeze on.

overcome (verb)

get around, outlive, prevail, render, survive, weather, worst, get the better of, rise above, triumph over, come out on top, knock socks off.

overload (verb)


overpower (verb)

blank, bulldoze, cream, immobilize, roll over, shut off, take out, wax, knock out, murder, shellack, take care of, lay one out.

overrun (verb)

foray, inroad, overgrow, overshoot, overspread, overstep, permeate, run over, spill, well over, run on, go beyond, put to flight, spread like wildfire.

overtake (verb)

befall, catch up with, come upon, get to, happen, leave behind, outdistance, overhaul, get past, gain on, take by surprise.

overthrow (verb)

abolish, bring down, depose, dethrone, do away with, eradicate, exterminate, level, liquidate, oust, purge, terminate, tip, topple, unseat, upend, put an end to, knock down, bring to ruin.

overwhelm (verb)

bewilder, blow out of the water, bowl over, bury, confound, confuse, conquer, crush, defeat, deluge, demoralize, destroy, disturb, do in, downgrade, drown, drub, dumbfound, engulf, floor, inundate, massacre, overcome, overflow, overpower, overrun, overthrow, prostrate, puzzle, rout, shatter, shock, smother, stagger, steamroller, stun, submerge, subordinate, surprise, swamp, thrash, total, whip, win, wreck, kill, run circles around, render speechless.

ravage (verb)

capture, damage, desecrate, desolate, despoil, dismantle, disorganize, disrupt, forage, gut, impair, loot, pillage, pirate, plunder, prey, pull down, rob, spoil, strip, sweep away, wrest, break up, Spoliate, wreak havoc, rape, leave in ruins.

ruin (verb)

bankrupt, beggar, botch, clean out, deface, defile, deplete, deplore, dilapidate, disfigure, drain, fleece, impoverish, injure, maim, mangle, mar, mutilate, pauperize, use up, wrack, Depredate, make a mess of, spoilate, wreak havoc on.

seize (verb)

annex, appropriate, arrogate, carry off, claw, clutch, commandeer, confiscate, exact, grasp, hijack, impound, incorporate, kidnap, lift, pounce, snag, spirit away, take over, throttle, usurp, wrench, take possession of, take by storm.

shock (verb)

agitate, anger, antagonize, appall, disgust, displease, disquiet, electrify, horrify, insult, jar, jolt, nauseate, offend, revolt, scandalize, shake, sicken, traumatize, unsettle, shake up, give a turn, hit like ton of bricks.

sink (verb)

bore, capsize, cast down, cave in, couch, decline, descend, dig, disappear, drill, drive, droop, drop, ebb, excavate, fall, flounder, founder, lay, let down, lower, plummet, ram, regress, run, sag, scuttle, set, settle, slope, slump, stick, stoop, subside, thrust, tip over, Demit, go to the bottom, touch bottom.

slaughter (verb)

finish, slay, do in exterminate, total trounce.

smother (verb)

collect, compose, conceal, control, cool, cork, heap, hush up, keep back, muffle, quench, rein, restrain, shower, shroud, simmer down, snuff, surround.

stagger (verb)

consternate, stump, give a shock, throw off balance, take breath away.

stun/stupefy (verb)

bemuse, fog, knock unconscious.

stupefy (verb)

besot, blunt, daunt, dull, faze, Hebetate.

submerge (verb)

duck, impregnate, sound, submerse.

surprise (verb)

rattle, take one's breath away, cause wonder, leave aghast, leave open-mouthed, spring something on, strike with awe.

take (verb)

entertain, magnetize, wile, become popular, win favor.

thrash (verb)

batter, belabor, belt, birch, buffet, cane, chasten, chastise, flagellate, jerk, maul, paste, pelt, pitch, pound, pummel, punish, scourge, seesaw, tan, thresh, toss, work over, writhe, beat up, toss and turn, tan one's hide.

thresh (verb)


throw (verb)

bandy, barrage, buck, bunt, butt, cant, cast, catapult, chuck, dash, deliver, discharge, dislodge, fell, flick, fling, fling off, flip, heave, hurl, impel, lapidate, launch, let fly, let go, lob, peg, pellet, pepper, precipitate, project, push, put, send, shove, shy, sling, splatter, spray, sprinkle, start, stone, strew, unhorse, volley, waft.

trample (verb)

bruise, encroach, flatten, grind, infringe, override, squash, stamp, step on, stomp, tread, violate, Tromp, tramp, ride roughshod over.

triumph (verb)

dominate, flourish, prosper, take the cake, thrive, win out, beat the game, beat the system, carry the day, get last laugh, strike it big, take it all, win hands down.

trounce (verb)

cap, dust, hammer, lather, pommel, walk over, cook one's goose, fix one's wagon, make mincemeat of, wipe off the mat.

vanquish (verb)


whip (verb)

mop up, take apart, whomp.

win (verb)

edge, shut out, walk off with, walk away with, be first, come in first, finish in front, gain victory, take the prize.

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