Pronunciation of Overrate
/ˌəʊ_v_ə_ɹ_ˈeɪ_t/, /ˌə͡ʊvəɹˈe͡ɪt/, /ˌə‍ʊvəɹˈe‍ɪt/

Antonyms for overrate:

vilipended, mis carry, poormouthing, renders worthless, crying down, disdain, de-riding, demerited, clamors against, re-probates, Dispraised, under play, de merits, took a swipe at, cried down, under estimating, under-valued, vilipending, knocked down, cut down size, dis praised, dispraise, under-played, marked down, de grades, dis counts, poor-mouth, made little of, finds fault with, dis, de moralizing, de-presses, taking a swipe at, dis counted, DISES, takes a swipe at, dost number on, under-prizes, mis judges, de-classing, shoots down, mis carries, cut rate, mis judged, put hooks in, shoot full holes, shoots full holes, undervalued, under valuing, de-pressed, re-probate, sours grapes, drew away, de-based, loathe, throws stones at, de cries, under rates, de grade, detracted from, downcried, dis-credit, render worthless, be little, dis-regards, de-crease, poor mouth, miniaturizing, Declass, de tracts, doth a number on, de grading, dis-praising, dis missing, dis-esteem, de-faming, de riding, dis countenances, de-creasing, dis regarded, cheapen, disses, under prizing, dis-missed, de valorize, with draws, de fames, under-estimated, downgrade, de-creases, Benching, de-valuating, dispraises, dis-hearten, dis esteemed, writing down, mis prized, dis praising, poor-mouths, de-grade, de based, downcries, throwing stones at, re duces, understate, cuts down to size, shooting full of holes, de-class, mis-calculates, didst number on, with drew, under-pricing, devalorize, de-cays, under prized, under-rate, puts hooks in, de moralize, de clines, de base, dis-graced, Benched, clamored against, de values, downcry, dis praises, dis courage, shoot full of holes, dis counting, opprobriating, losing value, dis-credited, dis-heartened, under-value, de pressing, de moralized, takes away, de-moralizing, de-fame, poormouth, think too little of, dis rated, de-grades, de moralizes, dis-esteemed, de-valuated, disrates, under values, detracting from, take away, mis-carrying, dis-credits, draw away, de creases, de-cline, opprobriate, doth number on, de famed, misprizing, beating down, de-value, dis rate, underestimate, dis-gracing, dis-missing, de-ride, de-means, de-values, abhor, found fault with, dis regarding, de valorizing, dis countenancing, dis grace, de-valued, dis regards, drawing away, de-meriting, dis graced, dis-graces, doing a number on, de-mote, re probating, mis-prizes, under-rated, de-valorize, de classing, under value, downcrying, under priced, under prices, under prizes, de cay, clamoring against, cuts to the quick, cut to the quick, de-meaning, does a number on, mis prize, belittle, subtracted from, under prize, doeth a number on, de-fames, de-famed, dumped on, de valuating, dis-heartening, dis crediting, dis praise, taking away, de-valorized, dis-regard, dis-countenances, de-valuates, poohpooh, cut the quick, de fame, under-stated, subtracts from, beat down, take a swipe at, dis-counted, dis-courages, demeriting, Misprize, miniaturizes, detract from, de-motes, under-prizing, de mote, did a number on, makes little of, depreciate, poormouths, de motes, takes down peg, vilipends, under-plays, dis-courage, detest, miniaturized, underpricing, abominate, miniaturize, de-valuate, decry, under rating, sells short, dis-counting, under-valuing, de crying, thought too little of, dis countenanced, marks down, makes light of, knocks down, de creased, de-merited, underprized, re-duces, take down a peg, taking swipe at, make light of, mis carried, cuts down size, took swipe at, de cline, minimize, under price, find fault with, under state, re probate, de means, under-estimates, took down peg, de cays, de classed, de valuated, dis-countenance, sneers at, de meriting, de cry, doest number on, de-basing, de-moralizes, blistered, dis-esteems, de-merit, Dispraising, de-classed, thinks too little of, dis-counts, sold short, dissing, underplays, dis-grace, wrote down, with draw, shot full holes, de rides, dis esteem, de tract, dumps on, under plays, dis-heartens, dis-crediting, with drawing, underrated, disparage, dis-praise, dump on, play down, sneered at, dis rates, under-state, poor mouthing, mis-judged, dis missed, sell short, shot full of holes, devalorized, de valuate, scoffed at, cuts to quick, did number on, dis credit, de valuing, under-estimating, scoffs at, dis esteems, write down, under estimate, de-tract, cutting quick, Faulted, de-valorizes, re-vile, scoffing at, dis-regarding, re duce, shoot down, knocking down, detract, de-mean, devalorizes, cutting to quick, dis rating, make little of, declasses, sneering at, cutting the quick, de-moting, detracts from, mis calculating, de-press, shooting down, takes swipe at, mis-prize, de-clines, underprices, under-playing, de valuates, re-probated, dis heartens, does number on, mis calculates, dost a number on, cutting rate, poor-mouthing, underplay, under rate, de crease, re-duce, opprobriates, misprized, shot down, draws away, underplaying, cuts quick, de valorized, with-draw, scorn, cry down, under-prize, sneer at, de valued, de moting, making little of, de-moralized, dis-countenancing, Vilipend, de mean, devalorizing, shoots full of holes, under estimates, de-cry, not do justice, dis esteeming, doest a number on, under-play, de press, under-prized, de class, despise, de-classes, under played, cries down, soured grapes, Reprobating, dis courages, dis regard, de-graded, knock down, dis credited, badmouth, de-cay, re vile, de-valuing, de-pressing, take swipe at, de presses, dumping on, dis-rate, de-valorizing, under-priced, de creasing, underrate, undervalue, beats down, doeth number on, dis hearten, dis gracing, Declassing, dis-esteeming, under estimated, mis-judges, dis-rating, under-estimate, Disrate, de faming, mis-carry, mis calculated, under valued, under playing, mis judging, de cried, dissed, shooting full holes, dis-regarded, under-rating, dis graces, de ride, dis-praised, de-tracts, under-prices, underprizes, mis-prized, de classes, under-stating, taking down a peg, with-drew, doing number on, takes down a peg, poormouthed, de-cries, cut quick, de-moralize, be-little, underpriced, underprice, de value, poor mouths, under rated, mis-calculating, dis-praises, de basing, cuts rate, dis heartening, Underprize, de-cried, selling short, cut to quick, do number on, dis heartened, dis-rates, under states, writ down, cutting down to size, be littles, de-merits, taking down peg, mark down, took away, dis countenance, rendered worthless, under-rates, cut down to size, souring grapes, Reprobated, bad mouth, cutting to the quick, de merited, with-drawn, disrating, with-drawing, lost value, de-rides, made light of, disrated, mis-judging, soft pedal, underprizing, pooh pooh, de-grading, making light of, mis carrying, under-values, clamor against, poor-mouthed, dis-rated, writes down, de pressed, cuts the quick, poor mouthed, be-littles, under pricing, de graded, de valorizes, misprizes, finding fault with, de-crying, de-base, under stated, underplayed, under-price, mis-prizing, under stating, dis credits, didst a number on, de merit, mis prizing, dis-countenanced, de-creased, cutting down size, with drawn, de meaning, thinking too little of, scoff at.

Usage examples for overrate:

  • You overrate my power. - "Nature's Serial Story", E. P. Roe.
  • " Do not overrate my influence," said Valentine. - "Dora Thorne", Charlotte M. Braeme.

Rhymes for overrate:

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