Pronunciation of Overweight
/ˌəʊ_v_ə_w_ˈeɪ_t/, /ˌə͡ʊvəwˈe͡ɪt/, /ˌə‍ʊvəwˈe‍ɪt/

Antonyms for overweight

trim, sticker, skinny, anatomical, wasted, lank, spare, under sized, most long legged, thin, wellproportioned, meager, spick and span, re-mote, most attenuate, most undernourished, Spindling, most uncluttered, most ill-fed, more skin and bones, well-proportioned, well proportioned, like bag bones, more sylphlike, uncluttered, more shadow, spindly, most long-limbed, like rail, long-legged, most skin and bones, gangly, weedy, cadaverous, more wellproportioned, pinched, in substantial, rawboned, most beanpole, more skin-and-bones, most shadow, like a rail, leggiest, ill fed, undernourished, reedier, more anatomical, most attenuated, puny, under-sized, most illfed, more ill-fed, scraggiest, more stringbean, more attenuated, more illfed, atrophied, un cluttered, thin as rail, more uncluttered, most ill fed, most skin-and-bone, under-nourished, more anorectic, most malnourished, more malnourished, well groomed, ectomorphic, most atrophied, most anorectic, more starved, skin-and-bone, reediest, more atrophied, skin and bones, most skeleton, neat as pin, bony, most sylphlike, more beanpole, scraggy, more well proportioned, more pinched, under-weight, beanstalk, clean cut, more skeleton, most pinched, more skin-and-bone, under nourished, more well-proportioned, waspish, scraggier, angular, most osseous, more ill fed, like a bag bones, anorectic, stalkiest, lanky, most anatomical, most skin and bone, most long-legged, most stringbean, under weight, most skeletonlike, in-substantial, skin bones, stringbean, in considerable, illfed, more long-legged, most wellproportioned, more long legged, in-considerable, sinewy, twiggy, malnourished, long-limbed, leggier, wellbalanced, un-cluttered, most well proportioned, skeletonlike, most longlegged, more attenuate, sylphlike, more skeletonlike, longlimbed, slim, willowy, Stalky, slight, in-sufficient, most well-proportioned, in good shape, cleancut, ill-fed, underweight, skin and bone, neat as a pin, skin-and-bones, scrawny, more long-limbed, like bag of bones, more skin and bone, most skin-and-bones, most shrivelled, stickest, underfed, more shrivelled, reedy, more long limbed, more longlegged, haggard, svelte, most longlimbed, most long limbed, lean, stringy, slender, wellgroomed, emaciated, skeletal, like a bag of bones, anorexic, more beanstalk, most beanstalk, rangy, long legged, more longlimbed, in fine fettle, more undernourished, stalkier.